75 Easy Things to Draw that are Cool, Fun, and Creative

Drawing has been around for centuries, but it’s only recently that technology is finding new ways to bring the joy of drawing into people’s lives. With a wide variety of tools at their disposal, digital artists can create amazing images in minutes with just an iPad and some paint. Even if you’re not looking to get creative today (and who are we kidding?), these easy drawings will come in handy when you need inspiration or want your kids to work on something fun.

The “55 cool and easy things to draw in your sketchbook” is a list of drawing ideas that are fun, creative, and cool. The article also includes a link to the author’s blog for more drawing tutorials.

75 Easy Things to Draw that are Cool, Fun, and Creative

Do you want to learn how to draw some simple things? So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 75 fun and simple things to draw for beginners in this article.

We’ve all experienced boredom to the point that we can’t think of anything to do. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little inventive in this case. “The artist is a container for feelings that come from all over: from the sky, from the soil, from a piece of paper, from a passing form, from a spider’s web,” Pablo Picasso famously stated.

With a little effort, you can draw a lot, so what’s keeping you from doing it? So I made a list of drawings that you can do when you’re bored, ranging from basic shapes to somewhat more complicated stuff like minions.

What better way to spend the time you’d have otherwise wasted due to boredom? Perhaps scribbling in your notepad will turn out to be enjoyable.

Everyone should be able to draw 75 simple things.

We’ve covered 75 things that are cool and entertaining to sketch for practically everyone in this article. Here’s the whole list of simple and enjoyable things to draw:


easy things to draw

Mountains seem to be something that we all like since they never fail to astonish us. Because mountains are generally made up of triangles, drawing them as a beginning is fairly simple.

2. Phone.


What would you do if you didn’t have your phone? Why not give it a try? We can’t fathom our lives without it.

3. Heart.


A heart is unquestionably one of the easiest things for beginners to draw. It’s a shape that everyone recognizes.

4. Food.


Maybe you might try sketching your favorite cuisine; after all, isn’t that what you want to do when you’re bored? 

5. Spectacles.


They seem to be just as elegant on paper as they do on you. It should also be on your list of interesting things to draw.

Flowers are number six.


Flowers are lovely and simple to draw, and you may even color them after you’ve finished.

7. Minion


Okay, I know it’s not simple to draw, but believe me when I say it’s well worth it. Why wouldn’t you want to sketch these adorable tiny creatures?

Abstract Shapes! is number eight on the list.


As a youngster, who hasn’t doodled on the back of their notebooks? It has a strangely gratifying quality about it.

9. Leaves


Leaves are very fragile and may be quite beautiful. If you’re bored, you may like sketching these.

Puzzle Piece No. 10


We’ve all played with them at one time or another, and there’s something fulfilling about putting these weird shaped pieces together. It’s ideal if you’re seeking for something new to draw.

Knife is number eleven.


A flat sheet of metal capable of halving practically anything.

Train Tracks (12).

1641833782_319_75-Easy-Things-to-Draw-that-are-Cool-Fun-andThis is something that anybody searching for entertaining stuff to sketch should have a look at.

13. Moon & Stars.


If you’re not used to sketching, you may want to give this one a go. It’s a simple drawing.

Waves are number fourteen.


It’s simply a collection of curves, so don’t go into too much detail. Isn’t it straightforward?

15. Lamp.


A light is unquestionably among the fascinating things to draw for beginners. It may not be as simple as some of the other items on this list, but it is certainly worth a go.

A volcanic island is number sixteen.


Another wonderful thing to sketch is a volcano island. You may color it as you like and make it appear as realistic as possible based on that.

Candles, number seventeen.


Drawing candles is simple, cool, and enjoyable. All you have to do is put in some effort and follow the coloring instructions.

18. A deck of cards.


Why not give these little pieces of paper with varied patterns imbedded on them a try? It’s not the simplest thing to draw, but it’s probably one of the most enjoyable.

Balloons are number 19 on the list.


These are a lot of fun for kids to play with. If you’re seeking for simple things to draw for kids, this is what you should do.

Campfires are number twenty.


These flames provide a feeling of security and warmth to tourists.

Clocks are number twenty-one.


Isn’t the sound of its ticking delightful? Then it’s finally time!

