Best Discord Bots to play Spotify 2021

There are many reasons why people use Discord. Some of the most popular features include voice chat and text channels, but it has also become a hub for games with over 17 million users who run their own servers. With that said, there is no shortage of fun things to do on Discord thanks to its wide variety of bots!

The “groovy bot” is a Discord Bot that allows users to play Spotify. It has a lot of features and can be customized for individual use.

Music has always been regarded as the finest method to pass the time and one of the most traditional techniques to alleviate boredom. Not only that, but music also helps to calm the mind and body. Music has always been an important aspect of human culture, dating back to the time of the Kings. Things changed quickly as time went and the technological revolution occurred, and so did the human manner of doing things. Everything was transformed into a digital and virtual world. The same thing occurred in the world of music. When it comes to the twenty-first century, music has taken on a whole new meaning now that it is accessible on smartphones and other devices. Furthermore, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services nowadays. As a result, when it comes to the Discord platform, there are a plethora of bots that can acquire Spotify music for discord servers. We shall learn about some of the greatest bots that perform this service and are therefore well-known internationally in this article. So, let’s get this list started.


Hydra Bot

The “Hydra,” the most well-known and well-known discord bot, is at the top of the list. The Hydra bot is a fantastic tool that allows you to stream Spotify music straight to your servers. It has been the finest musical bot on Discord to date. The bot’s unique characteristics include the ability to communicate in numerous languages to different individuals. Hydra also includes several incredible features that make the user experience even more engaging and enjoyable. These features include the ability to create your own playlists, both private and public playlists, assigning DJ duties, autoplay, and many more. The bot also has a premium function that enables a variety of fascinating commands, making it much more entertaining. As a result, the bot is the finest option for streaming Spotify music to your server. Give it a go; you’ll be glad you did.


Tempo Bot

Another bot noted for playing high-quality Spotify music is the tempo bot. The bot is particularly well-known for its high-quality audio, which will immerse you in the world of music. The bot, in addition to Spotify, enables users to listen to music from other services. One of the bot’s most appealing characteristics is that it allows consumers total control. Not only that, but the creators of the tempo bot claim to have the greatest hardware among musical bots. The tempo bot also has a premium edition that unlocks a ton of extra commands, a ton more lyrics, and a ton of other premium features to make the user experience much more enjoyable and fascinating. The bot’s habit of providing a monthly giveaway is one of its most distinctive and finest features. Though this technique is undoubtedly a means of advertising the bot, it has generated a lot of interest and attracted a big number of individuals to join the Tempo Bot community. As a result, one may want to give this bot a go and enjoy listening to fantastic Spotify music.


DisTube Bot is a bot that allows you to watch videos on YouTube

Sounding very familiar to YouTube, the DisTube Bot is a bot that allows you to watch videos on YouTube is another amazing alternative for playing top-notch Spotify music on your discord servers. The DisTube Bot is a bot that allows you to watch videos on YouTube is also a very famous one over the discord community acquiring a large population with over 1000K members and still counting. The bot easily supports Spotify music in its best manner. It also includes some of the most amazing features including 3D, Bass boost, echo, karaoke, nightcore, vaporwave, and an unending list of all sorts of amazing features. Since the name of the bot is a bit similar to youtube, it is pretty understood that the bot is even capable of playing youtube videos on your servers where it includes certain other features that include autoplay, skip DJ, creating playlists, and much more. Try this one out and take your servers to the next level.


Bot for Soul Music

The soul bot is another wonderful invention by the soul developers community that gives premium Spotify music on your discord servers. The bot can also play songs from SoundCloud and Twitch in addition to Spotify music. When it comes to commands, the bot website has a long yet intriguing list of wonderful commands that can be accessed. Many filters, such as 8D, bass increase, earrape, electronic, karaoke, and others, may be used to soul music. The bot offers music capabilities such as autoplay, back, next, grab, join, loop, skip, and so on. The bot is generally good and gives adequate service.


Musical Tune Bot is a robot that plays music.

The Musical Tune Bot is a robot that plays music. is another great one from the list. The bot provides an excellent 24/7 service for playing music on your servers. It includes features like autoplay, easy configuration as per the user’s choice, audio filters. The bot is another best suited for Spotify, but it also plays music from the sound cloud. One of the best features that the Musical Tune Bot is a robot that plays music. provides is allowing the use of filters to infinity. One can use as many filters on their tracks as needed. This feature is generally a premium one in most of the bots out there, but the Musical Tune Bot is a robot that plays music. provides is completely free. Thus the bot can be of good use and excellent service to you. Try it out on your servers and enjoy the best tracks.



When listening to Spotify, the list comes to a finish with a list of six of the most premium bots that give the greatest service for your discord servers. The bots stated above are the most wonderful ones that give the greatest quality service for the niche and will not only make your discord servers bright and appealing, but will also draw a large audience to them. Though several of the bots on the list only provide premium services after purchasing a premium version, the free services they give are just as good as the premium ones. Furthermore, there are bots such as Musical Tune that will give you with the greatest and most premium features without requiring you to purchase a premium pack. Thus, test these bots on your server and improve them as much as possible.

The “spotify stats discord bot” is a Discord server that allows users to view their Spotify statistics. It also has other features such as the ability to change your voice, and create custom commands.

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