Best Discord Bots for Small Servers 2021

Discord is quickly becoming the most popular voice and text chat service in gaming. While it’s still newer than other platforms like Steam, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, its features are growing rapidly with more integrations into development tools as well as a larger player base of gamers eager to make their servers successful.

The “best discord bots for fun” is a topic that has been trending since the beginning of time. The “best discord bots for small servers” will be discussed in this blog post.

Discord has risen to become one of the most popular mega chat apps. Content makers, broadcasters, gamers, and many more now utilize Discord for a variety of reasons. Discord servers need the use of a discord bot. Whenever we launch a Discord server, the first thing we think about is what bots we’ll need. We will discuss which discord bots are most suited for tiny servers. Despite the fact that there are many commercial bots for servers, free bots may do the majority of the work on tiny servers. Bots are usually used on discord servers for moderation, announcements, games, memes, and music, among other things. In a tiny discord channel, we’ll discuss the bots for each of those needs.


Mee6 bot

Mee6 Bot is one of the greatest moderating bots on Discord. Moderation bots are essential for every discord server and for maintaining a healthy user environment. The Mee6 bot may analyze a user’s chat to see whether foul language is being used or if spam links are being shared. You may define rules for the server using the Mee6 bot, and if the user does not follow the rules, you can automate the response messages and even kick or ban the user from the server. The nicest thing about moderating bots is that they may avoid a heated dispute from occurring, which would considerably detract from the users’ experience. You can also utilize Mee6 for leveling, rewarding users for their actions with more levels and experience, resulting in greater rights for the discord user.


Thank you, Memer.

Thank you, Memer. is one of the most popular bots on discord. The Thank you, Memer. bot is a meme bot that keeps the community engaged. Besides memes, the Thank you, Memer. is an economy-rich bot, which means Thank you, Memer. has its own currency system and a store that accepts its own money and you can make money by doing various activities. The Thank you, Memer. also has 9 games that you can play in discord with other users. The Thank you, Memer. is the largest meme bot that exists so you can give it a go. The Thank you, Memer. bot is the best bot to keep the community engine and I will strongly recommend this bot for small servers and it will help to spend a great time with users.


Hydra Bot

The hydra bot is one of the best music bots. The server is never complete without a good music bot in the voice channel. As many discord music, bots are going down such as groovy and Rhythm because of using YouTube API, therefore the Hydra Bot has removed the support for using YouTube for playing the songs and that’s why we are suggesting this bot as it may last more number of days than other music bots on discord. Apart from this Hydra Bot is also a great music bot and it is developed by the same developer of Thank you, Memer.. Earlier Thank you, Memer. has the feature of playing music as the Thank you, Memer. grow in popularity the creator separated music features into a separate bot and that is how Hydra was created. The Hydra has a great interface to control the music with the help of emotes and great sound quality.


Arcane Bot is a magical robot.

Arcane is a great leveling bot. The leveling system works on the activity of the discord users. You can configure the Arcane Bot is a magical robot. to reward the users on certain activities, and these rewards help them to level up their ranks on the server. When the user levels up the permission that is provided to that user within the discord server increases and the user is able to access that level text channel and also configure some channels depending upon the permissions. The best thing about the Arcane Bot is a magical robot. is that it is well suited for the needs of content creators. As the Arcane Bot is a magical robot. can send a notification to their users whenever any new YouTube video comes out or any other announcement that they wanted to create for their user.



For tiny discord servers, Xenon is a must-have bot. Xenon assists you in getting backups of your Discord server. With the free tier, you may obtain up to 25 free backups. If the server fails for any reason, the backup will substantially assist you in restoring it to the previous backed up version. Xenon also offers some fantastic themes for whatever kind of category you need, whether it’s gaming or studying. Each of them has its own template. Xenon can also assist you in transferring templates and using your own customized template on the Discord server. You may also automate the backup of your Discord server so that it occurs at certain intervals.

These are some excellent discord bot lists for tiny servers. These are some fundamental bots that every server should have on their server to aid with server maintenance and management.

The “discord bots for gaming servers” is a growing category of discord bots that have been specifically designed to fit small servers. Some of the best discord bots in this category include: Rythm, DiscordMusicBot, and Music Bot.

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