2 Methods On How To Increase RAM On Laptop For Free

Most laptops these days come with 8-16 GB of RAM. The above methods provide a simple way to increase your laptop’s RAM without spending any money or voiding the warranty on your device.

The “how to increase ram windows 10” is a question that has been asked many times in the past. There are 2 methods on how to increase RAM on your laptop for free.

2 Methods On How To Increase RAM On Laptop For Free

The Random Access Memory (RAM) in your laptop is critical technology that has a direct influence on performance. The more RAM your computer has, the more applications it can execute at once.

It’s not fun to run out of RAM. Your computer will slow down, you will be unable to start applications, and alerts like “Insufficient Memory” will appear out of nowhere.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your PC’s RAM without spending any money. On Windows 10, here’s how to expand RAM on a laptop for free.

A USB flash drive or an SD card may be used as RAM.

ReadyBoost in Windows enables you to add more RAM to your computer by using a USB drive or SD card. ReadyBoost creates a Swap file on the USB device or SD card to perform its function.

As a result, they may be used as a memory cache. Because HDDs’ read and write rates are slower than USB drives or SD cards, only HDDs benefit from this functionality.

The read and write speeds of solid state disks (SSDs) are very rapid.

It wouldn’t make sense to utilize them since they are much quicker than USB drives. In the worst-case situation, your performance will suffer. To utilize ReadyBoost to boost your RAM, follow these easy instructions.

  • Connect your USB flash drive or SD card.

2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForChoosing Real Estate

  • This computer should be opened. Select Properties from the context menu when you right-click the USB disk.


  • After you’ve accessed Properties, click on the ReadyBoost tab. Allow ReadyBoost a few seconds to show the information.
  • Choose the radio option that says “Use this device.” Apply and then OK. By choosing Do not use this device, you may prevent ReadyBoost from utilizing your device.

1643315182_653_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForReadyBoost has been turned on.

  • After you’ve engaged ReadyBoost, your USB drive or SD card will display a red bar showing that it’s operating.

Why is ReadyBoost not working?

ReadyBoost is not compatible with all USB flash devices or SD cards. When the USB drive or SD card does not satisfy the criteria, the notice This device cannot be utilized for ReadyBoost appears.

Your USB drive must meet the following specifications.

1643315183_834_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForReadyBoost Requirements aren’t met by this USB drive.

  • The USB drive must be USB 2.0 or above in order to work.
  • A minimum of 256 MB of free space is required.
  • An external USB HDD cannot be used with ReadyBoost.
  • The read and write speeds of your USB device or SD card should be enough. Write rates of at least 3.5 Mbps and read speeds of at least 2.5 Mbps are required.

ReadyBoost is one of the many helpful Windows apps. You can utilize it to boost your PC’s performance, but you’ll only get the advantages if you’re using an HDD rather than an SSD.


How To Use A USB Drive To Increase RAM In A Computer

By increasing your virtual memory, you may increase your RAM.

Increasing your Virtual Memory or Pagefile is another technique to boost RAM. Virtual memory allows your PC to run faster by moving part of the workloads from the RAM to it.

It may be thought of as a virtual RAM. Increasing the virtual memory or Pagefile on your computer improves its speed.

You may increase the amount of virtual memory from 1.5 to 4 times your RAM depending on how much RAM you have.

If your computer has 8GB of RAM, you may increase the virtual memory to a maximum of 24GB.

To expand your Virtual Memory or Pagefile, follow these procedures.

1643315185_628_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForControl Panel 1643315186_160_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForAdvanced System Settings

  • Click View advanced system settings after typing Advanced System Settings into the search box.

1643315187_802_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForTab Advanced

  • Once the System Properties dialog box has opened. Click the Tab Advanced and under Performance click on settings.

1643315188_436_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForPerformance Alternatives

  • Click the Tab Advanced in the Performance Alternatives dialog box. Under Virtual memory click Change.

1643315190_71_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForCheckboxes are being de-selected.

  • De-select the checkbox next to Manage paging file size for all drives automatically.

1643315192_108_2-Methods-On-How-To-Increase-RAM-On-Laptop-ForMaking Changes to Virtual Memory to Increase RAM

  • Select the drive for which you wish to increase virtual memory. Fill in the Initial size and Maximum size fields in MB. This should be between between 1.5 and 4 times your RAM. You may also use the suggested settings for all disks under Total paging file size.
  • Restart your computer after clicking OK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Free RAM Upgrades for Laptops and PCs

How do I increase the RAM on my laptop?

You may either purchase and replace it with a larger RAM stick, or you can attempt to expand it by increasing the virtual memory on your computer or laptop.

How can I boost my RAM without spending money?

There are two options for increasing RAM without purchasing it:

  1. By following the methods given below, you may increase virtual memory.
  2. To upgrade the RAM, use an SD card or a microSD card.

What Is The Best Way To Free Up RAM On My Laptop?

You may free up RAM by restarting your computer or closing apps that have taken up the majority of your computer’s RAM resources.

To determine which programs or apps are using the most RAM. By hitting CTRL + ALT + DEL, you may access the task manager.

Examine the memory utilization under the processes tab. It’s just beside the CPU utilization. You’ll be able to monitor how much RAM or memory each software consumes.

You may then choose to terminate these apps in order to free up RAM.

Does Adding RAM to a Laptop Help It Run Faster?

Yes, adding RAM is one of the most effective methods to boost laptop performance. Getting a speedier CPU, SSD, and GPU are the other options.

Having a lot of RAM is a great method to improve the performance of your laptop or computer.

The Remainder

These are all legal ways to increase RAM without spending money or getting it for free. However, this is not a long-term solution. If you don’t perform these things correctly, particularly while expanding your virtual RAM, you’ll have problems.

Some big issues may arise, giving you extra stress. Purchasing more RAM is a more long-term solution for expanding RAM. This is both safer and sure to improve your PC’s performance.

Furthermore, RAM is no longer as costly as it once was. For as low as $30, you can simply acquire one. A tutorial on How to Choose the Right RAM for Your Laptop or PC is also available.

The “how to increase pc ram from 4gb to 8gb” is a problem that many people are facing. There are 2 methods on how to increase RAM on laptop for free. The first method is by changing the BIOS settings and the second method is by adding more RAM sticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add more RAM to my laptop for free?

A: Unfortunately, adding more RAM to your laptop is not an option. This is because laptops like the one you are using use a type of memory that cannot be added on in any other fashion.

How can I increase my laptops RAM?

A: There are a few ways in which you can increase the RAM of your laptop. The most common way is to buy an additional stick and install it into one of the slots on your motherboard, or purchase a new system that includes two sticks preinstalled. Another option would be to upgrade from DDR3-1600MHz (1 gig) RAM to DDR4-2666MHz (2 gigs).

How can I increase my RAM easily?

A: The easiest way to increase RAM on your phone is by updating your apps. If you are running iOS, go into Settings > General > Software Update and update all of the available software that comes with updates. Alternatively, if youre using Android Oreo or higher, theres an option in settings called Storage where it will tell you how much storage space is left as well as suggested ways to free up more space such as deleting unused files.

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