AirTV Mini Users Can Now Download Amazon’s Prime Video App

AirTV, a product of Dish Network, has announced that its Prime Video app is now available for download on the company’s new streaming device. The addition of Amazon’s video service to AirTV Mini users allows them to watch Prime Video content on their TV screens without having to have an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The airtv mini hbo max is a new feature that allows users of the AirTV Mini to download Amazon’s Prime Video app.

The Amazon Prime Video app is now supported by the AirTV Mini dongle. The Air TV Mini was released earlier this year, and with the inclusion of the Prime app, customers of Amazon Prime Video now have another option to enjoy the vast library of video material available.


The AirTV Mini, like all other AirTV devices, is mainly built with Sling TV customers in mind. Although a Sling TV subscription is not required, those who do not have one may find the experience to be restricted when compared to other Android TV devices. Due to the absence of third-party app capabilities and compatibility, even with a Sling subscription, consumers may find the AirTV Mini to be restricted in certain ways when compared to other streaming devices. The absence of Perfect Video app compatibility was a prime example up until recently.

This was earlier this week. The Prime Video app is now available for download on AirTV Mini devices, according to Air TV. Because this is an Android TV device, you may manually search for the Prime Video app by launching the Google Play app on the AirTV Mini’s home screen. AirTV customers may also manually transmit the software to the device via the online version of the Google Play Store by logging in, going to the Prime Video Play Store listing, and choosing the AirTV Mini from the drop-down option.


Prime Video is now available on more Android TV devices.

Technically, Prime Video is one of the services that isn’t as widely accessible on non-Amazon devices as it should be. This is especially true in the case of Android TV devices. Previously, Amazon and Google were not as flexible with each other’s services and platforms, and Prime Video availability was one of the issues. Both businesses stated in 2019 that they will expand support for each other’s services, products, and platforms. This includes the Amazon Prime Video app becoming available on Android TV devices. Support for the video app has been steadily trickling out since then, with the AirTV Mini being the most recent device to get it.

The new Amazon Prime Video app compatibility comes shortly after AirTV unveiled its new AirTV 2 gadget. The AirTV 2 is different from the AirTV Mini in that it is intended to make it simpler to watch live TV over the air. It’s also another gadget that works well with Sling TV as well as the other AirTV devices and services.

AirTV is the source.

The airtv 2 vs airtv mini is a new device that is being released by Amazon. It is an updated version of the original AirTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Amazon Prime on AirTV mini?

Unfortunately, due to Amazons policy on streaming services, you cannot get Amazon Prime on AirTV mini.

Can you get Amazon Prime on Sling TV?

No, you cannot get Amazon Prime on Sling TV.

How do I put apps on my AirTV mini?

You can use the Google Play Store or Amazon app store on your AirTV mini.

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