60+ Best Google Assistant Commands in 2021 for Google Home

The Google Assistant is one of the most powerful digital assistants. It can be used in so many different ways, but sometimes it’s better to just ask for what you want instead of searching through apps or websites. That’s where these 60+ best google assistant commands in 2021 come into play. With them, you’ll be able to quickly get your questions answered without even having to touch your phone!.

Google Assistant is a voice-activated personal assistant that can be found on the Google Home. It’s an intelligent system that provides information, answers questions, and performs tasks with your voice. There are so many commands for Google Assistant to learn in 2021. Here are some of the most useful ones.

In the middle of its smart home dominance struggle with Alexa and Siri, Google Home, the company’s own smart home speaker, has emerged as a strong competitor who promises to make your life even more comfortable. The powerful Google Home, which is powered by Google Assistant, can do it all in the comfort of your own home, whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. To make it function properly, you’ll need a handy list of effective Google Assistant instructions 2021. 

If you want to get the most out of Google’s services, such as Calendar, Google Maps, or YouTube — you name it – you’ll need these voice-based instructions. Furthermore, these Google Assistant instructions may be used to perform errands, operate other Google Assistant smart speakers, and control Google Assistant smart displays. It’s ideal for an Internet-of-Things way of living.

best google assistant commands

For openers, you may simply say “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” to start a discussion with Google Home. Are you ready to call Google Assistant and establish yourself as the uncontested king of Google Home speakers? Let’s get this party started.

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How to Use the Best Google Assistant Commands

1. Seek assistance: “Hey Google, help.”

2. Put a stop to it: “Hey Google, pause/stop” or “Hey Google, be quiet.”

3. Say, “Hey, Google, give me something wonderful,” to start your day on a pleasant note (rather than all the gruesome news stories).

4. Check your notifications: “Hey, Google, how are you doing?” “Hey Google, what are my notifications?” or “Hey Google, what are my notifications?”

“Hey Google, add [event] to my calendar” or “Hey Google, when is my next meeting?” 5. Calendar: “Hey Google, add [event] to my calendar” or “Hey Google, when is my next meeting?”

Suggestion You may also set a reminder by saying something like, “Hey Google, remind me to mow the grass [or any other task here].”

Google Assistant Music Commands

google assistant commands

These instructions let you manage music playing on your Google Home or any other Google-powered speaker from a variety of streaming sources (including Spotify). Google Assistant is well-versed in a plethora of genres and artists, and it quickly adapts to your musical preferences!

6. “Hey Google, play some Spotify music”

[band] “Hey Google, play Oasis”

8. “Hey Google, start playing Champagne Supernova from the playlist.”

9. “Hey Google, how about some Britpop?”

10. “What tune is playing, Google?”

11. “Hey Google, you have 30 minutes to stop.”

12. “Hey Google, skip this audio, tune, or song,” says Google.

13. “Hey Google, turn off/on the mute/unmute”

14. “Hey Google, turn it up a notch.”

15. “Hey Google, resume/play”

“Hey Google, next/previous,” says the 16-year-old. [track/tune/song]

17. “Can you tell me what Led Zeppelin’s most recent album is, Google?”

“Hey Google, read The Count of Monte Cristo,” says the 18-year-old. [Audiobook]

19. “Hey Google, play that music again”

20. “Hey Google, make it twice as fast.” [for podcasts and audiobooks]

“Hey Google, play TuneIn Radio,” says number 21.

22. “Hey, Google, please help me unwind” [Google plays soothing music to help you sleep]

Note To get the most out of Google Home, you may combine two independent instructions.

Timers and Alarms Commands for Google Assistant

23. “Hey Google, set a timer for 11:00 p.m.”

“Hey Google, what time is it?” 24.

25. “Hey Google, set a reminder for 6:30 a.m. tomorrow”

26. “Hey Google, set a 20-minute pizza timer”

Food and beverage commands

google assistant commands

There is cause for celebration among foodies. They can not only order meals by scribbling a few lines from their sofa, but they can also acquire quick recipes for mouthwatering unusual delicacies.

“Hey Google, get a Domino’s pizza,” says number 27.

