Best Discord bots for moderation 2021

Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms out there, and as such has a lot of bots. These bots help users communicate with each other in many ways. This article will list some of the best discord moderation bot applications that you can use to delegate tasks without any problems!

The “best moderation bot discord” is a tool that allows moderators to moderate any channel on Discord. The bots can also be used for other purposes, such as moderating games or even providing customer service.

Discord is one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing software platforms, allowing users from all over the globe to form massive communities based on their own interests. However, one of the most wonderful features available to its users is the ability to add various types of bots to their servers. Yes, these bots are created by random developers all over the globe, and once installed on your server, they may effectively manage your server, provided you choose the appropriate bot for your specialty. Discord bots have been around for a long time. People often utilize them to increase server productivity, attract a larger audience, and create their own community through discord. Apart from bots that offer games, entertainment, and other services on your server, there are bots known as “moderation bots” that, once installed, may perform the majority of the work on the server, such as carrying out various chores and maintaining the site automatically. The major goal of these moderation bots is to warn potentially harmful actions, halt spamming messages, and govern your community by banning spammers and undesired people. So, let’s have a look at some of the top discord bots for moderation that you can employ to make your servers’ user experience more exciting and appealing.


Carl Bot

Starting with the Carl bot, one of the greatest bots out there for managing your server. It is one of the most often used bots for server moderation. The Carl bot, like any other Discord bot, is a versatile bot that offers a variety of capabilities to help your server run more efficiently. The bot has an excellent auto mod moderation mechanism, which means the bot is self-sufficient and can manage the server on its own. Some of the most spectacular features of this bot include a blizzard game similar to warfare, a “config” function that lets you to customize instructions for the bot according to your preferences, and a “greetings” feature that shows a different message such as a welcome, goodbye, or banning message. One of the most fascinating elements of this bot is the “levels” that are assigned to users based on the state of their server activities. As a result, the more you converse on the server, the higher your level will rise. In addition to these features, the bot also includes a “Misc” function that shows information about the server’s members. Aside from this, the bot has a lot of interesting features like listening to music, performing roles, showing statistics, subscriptions, tags, and a lot more to keep your server lively at all times. As a result, the Carl bot is one of the greatest bots for moderating that you can add to your server.   


MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 bot has a large following in the Discord community. Another excellent bot for functioning as a moderator on your Discord server is the bot. The MEE6 bot is made up of a number of plugins that play an important role in preserving the bot’s reputation. Music plugins, Music quiz plugins, Record plugins, and a few more are among the primary plugins available. The bot gives you complete control over how it works by allowing you to enable or disable any plugins at any time. The bot has the same auto-moderation capability as the Carl bot. One of the bot’s drawbacks is that it also has a premium edition, with most of the functionality locked until you upgrade to the premium version.


Dyno Bot 

The dyno bot is the next item on the list. This bot is the most automatic of the bunch, with capabilities like auto mod, auto message, auto-response, auto roles, fun, tags, welcome message, and a whole lot more. You may also create your own unique commands and customise the bot to meet your specific needs. Aside from this, the dyno bot offers a music option as well as a warning log. Even though it has a paid version, the free version is more than adequate to meet all of a server’s needs.


Bot Tatsumaki

The Bot Tatsumaki is another widely known bot around the discord community. The bot is mainly known for its leveling features. Apart from those, it also allows you to customize prefixes and change the NSFW setting of the bot if you are adding it to the server having adult content or so. The bot also has amazing features such as auto roll, welcome, and goodbye messages. One can get to know every detail of the bot from its website, which is also an attractive one. The website can guide you with each and every aspect of the bot and how it works. The bot is also known for moderation though its leveling features are the most popular ones.


Bot Nadeko

This bot is the one allowing you to add moderation to your server but it provides a huge number of features when moderating your server. The Bot Nadeko has many amazing features such as custom reactions where you can set a particular reaction for a particular role, gambling, games, music, NSFW settings, XP- the bot also allows you to earn XP and the last is the utility section where you can get the information of your server. The Bot Nadeko has an administration section wherein you can find a list of amazing features to carry out an amazing moderation of your server. So definitely give this one a try!


Atlas Bot

The Atlas bot is the final on the list, but it is one of the best and loveliest bots you can add to your servers. If you’ve used the MEE6 bot before, the bot will give you a taste of it. It provides practically every command a server moderator may possibly require. Messages may be deleted, warnings can be sent, reports can be generated, spam can be marked, and so on. As a result, the bot is a viable option for moderating a server. It also has a premium edition, which has some additional features. Though the free version is sufficient, you may certainly upgrade to the premium version if you so choose. 



We’ve reached the conclusion of our list of the best bots for server moderating. Check out all of these bots; you will undoubtedly like them. All of the bots described above do an excellent job of moderating a server while also making it entertaining and appealing to a larger audience. All of the discord bots listed above are mainly free to use, although some offer a paid version that you may test if you like. So give them a go and let the bots supervise your servers.


The “best discord bots for moderation” is a topic that has been trending in the past few years. In 2021, we will have more and more bots to choose from. Reference: best discord bots for fun.

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