Best Discord Servers for Memes [ Anime Memes ] 2022

Discord is the most popular voice and text chat app in the world, with over 200 million users. You can find random memes or anime-related content on millions of servers. If you are looking for a group to join, we have compiled our list of best Discord servers for you!

The “best discord meme servers” is a question that has been asked many times before. The best way to find out what the community thinks is to go on a Discord server and ask them.

Memes may be found almost everywhere and are enjoyed by people of all ages. It may be found on any social media network, including Discord. Gamers love to build memes out of their games on Discord, which is a large platform for them. As a result, there are many Discord servers dedicated to memes. Gamers use the Discord service to post memes about popular games and their unique gameplay.

If you’re a Discord user who enjoys memes, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 meme-themed Discord servers and presented them to you. 



Lounge is one of the most popular Discord servers among fans. It has over 70k users, and the most active will take part in giveaways and get rewards. It has a fun part with text channels such as media channels, memes channels, art channels, and so on. As a result, you’ll be able to share all of your memes and other sorts of material on their own channels. “Meet-the-Staff” is a distinct channel on Lounge. You may see the server’s staff members’ introductions there. 

You may make a ticket if you detect an issue, wish to file a complaint against a user, or want to communicate with admin. You will have access to a variety of speech channels depending on your server level. Additionally, in the “Custom VC” option, you may construct your own temporary voice channels. 

To participate, go to


Carnation Cartoon

It’s a one-of-a-kind, entertaining server with a cartoon motif. It features responsibilities that may be assigned by the user, such as color, location, and gender. Some of those positions are level-restricted, and you can only assign to them after you’ve attained that level. It offers a unique leveling system that allows you to access new features and exciting content as you go. It offers a specific memes channel for meme fans, as well as other channels such as selfies, media, and so on. 

Toon lounge is a part where you may talk to other people online and establish friends. Nitro Giveaways may be earned on the server by completing particular objectives, such as a minigame. is the link to join.



Like other Discord servers, it also has self roles like color roles, partnership ping, events ping to make you more active in Discord. Money-seekers has a dedicated game section to participate in mini-games and to chat with others etc. They do regular giveaways, to maintain active members in the server and to provide full fun. In addition to those, you can share memes with other players on the server. It has a leveling system to make your profile unique from beginners. 

Some other features like giveaways, dank memer mini-games section, and donations. In conclusion, Money-seekers is a fun filled community server and it’s worth joining with the link provided here. To join, go to


Thank you, Supreme Dankers

The Dank-Memer bot and freebies provided by this service are its most important features. They perform daily freebies and heists to keep the server busy. It offers a self-promotion feature that allows you to advertise their servers, art, and other content on social media. This server is ideal for artists that want to expand their audience. Dank-Memer is a special area where you can watch a variety of channels. You may use the dank-memer bot to play minigames and issue commands, among other things. It also includes various channels for sharing your article, media material, art, and memes. 

To participate, go to


Den of Memer

Den of Memer is also a Dank-Memer focused server specially made for dank-meme lovers, to make fun with common minded people. It has self roles assigning features, so members can assign roles themselves with color roles, gender roles, age roles etc. A unique channel called perks channel, made to list all the perks and bonuses for the users. On leveling up here, you will receive certain perks and unlock some more channels. 

It also includes a specific channel for the exchange of material. It contains birthday wishing functions, so any user may get birthday greetings on their special day. Simply write “bday set” in the “bot commands” field to register your birthday with the channel, and it will walk you through the rest. is the link to join.


The Vent

The Vent, with a population of almost 16k people, is the second largest server on our list. It, like other servers, offers a function that allows you to designate responsibilities to yourself. It contains a lot of channels, and some of them demand a specific degree of advancement. The spam channel is dedicated to spamming as much as possible. The staff list channel contains information about administrators as well as their Discord ids. In any case, it makes it simple to reach them. 

Join with the following link:


Continental Dankers

This is another best server for posting your memes and other media contents. You will get a great chance of getting like-minded people here. Continental Dankers is well organized and it’s easier to find all the channels you want. Here you can get channels like, voice channels, text channels, roles, and also games section. 

They also provide daily prizes in addition to their specialties. This keeps the server lively and the members engaged. Admin will provide booster bonuses to members that use their nitro boosters to boost the server.


Dank Cafe

Dank Cafe is noted for its freebies, entertaining events, meme material, and friendly atmosphere. Dang Cafe, like Lounge, has its own unique qualities that contribute to its popularity. Some of the self-roles you may assign here include announcement ping, events ping, color roles, age roles, and gender roles. 

This server also has a media area where you may share your memes, material, play mini-games, listen to music, and more. Finally, this is a welcoming server where you may pass the time. 


Den of Memer

Den of Memer, it’s a special place for meme lovers. People here can assign themselves a role like color roles, gender roles, age roles etc. The Perk channel is made to list out all the perks and bonuses the users can get from this server. With a leveling system, you can unlock certain channels. 

Den of Memer is a developing server and it has over 1k members. But it’s guaranteed to get fun and online friends. 


Omegle’s user base

It’s a website where you may chat to strangers from all around the globe. This is the location to meet any kind of individual at any time. It has its own official server, which serves the same role. You may submit memes, game content, and media in the media area. This is a spam zone where you may spam anything you want. To remain anonymous, you may acquire privacy in the voice channel. This is the place to go if you want to meet and communicate with strangers from all around the globe. 



Finally, we conclude that memes are excellent stress relievers and time fillers. Discord is an excellent medium for this. We’ve put up a list of the best 10 discord servers for memes to assist you. Its unique and exceptional traits have already been addressed. So go ahead and sign up and start having fun right now. 

The “dark memes discord server” is a Discord server that has been doing the job for years. It’s a place where people can come and talk about dark memes, memes about anime, and other topics related to memes.

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