11 Crucial Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

The iPhone X is finally here, and you want to get the most out of this powerful new device. Turn to these 11 apps for guided help on how best make use of your new iPhone XS or iPhone XR. These are also great ideas for anyone else looking for ways to customize their phone’s features.

The “best free apps for iphone 12” is a list of 11 essential apps that should be installed on your new iPhone.

11 Crucial Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

Getting a new phone is an exciting experience; it almost seems like a fresh start. And the first thing people want to do is put it up and begin exploring incredible possibilities. There are several iPhone applications that may be incredibly beneficial to anybody, even students. Here are some of the greatest to put on your new iPhone.



Any.do is a fantastic task organizer and list-making tool that is, most importantly, free (in-app purchases are available). It includes a beautiful layout, reminders, and all the functionality you need to be more productive.

It’s difficult to fathom life without one. It’s particularly helpful for pupils who have a lot of homework. They must juggle a variety of obligations, including college, part-time employment, social lives, and other adult duties. It’s all too easy to get overloaded and lose track of critical deadlines.

This is especially true for written college assignments. When you’re given a term paper project, the deadline seems to be a long way off, and it’s easy to put it off. Then you forget about it, and now you have two days to do it without sleeping. In this scenario, experienced academic writers may assist you with term paper writing. It’s simple, quick, and produces fantastic results. Experts are always there to assist you, whether you need editing, proofreading, or all of the above. To prevent rushing and stress the next time, just create reminders in Any.do to begin sooner.


Mint is one of the most useful budgeting apps for students. It’s completely free to use and has all of the features needed to keep track of all of your accounts. One can keep track of their expenses and income choices. All of the information is available in one location. You may also make a budget and track how well you adhere to it.

To master sensible financial management, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of one’s spending patterns. Overall, it’s a fantastic approach to learn about money management.

Nord VPN

VPN services are essential for ensuring the security of your data. They safeguard you while using unsecured networks (such as public Wi-Fi) and ensure that none of your personal information is taken (like bank account info, for example). Nord VPN has subscription-based services as well as a variety of specials and special deals.

In any event, it’s worth spending a few dollars a month to keep your data safe.

Camera Spectre

If there is something iPhones are known for, it is the quality of images. But you can actually enhance it with the right app, Camera Spectre. It even got an app of the year award by Apple in 2019. It allows taking amazing long exposure pictures.

The program uses artificial intelligence to sharpen images. The program also has a variety of amazing effects. For instance, one may love making traffic or people vanish from a photograph.



If you have iOS 14, you have a number of options for personalizing the interface of your phone. With this software, you can completely personalize your iPhone. New widgets, configurable icons, and the option to add text or photographs have all been added.


Obsidian is a great productivity tool for students and professionals alike when it comes to taking notes and gathering essential information. It was named MacStories’ app of the year in 2021, and it continues to be so due of its outstanding performance. It’s the most comprehensive note-taking program available. There are note libraries, custom plugins, and a slew of additional options to choose from. It’s completely free and works with iCloud.


This one is fairly self-explanatory — it’s a password manager. It helps to put everything in one place and to stay on top of your password game. It automatically fills out forms on the internet and in many apps. Face or Touch ID is all that is required for authentication.


This is a must-have for everyone who wants to gain or remain in shape, or just live a healthy life. MyFitnessPal enables you to:

  • Maintaining a weight, nutrition, and exercise log;
  • Set objectives and figure out how many calories you’ll need;
  • Scanning a barcode to contribute to your daily tally;
  • Select a product from the extensive catalog;
  • Get a premium membership to analyze your eating patterns in the past and establish macronutrient targets.

It is quite simple to use, and there is a free version available.


Are you fed up with commercials? Get yourself a copy of 1Blocker. It is free to use, however there is an option to upgrade to a premium membership. In any case, it’s a fantastic method to get rid of the bothersome pop-ups and privacy trackers that come with utilizing mobile internet.

Run, Zombies!

This one isn’t brand new, but it’s fantastic. It’s a terrific method to make exercise less dull and more entertaining. Of course, it’s a workout program, but you get to run away from zombies, which may be a lot more motivating and fun.

To establish the scene, one listens to a radio play about a zombie apocalypse. You must evade zombie hordes while still gathering resources for your fortress. There is a plot that has to be followed. There’s also a zombie pursuit mode, in which you’ll hear zombies coming and have to sprint. It’s also effective on a treadmill. Overall, it’s a pretty unique way of running.


Libby is a service that enables you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from local libraries. As a result, you receive them for free on your smartphone. It also functions well as digital reading software, allowing you to read your own books here.

Mentions of Merit

  • Scanning and faxing using Scanner Pro;
  • Podcasts should be listened to in an overcast environment.
  • Streaks to help you develop good habits;
  • Photographs are edited in a darkroom.
  • Authy is a service that allows you to set up two-factor authentication for any online account.
  • Qapital is a budgeting game.

In conclusion

Smartphones are invaluable tools for practically any task, whether it’s navigating the city, keeping track of finances, or editing photos. You can power up your new iPhone and make it safe, protected, and incredibly productive with these incredible solutions. Some people like working out; others teach time management and task management. In any event, they’re quite helpful. 

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The “must-have free apps for iphone” is a list of 11 crucial apps that you should install on your new iPhone. These are the apps that will make your life easier and more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps should I download on my new iPhone?

A: You should download the official apps that are made by Apple, such as iMessage, FaceTime and Safari. Other than that, theres not much else you need to do with your iPhone… other than play games on it!

What should I download on my iPhone 11?

A: The iPhone 11 is a high-end phone that uses the iOS operating system. For those who are interested in downloading apps, there are plenty of options available on iTunes and the App Store. These include games such as Super Mario Run or Fortnite Battle Royale and popular streaming services like Netflix or Spotify which allow users to stream content without an internet connection

What is best application for iPhone?

A: Some of the best iPhone apps are YouTube, Google Maps, Amazon Music and Spotify.

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