Best discord bots for welcome messages [ Best Welcome Discord Bot ]

Welcome Discord Bot is a popular way to say hello and welcome new members. It’s easy as 1-2-3, with our bot you can make your discord server welcoming in minutes!

The “welcomer bot” is a best discord bots for welcome messages. It is a great tool that can be used to make your discord server feel more welcoming.

The discord community has been rapidly expanding, with more individuals joining discord servers every day. Discord has been used by a growing number of content makers, broadcasters, and others to cater to their audiences. When new members join the discord server, the welcome bots are the greatest method to provide a customized touch. The welcome bot may display users pre-written messages and also attach self-reaction roles that users can give themselves to these welcome messages.

The automated welcome message is shown by a variety of bots. Some of these bots, such as Carl bot and Mee6 best bots for writing welcome messages for their discord users as well as response roles, are general purpose and moderation bots.

Let’s speak about the greatest discord bots for welcoming new people.

The best discord bot for greeting messages

Carl Bot

Carl bot is an excellent discord bot for controlling and monitoring your channel. With the aid of the Carl bot, you can establish and assign roles and duties to members. It can keep track of the conversations that take place on a certain Discord server. The primary purpose of the Carl bot is to welcome new users. With the aid of Carl Bot, you can also establish response roles. The response roles are essentially self-assignable roles that users may choose and choose from. The welcome message is where the response roles are most often employed. As a result, Carl Bot is an excellent choice for a welcome bot on Discord.

Mee6 bot

Mee6 bot is one of the greatest moderation bots that may be used for a variety of applications. You may give welcome messages to users, build a leveling system on the discord server, play music in the voice channel, set custom commands, and more with the Mee6 bot. All of this can be accomplished using the Mee6 dashboard. The Mee6 bot is one of the most popular since it allows you to add a poll and produce statistics for important events.


Probot is a discord bot that enables the owner of a discord server to set up welcome messages, so that when someone joins the server for the first time, they are welcomed by Probot. Aside from greetings, the Probot may also assist in the setup of response roles, similar to the Carl bot. In the welcome message, the response roles may be specified. Probot is one of the greatest discord bots for moderating, apart from a welcome message. You can use Probot to warn someone about their poor conduct, and if they do it again, you can use Probot to kick or ban them automatically if required.


Tatsu is a Discord bot that combines moderation, leveling, economics, and logging into one package. You may create your own personalized welcome and farewell messages for users that join and leave your server using the Tatsu bot as a welcome bot. This bot also comes with a response role, which you can use to customize the welcome message in the Discord server.

Welcome messages are a great way to make your server feel like home. There are many bots that can help you welcome new members. The “how to use welcomer bot” is one of the best bots for this purpose.

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