Best Discord Bot for friends server 2021

In the last year, Discord has become one of the most widely used voice and text chat platforms in gaming. The platform is completely free to use and offers a wealth of features that can be customized to fit your needs. However, it seems as though there are few good bot options available for gaming servers on Discord right now. This article will go over some bots you might want to consider using for your friends server or just for general purposes.

Discord is a popular chat and gaming platform that has made its way into many homes. It is a great place to hang out with friends, but it can be hard to find the right bot for your server. This article will help you find the best discord bots for your friends server in 2021.

Thousands of discord servers exist throughout the globe, not only for communities of people from many nationalities and languages, but also for servers managed by individuals who want to keep in contact and have fun with their friends. Furthermore, once the Covid-19 epidemic was announced to the globe, the virtual means of interacting with friends and relaxing out became the most popular trend. Thus, in the virtual form, discord appears to be one of the greatest locations to hang out with close pals. However, when there is always something to do, lounging around on servers may be a lot of fun. Thus, discord bots are one of the most well-known ways to keep the audience engaged over the servers. Imagine a bot that automatically moderates the whole server, keeping every user entertained by giving them with a variety of enjoyable activities to do. These chores become considerably more enjoyable and intriguing to do when others are engaged. As a result of the top list comprising some of the greatest bots for friends’ servers, you can make your servers even more enjoyable to establish a virtual community that is both engaging and active. Let’s begin with some of the greatest bots for your friend’s server.


Jockie Music Bot is a robot that plays music. 

What could be more enjoyable than hanging out with friends while listening to some of the greatest music ever made? The jockie bot on Discord, on the other hand, is something you can test out on your friends’ server to have some fun and eliminate boredom. The jockie bot is a music bot that lets you play incredible music on your server. You may also create voice channels to have a fantastic discussion with your pals, queue your favorite music, and listen to radios. In addition, jockie allows you to mix or replay your favorite songs over and over again while having fun listening to some great music. As a result, this bot qualifies to be added to your server with friends as one of the finest. Give it a go; you’ll be glad you did.


Thank you, Memer Bot.

One of the best bots that have acquired the largest number of servers on the discord community is the Thank you, Memer Bot.. Memes are the trend of today’s world as they are the best things that exactly relate to our actual thus bringing a smile on our faces. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is one of the best bots over discord that provides you amazing top-quality memes to share with friends, along with providing other features such as stealing, losing, earning, and buying things with your money. The bot is the most liked one and is thus a must-recommended one to be added on your servers with friends. The thing here is that often new users think that memes can even be found on social media and elsewhere, but believe it dank member provides the quality of memes that you may nowhere else. So, give it a try and you are surely going to get addicted to it.


Adixxe Bot is a robot created by Adixxe.

Everyone enjoys viewing YouTube videos on various themes and having a wonderful time while watching the material of their choice. Friends are people who share your interests, and what could be better than watching a YouTube video with your friends and laughing together instead of alone in a locked room? Another amazing bot that requires room on your Discord server is Adixxe. This incredible bot enables you to stream YouTube videos straight to your server and distribute them with all of your group members. As a result, you can now share what you see and appreciate with your friends, who may repeat the conversations and experience the exciting moments of your interest. Isn’t it a fantastic suggestion? You will not be sorry if you give it a try.


Bot for Counting 

An active server is what makes it look more lively. Thus, a continuous set of different and amazing activities should always be there on your servers. Especially with friends, these activities become more fun and one surely loses track of time. This bot we talk of is the Bot for Counting, which does the same task of making your server a better place to be in. The main concept of the server is to assign a task to server members to count up in order correctly and as fast as possible. It is quite a fun activity to do. Once you get addicted to it, there is no going back. This mini-game might seem to be a small one but surely has the best concept to kill boredom in every manner. Not just this, the Bot for Counting also keeps the server lively and fun, and thus chilling out with friends becomes even more interesting. 


Bot for Birthdays

Birthdays are the best ones when celebrated with friends. And it gets even more interesting and fun when they are also celebrated virtually. The Bot for Birthdays is must recommended one for your server since the bot has amazing features to celebrate an individual’s birthday in the best manner virtually. The bot has features like birthday wishes, messages, greetings, roles, and many other fun things. Not just this, one can even see the upcoming birthdays and thus plan things. Thus this bot proves itself to be another one qualified to be added to your servers. Do give it try and make your server much more interesting and fun.



 We’ve reached the conclusion of our list of the greatest bots to add to your friends’ server to make it a pleasant location to hang out and relax with your favorite folks. Check out every bot on the list, and your server will be up and running in no time. Furthermore, testing out such servers might pique people’s curiosity and attract new members, allowing your community to expand. We’ve come to the end of our list of the top bots. Now is the time to test out the aforementioned bots and have some fun with your buddies.

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