Pyramids are number 22.


A pyramid may be made out of only a few triangles. It’s quite simple to draw, and it’s a great choice if you’re seeking for beginning drawing ideas.

Cookies are number 23.


These delectable baked biscuits, which everyone loves to eat, are deserving of a spot on your drawing board. It is, after all, one of the most enjoyable things to draw.

The Sun (number 24).


It keeps us all alive by providing warmth and light.

25. UFOs.


These enigmatic things attract a lot of interest. UFOs are simple to design and look fantastic when done correctly.

26. Doors


Sketching a door is as simple as drawing a few polygons and lines one by one. If you’re searching for simple things to draw step by step, this is a wonderful place to start.

Skull (number 27).


Isn’t it terrifying? A skull is one of the most common objects that anybody can draw easily. When you’re bored, it’s one of the coolest things to sketch.

Donuts (number 28).


Donuts are delectable, but guess what else they are? It’s simple to draw and enjoyable for everyone.

Coat hanger (number 29).


A coat hanger is a vital item that is also quite simple to design for novices and anybody just starting out. It’s just a triangle with a question mark on top, so it’s simple to draw for kids.

30. Eye.


Drawing an eye can be a lot of fun; it only takes a few strokes and the outcome is stunning. However, with effort, you can master the technique of sketching an eye and make it appear more realistic with time.

Bones (number 31).


Bones are another item on our list of simple to draw objects. They’re fun to draw, and you don’t have to put in a lot of work.

Stick figures (number 32).


It is perfect for novices since it needs very little effort to draw. You can even turn them into comic strips!

33. Adding a tinge of color to everything


Shading is more than just sketching, and with practice, you can draw some really creative stuff.

34. Bomb.


A bomb may seem frightening, yet it is one of the most interesting things to sketch.

Tornado is number 35.


Drawing a Tornado is a good option if you want something that looks fantastic and is simple to draw for beginners.

Wheel number 36.


You can create a circle with a few rods with very little work and time. It’s another another interesting subject to sketch.



It’s an intriguing mark that we all leave as we walk. When you’re bored, you can doodle footprints.

Banana is number 38.


It may seem basic and straightforward, but even pros begin their lessons with it.

Turtle (number 39).


The limbs and head, not the shell, are the most difficult to depict.

Globe (number 40).


This is an excellent little portrayal of our home planet.

41. Bulb.


Drawing one is simple enough, but you could add a filament to make it more intricate.

Cricket Bat (number 42).


I’d be astonished if you stated you didn’t know what cricket is. When you play with a bat, you get the same sensation of power as you get when you sketch with a pencil.

Diamond is number 43.


A diamond is one of the world’s most precious items. You can make your hand-drawn diamond seem incredibly interesting and enjoyable by properly coloring it.

Grapes are number 44.


These are similar to balloons, and all you have to do is form a few circles.

45. Your most cherished pet!


On the piece of paper, write out your feelings for your beloved pet. After all, he’s a deserving recipient.

A piece of paper (no. 46).


Yes, you read it correctly. It’s important to remember what one’s creativity is focused on.

A glass of water is number 47.


Isn’t it lovely how bright the water seems in your gleaming glass?

48. Vase.


A Vase is next on our list of things to draw. You can draw it in a short amount of time and it will look great.

Socks (number 49).


Socks are just that: socks, and they’re simple to draw. When you’re bored, try sketching them.

Apple is number 50.


It’s the sign of one of the world’s largest corporations, as basic as it may seem.

Unicorn, number 51


A unicorn may seem tough to draw at first, but it is really rather easy to draw on paper. All you have to do now is make sure you utilize a variety of colors to make it appear more lively. 

Bumble Bee, No. 52 


Have you ever attempted to sketch a bee? You wouldn’t want to sketch anything that isn’t really interesting to you. This is where you may use your ideas to create a bumblebee with a nice texture of colors. 

Cactus is number 53. 


A cactus is also quite easy to draw. You may design the cactus to your desired height and try to include a spine and a thick cuticle. It wouldn’t take long for you to finish it. 



What could be more straightforward than sketching a football? You may create a large circle and then add a texture layer to it. Keep your football in your hands while painting to make things more simpler. 