“Hey Google, the televised supper is ready,” says number 28. [plays via all of your home’s speakers]

29. “How do you prepare French lasagna, Google?”

30. “How do you prepare Long Island Iced Tea, Google?”

Commands for the Telephone

31. “Hey Google, call [insert your friend’s or relative’s name]”

“Hey Google, redial,” says number 32.

33. “Hey Google, call [insert the name of a nearby restaurant, tavern, coffee shop, or other establishment]”

“Hey Google, call my phone,” says number 34.

Google Assistant Smart Home Commands

google assistant commands

When you utilize these basic but powerful instructions, all of your Google-powered smart home speakers offer a huge boost to your smart home endeavors.

35. “Hey Google, turn down the kitchen lights to 70%”

36. “Hey Google, start watching Stranger Things on Netflix.”

“Hey Google, open YouTube,” says number 37.

“Hey Google, put Westworld on TV,” says number 38.

“Hey Google, turn off all the switches,” says number 39. “Hey Google, adjust the temperature to 27 degrees” 40. [Manage the Nest thermostat]

41. “Hey Google, turn on the lights in the living room.”

42. “Hey Google, turn off the light in the bedroom.”

Information-Finding Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant can be quite useful in resolving certain inquiries linked to obtaining information about a location or an object. Take a look at these, for example.

43. “Can you tell me what pomegranate means in French?”

44. “Hey Google, how much is $200 in euros?”

45. “How many litres are in 7 gallons, Google?”

“Hey Google, spell Fjord,” says number 46.

47. “Hey Google, how many calories does a zucchini contain?”

48. “Hey Google, what is Bulgaria’s capital?”

“Hey Google, who created the Gramophone?” says number 49.

“Hey Google, what’s 97 times 13?” says number 50.

Weather Google Assistant Commands

google assistant commands

Do you want to know what the weather is like outdoors before you go to work? With these handy Google Assistant instructions, you can get up-to-the-minute news right in your bedroom.

51. “Do I need an umbrella today/tomorrow, Google?”

52. “Can you tell me whether it’s going to rain tomorrow, Google?”

“Hey Google, what’s the temperature?” says number 53.

54. “How is the weather today, Google?”

“Hey Google, show me the weather on [Chromecast name],” says number 55. Note You’ll need to give your Chromecast a name for this. “Hey Google, show me the weather on my TV,” you’d say if it’s your TV. Your TV may now display images of the current temperature, a week’s forecast, and other information. Apart from the pictures on your TV, Google Home can also read out the weather.

Hailing a Ride or Traffic Commands

“Hey Google, get an Uber,” says number 56.

57. “Hey, Google, how’s the traffic?”


google assistant commands

58. “Did Manchester City win, Google?”

“Hey Google, what’s new today?” 59.

60. “Hey Google, who is the next opponent for [team]?”

You might also just say “Hey Google, good morning” to receive your daily briefing on the latest news and events from around the globe.

Bonus: Shopping-Related Google Assistant Commands

Simply say, “Hey Google, how do I shop?” to obtain shopping instructions.

Examine the following item: “What’s on my shopping list, Google?”

“Hey Google, add Vans sneakers to my shopping list,” says the user.

That’s all there is to it! Did you find this list to be useful? We’ll keep you updated on new Google Assistant commands as we add them to the list.

The “funny google assistant commands” is a list of 60+ best Google Assistant Commands in 2021 for the Google Home. The commands are funny, but also surprisingly helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best commands for Google Assistant?

A: The best commands for Google Assistant are Hey, Google and then the command you want to use.

How do I swear Google assistant?

A: You can learn how to swear on here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmNpRqktw-I

How do I change OK Google to Jarvis?

A: Youll have to change your settings so that you can set a password on Google. For this, go into the privacy menu of your device and select Set up my account. From there, scroll down until you see Sign in with a code, then enter any random string of letters and numbers as the code. Once done, sign out from both devices-the one where Jarvis is enabled and the one where OK Google is enabled. After signing out from these two devices it will prompt you to enable Jarvis on your other device by going back into settings for that specific device.

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