3 Ways to Bring Back YouTube Dislike Counts

After years of YouTube being flooded with bad content and spam, they eliminated the “likes” feature to bring back some sanity. Now you’re able to see what other people think without any bias by looking at a dislike count instead of likes. Here are three ways to get your own disliked counts back on YouTube!

The “most disliked video on youtube” is a YouTube feature that was recently removed. There are 3 ways to bring back the feature.

3 Ways to Bring Back YouTube Dislike Counts

YouTube began removing dislike counts from videos in November 2021. If you still want to see the YouTube hate statistics, there are three techniques you may utilize to get them back. 

Return the Dislike Extension for YouTube

Return YouTube Hate is a browser plugin that makes it easy to see dislike numbers. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Brave are all supported desktop browsers. Continue reading if you want to see dislike counts on your mobile device.  

Once installed, you’ll be able to check the YouTube hate count in the same way you did previously. When you hover over the “like and hate” column, instead of the generic “3k,” you’ll see the specific amount of dislikes and likes. 

Return Youtube Dislike Button

You may get this addon in the Chrome Web Store by searching for “Return YouTube Dislike.” It also has a userscript on its official website. You may use the Tampermonkey extension to load this script if this extension is available for your browser. You may also install additional Tampermoneky scripts to make your life easier. 

On iOS, you can see how many people disliked a video on YouTube.

For jailbroken iPhones, the Return YouTube Dislike extension is also available, although I haven’t used it. Furthermore, I do not advocate jailbreaking your iOS device for this purpose. You may easily utilize a custom shortcut to examine hate numbers on YouTube. 

Shortcuts is a built-in automation app in iOS 13 and beyond. Check this out if you haven’t already to get started with Shortcuts. Because you can acquire hundreds of unique shortcuts from the internet, you don’t have to start from scratch to use all of the Shortcuts app’s features. 

Fortunately, one has been created to display YouTube statistics, including dislikes. You may use the YouTube app or the Safari share sheet to execute it. You may also execute this shortcut by copying the YouTube video URL. 


This video below will walk you through the processes in detail. If you haven’t yet imported any shortcuts, go to Settings and allow untrusted shortcuts. Outside of the Gallery, any shortcut is deemed untrustworthy, so don’t worry. 

Bring YouTube Disklike back to Android

You can now access dislike numbers using the YouTube public API, which was released a few days ago. Android users may utilize the YouTube Vanced app to check YouTube dislike numbers at that period. YouTube Vanced, in case you didn’t know, is a free YouTube client that lets you view YouTube videos with advertising while enjoying background music. 

YouTube recently blocked it. In the future, YouTube Vanced should release a new version that allows you to see YouTube disklike numbers. Android users may utilize the Return YouTube Dislike extension in the meanwhile. Here’s how to do it:

YouTube dislike android

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download the Kivi browser.

Step 2: Select Extensions from the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of the program. 

Step 3: Go to Chrome Web Store by clicking “+(from store).” Search for the Return YouTube Dislike extension from there. 

Step 4: Now that the extension is activated, you can see the hate numbers for YouTube videos. 


I usually check the dislike count before deciding whether or not a video is worth viewing. If you’re like me, you can examine YouTube hate numbers using any of these techniques. I like to use the Tampermonkey scripting technique. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore a dislike on YouTube?

A: If you feel like something that was liked by a certain user has gone against your personal values, its possible to undo this action and un-like the video. To do so, simply go back to the video page on YouTube and click un-watch.

Will YouTube bring back the dislike button?

A: Im sorry, but you are not allowed to dislike me.

How do I see dislikes on YouTube again?

A: The dislike button was removed from the YouTube platform in late 2018.

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