Best Discord Music Bots 2021 [Free High Quality Music Bot]

Discord is the most popular voice chat app for gamers and music lovers, but it’s also a powerful platform for other things as well. Here are some of the best discord bots that you should be using in 2019!

The “fredboat” is a free high-quality music bot that has been created to help you and your friends have an amazing time. You can use it to play music, talk in voice channels, or even just chat with other people.

For many game players and persons in conflict, music is a lifeline. If you want to listen to music on Discord, just join any voice channel that has one of the music bots and start dancing with them. Users on Discord are given rights such as the DJ role, which allows them to manage the music queue in the voice channel. Members of the server may also vote on which music should be played on the text channel.

The play, skip, resume, loop, queue, and other functions of the Discord music bot may be simply controlled via bot instructions. These bots may play music from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. These bots are a fantastic method to share new music and create music parties with hundreds of people on Discord. 

The most popular discord music bot, groovy bot, was just shut down, and if you’re looking for replacements to the groovy bot, you’ve come to the perfect site. Groovy was one of the greatest music bots on Discord, however they just got a stop and desist notice from YouTube, forcing them to shut down Groovy on August 31, 2021. The Rythm bot is the second bot that may take the place of the Groovy bot.

Let’s have a look at the top discord music bots that are presently available on most discord servers.

2021’s Best Discord Music Bots

Rythm Bot

The number of servers is estimated to be in the millions.

After Groovy was shut down, the Rythm Bot became the biggest music bot. The proprietors of the Rythm Bot have no plans to shut it down and will keep it operational and online. As you can see, the Rythm bot’s server count has been steadily expanding. The Rythm Bot usually offers high-quality music, but due to the large number of individuals that use it, you may experience problems or latency from time to time. It’s a great bot for interacting with others, but the volume is only available to premium subscribers. You may also have issues with users spamming songs on the server. The Rythm bot can play music from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and others. Apart from its detractors, it is without a doubt one of the greatest music bots available on Discord. 

Hydra Bot

2.5 million+ servers

In comparison to Rythm Bot, the Hydra Bot is the second-largest bot. The Hydra bot has a distinct appearance and feel. Hydra Bot’s biggest feature, in my opinion, is that it uses emotes to control the tunes, thereby acting as a visual music player. Other bots need you to use instructions to control music, but the Hydra bot allows you to do it using commands and emotes. Some people will claim Hydra Bot as the best music bot on discord for its simple design and support for all major music streaming platforms along with great uptime. Hydra is a unique Music Bot that you should test at least once on your server. You may establish a queue and skip, loop, vote, replay, and shuffle songs using the free Hydra Bot edition. You can manage volume, audio effects, 24/7 music, and an infinite stored playlist with the premium Hydra Bot edition. 

Bot, Octave

Count of servers: 2k+

Earlier Dank Memer Bot (Largest Meme Bot) had the feature to play music later the Dank Memer team decided to separate the music feature into a new bot which was known as “gnar” and later renamed to Octave. The Sound quality of the Bot, Octave is amazing and has decent features, although the uptime and availability are not up to the mark. The Bot, Octave is known for the quality of music that it provides that is as par as song quality that is played over the Spotify web player, which is absolutely amazing. In the free Bot, Octave, you can play songs from various platforms, form queues, save a playlist, manage queues and songs. In the premium version of Bot, Octave, you will unlock the volume, bass boost, unlimited playlist to save, 24/7 songs, and more queue size.

MEE6 Bot

3.5 million+ servers

MEE6 is one of the top music-playing moderation bots on Discord. Instead of inputting instructions in the channel, the MEE6 music bot offers a unique visual music player where you may control the music. This graphic music player is accessible via a separate dashboard on the MEE6 bot’s website. You may queue, search, play, repeat, and replay music using this player. The main drawback of MEE6 is that most of the features are paid, and you may access them for 79.90 dollars, which is rather expensive. Volume control, recording music, 24/7 music, and many more features are available in the premium edition.


2.6 million+ servers

Probot, a popular general-purpose bot that can play music, is also commonly utilized. Users appreciate the Probot because most of its functions are free, unlike the MEE6 bot, which hides crucial capabilities behind a charge. The Probot features a capability that allows it to play music using commands. The Probot is well-maintained by the creators and has a high uptime. It’s also the best-rated bot in the music category on, so it’s worth a go.

Mentions of Merit

Jockie Music Bot — Compared to other music bots, the Jockie Music Bot contains more commands, resulting in more free features in the bot.

“The “groovy bot” is a free music bot that you can use on your Discord server. It’s one of the best music bots in 2019.”

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