An open source, photo storage and sharing app made for privacy conscious users

On the internet, privacy is a luxury that most people don’t have. This app allows users to share their photos privately with friends and family without fear of data being collected or shared.

The most private social media apps are a type of app that is made for people who want to keep their information private. This app, called An open source, photo storage and sharing app made for privacy conscious users, has been created by the developer of the most popular Twitter alternative, Mastodon.


TripUp is an open source picture storing and sharing software designed for people who value their privacy.




  • All of your pictures are automatically backed up to the cloud.
  • Uploads in the background
  • PGP encrypts photos, data, and metadata from beginning to finish.
  • User registration by phone number, e-mail address, or Apple Sign in is supported.
  • Individual pictures have fine-grained privacy settings in shared albums.
  • Dark Mode on iOS is supported.
  • Swift native app
  • Client and server are both open source.

Support and Questions

If you have any issues or need assistance, please utilize the following channels:

❗ Please do not submit support requests via the GitHub issue tracker.

Instructions for Construction


  • For authentication and dynamic connections, Firebase is used.
  • AWS is a cloud-based data storage service.
  • OneSignal is a notification service.
  • In-app purchase management using RevenueCat.
  • TripUp server, which stores and coordinates user information.

Note that analytics are turned off for the following services whenever feasible.


  1. Replace the GoogleService-Info.plist file with the Firebase-supplied one.
  2. According to your AWS setup, update the awsconfiguration.json file with your AWS Cognito PoolID and Region.
  3. User-Defined heading: Project build settings -> User-Defined heading:
    • API BASE URL should be set to the URL of the TripUp server instance you want to utilize.
    • replace AWS ASSETS BUCKET with the name of the AWS bucket you want to utilize.
  4. Modify Info.plist to reflect this, particularly the following values:
    • URL Schemes may be found under URL Types -> URL Schemes.
      • The REVERSED CLIENT ID entry in your GoogleService-Info.plist file should be set to com.googleusercontent.apps…
      • Your bundle identifier should be set to the firdynamiclinks URL Scheme.
    • In the AppConfig section, select:
      • AWS ASSETS BUCKET REGION, which should be the same as the awsconfiguration setting. json.
      • A fully qualified hostname should be used for DOMAIN.
      • The URL of your federation provider, which in this instance is FIREBASE PROJECT ID, should be FEDERATION PROVIDER.
      • The value for FIREBASE DYNAMICLINKS DOMAIN should be the Firebase Dynamic Links Domain.
      • The value for ONESIGNAL APP ID should be your OneSignal App ID.
      • The value for REVENUECAT APIKEY should be your RevenueCat API key.
  5. Under the TripUp Target, Signing & Capabilities tab, change the Associated Domains to the following values:
  6. Sign in with your Apple Developer account and build to whatever target you choose.


There are many ways to help TripUp!

Reports of bugs

For problem reporting, we utilize the GitHub issue tracker. If your bug report has not been raised yet, please search current problems and make a new one with as much information as possible.

Please don’t +1 posts that don’t contribute to the conversation when bumping an issue. Instead, use emoji responses to indicate that a problem impacts you as well; the concerns with the most reactions will be prioritized.


Swift programmers are needed! When feasible, we favor native programming and encourage new and experienced developers to participate. We utilize GitHub projects to keep track of our progress. Feel free to submit a pull request if you need assistance with a code modification.

We need contributors to sign a copyright licensing agreement for this repository (CLA). When you submit a pull request, the signing procedure will be provided to you. Because the Apple App Store Terms of Service (ToS) are incompatible with this project’s license, the AGPLv3, a CLA is needed. We need an exclusive copyright license to any contributions you make in order to include them in our App Store release, allowing us to dual license the code under the AGPLv3 (this repository) and a license that conforms with the App Store ToS. Please note that we utilize a CLA developed and authorized by the Free Software Foundation, which guarantees that your contributions are always released under the AGPLv3 and that we can never solely re-license your work under a proprietary license. The entire licensing agreement may be found in our CLA (also visible when submitting a pull request).

Suggestions for features

Please make suggestions for new features on the GitHub Discussions page.


Translations in as many languages as possible are appreciated! If you’d want to assist but aren’t sure how to utilize Xcode or GitHub pull requests, please contact us.


The AGPLv3 license applies to this project. The complete licensing terms may be found in the LICENSE file.

While the code is licensed under the AGPLv3, all assets, logos, and branding, including the name, are subject to applicable trademark laws, and specific permission is needed before utilizing them for commercial reasons.


The privacy safe app is an open source, photo storage and sharing app made for privacy conscious users. It allows you to share your photos without worrying about who has access to them.

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