Mango (number 55) 


Do you like eating mangoes? The good news is that you can draw it with relative ease as well. Take a piece of paper and try sketching on it for a while, and you’ll see what we mean. 

House No. 56 


Drawing a home is regarded as one of the most straightforward tasks. The good news is that if your creative work is developing, you may concentrate on additional details. 

57. Cake 


When it comes to making a cake, it’s often regarded as a difficult endeavor. When you have to sketch it, though, things are different. Making it might take hours, but drawing it will just take a few minutes. 

Christmas Tree (n°58) 


Isn’t it true that a Christmas tree elevates the occasion? If you want to draw it, it’s an easy work for you. It’s the equivalent of designing a basic tree and then adding lights to it. 

59. TV


You might attempt to add extra layers to your TV while drawing it. To make it more detailed, consider putting a poster or logo of your favorite TV station or program in the centre of the screen!

60. Door 


Simply glance at the door to your room and attempt to figure out what’s going on. Would it be difficult for you to draw a door? Not at all, just give it a go. 

61. Sofa 


You wouldn’t have any trouble drawing a couch, either. You may just inspect your couch and design it properly. If you think that’s too much, try drawing the one below. 

Kangaroo (number 62) 


You may believe that drawing animals is tough, yet drawing a Kangaroo is rather easy. Because this animal is fairly tall, you must be cautious. For the final touches, you should use yellow. 

Snowman (number 63)


Is the weather truly nice outside? If it doesn’t snow in your location and you can’t create a snowman in real life, you can at least sketch one. It’s also pretty easy.

ice cream 64

ice cream

It’s fairly simple to sketch an ice cream. It has to be included in this list of entertaining things to draw.

65. Footwear 


All of these little things, which may come in a variety of forms and sizes, are simply sketched. Although your creativity might take you far when designing shoes, a basic design can be constructed in a short amount of time.

66. Hand 


You may draw a shape with your right hand on the paper with your left hand. It’s as simple to draw as it seems, and you may strive to make its characteristics look as exquisite as possible without exerting too much effort. 

Starfish, no. 67 


Are you able to draw a star? Perfect, a starfish with the same pattern wouldn’t take long to draw. All that’s necessary here is the addition of eyes and a mouth, as well as a few other physical traits.

Plant No. 68 


To draw a plant, you’ll need to include some border decorations as well as foliage all throughout. You may also attempt to make a good texture in the center of the Plant; it’s all quite relaxing. 

Lighthouse, No. 69 


Isn’t seeing a lighthouse incredible? It’s also a thrilling sensation to do it on a sheet of paper. You can do a lot with this as long as you have a choice of colors on hand. 

Rosebud, no. 70 


Another object that can be sketched entirely in a few minutes is a rosebud. These types of things are wonderful to look at, so if you draw it well, you’ll be happy of yourself for completing it. 

71. Rose


Sketching a rosebud is different from drawing a rose. Both are beautiful, and you must be able to distinguish between them while sketching any of them. Overall, the design is basic enough to sketch in your sketchbook. 

72. Hair in a Cartoon


Hair drawing may be a fun activity as well. If you want to attempt a new hairdo, you should first sketch it out to see how it will appear on you.

Carrot, no. 73 

easy things to draw

A carrot doesn’t need much work if you utilize the proper texture of colors. So, if you’re having trouble with life in general, creating a carrot might make you feel like a master artist. 

Candy is number 74. 


If you like candy, you’re probably familiar with their different varieties. Their wrappers are also constructed differently, allowing you to have a variety of patterns on your notebook. 

Top Hat (#75)

cool things to draw

It’s simple to draw a top hat. All you need to know is the form you want to design your hat in. Before the task is finished, you must go through a few phases.

Final Thoughts

We went through some simple and fun things to sketch in this list. It may be really useful for individuals searching for something to draw when they are bored or just want to improve their abilities.

That’s all there is to it. I hope that this list of 75 Easy Things to Draw will inspire you to extend your horizons and explore the fascinating world of art.

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The “simple things to draw” is a list of 75 easy things to draw that are cool, fun, and creative. The list includes prompts such as “Draw a volcano”, “Draw something you’re scared of”, and “Draw your favorite animal”.

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