Amazon’s annual sales grow 22% worldwide and its profits skyrocket

Amazon has reinvented the way we shop, making it easy to purchase goods from a website and have them delivered at our doorstep. In 2018, Amazon’s earnings soared past $2 billion dollars in profits for the year on just over $60 billion in sales worldwide.

Amazon’s annual sales grow 22% worldwide and its profits skyrocket. Amazon has been the top retailer in North America and Europe for the past few years, but is still looking to expand into other markets.

Amazon's annual sales grow 22% worldwide and its profits skyrocket

Amazon’s yearly sales are up 22% globally, and its earnings are skyrocketing.



eCommerce has revolutionized consumer habits all over the world, and while this sales channel continues to grow in power in every corner of the globe, the company that has led it in recent years has remained the same: Amazon, which recently announced its financial results for the fiscal year 2021 and continues to set new records in its history.

In 2021, Amazon’s yearly revenue surpassed 29,000 million euros.

The reports reveal a net profit of 33,400 million dollars (approximately 29,170 million euros), a significant increase over the previous year’s net profit of 21,300 million dollars (just over 18,600 million euros), with its Stocks on Wall Street increasing by 13%.

The retail behemoth reported a profit per share of 64.81 dollars (56.61 euros) in the fiscal year 2021, while Amazon’s annual sales increased by 22% to 469.8 billion dollars (410.3 billion euros), far exceeding the 386.1 billion dollars (337.219 million euros) achieved in 2020, and also far exceeding analyst expectations.

Third-party sales accounted for 80% of the big marketplace’s overall sales.

According to estimates from Marketplace Pulse, Amazon’s yearly sales of its own items reached 210,000 million dollars, up 11% from the previous year, while Amazon’s annual sales in the third-party market reached 390 million dollars (340,000 million euros), up 30% from the previous year.

As a result, Amazon’s third-party market accounts for more than 80% of the company’s total annual sales volume, which has almost quadrupled in only two years, from 200,000 million dollars (174,600 million euros) in 2019 to 390 million dollars (340,000 million euros) in 2021.

To get a more exact comparison, Amazon’s yearly sales in this exercise were much more than Walmart and eBay’s total eCommerce sales globally. Not to mention that in the three years it took Amazon to double its overall sales, it also doubled its fulfillment service, employing more than a million people, bringing the total number of employees to 1.6 million.

Despite the issues that Amazon has had with consumers, sellers, reviews, competitors, and some governments, it is undeniable that the great marketplace has carved out a niche for itself that will be difficult to overturn, and if it continues on this path, Amazon’s annual sales could easily reach a billion dollars in less than five years.

Amazon advertising is at an all-time high: in 2021, it received more than 27,000 million euros in advertising revenue.

Aside from its strong annual sales results, Amazon shared the results of its advertising business for the first time in its history in 2021, which came as no surprise given that the retail behemoth earned no less than 31.2 billion dollars (just over 27,250 million euros) in advertising the previous year.

According to the corporation, this result revealed a 32 percent rise in billing during the fourth quarter of the year, which is not hard to believe given that many companies’ Black Friday and Christmas campaigns are the highlight of their sales.

Despite the fact that this number was unknown until today, it reveals an Amazon much more powerful than we previously imagined. Despite accounting for just 7% of the retailer’s revenues, they rank the firm third in terms of advertising income, behind only Facebook (with roughly 118,000 million dollars invoiced in 2021) and Google (149,000 million dollars). In 2021, advertising will outspend Netflix ($29.7 billion) and YouTube ($28.8 billion).

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Amazon’s annual sales grow 22% worldwide and its profits skyrocket. Amazon has also been making headlines for the past few years with their new initiatives, such as Prime Day and the Kindle Unlimited service. Reference: amazon profit breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazons annual profit?

A: Amazons annual profit for 2018 was $4.6 billion dollars

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A: Amazons revenue growth can be attributed to their retail and cloud computing services. Their largest market is their retail empire, where they provide customers with a large selection of products at low prices. As for the cloud computing service, it allows users to have unlimited access to storage space in exchange for monthly payments.

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