Best Giveaway Bot Discord 2021

Discord is one of the most popular platforms for gamers today. Its platform allows users to chat, play games and organize servers with other players from any location in seconds. However, it’s difficult to find a bot that will allow you to easily giveaway items on your server without creating multiple accounts or going through an arduous process. That is where The Giveaway Bot comes in! With just a few clicks you can create unique giveaways and earn free goodies while promoting your content across social media!.

The “giveaway bot discord hack” is a program that allows users to create giveaways on their Discord server. The bot can be accessed through the website, or through the Discord app.

Back with another list of the finest discord bots, this time for your servers, we have the top giveaway discord bots. Giveaways have been popular on Discord for a long time, particularly among gaming communities. As a result, a straightforward and plain gift may not seem to be as appealing and imaginative. So, in order to build freebies that capture people’s attention while still looking fascinating, there are a variety of bots accessible on Discord that might help. As a result, we’ve selected some of the greatest bots that may significantly improve the appearance and efficiency of your servers. All of the bots listed below are recognized for holding giveaways in the best possible way on Discord. So, after reading the most fascinating and fantastic features in the blog ahead, check out your favorite one. So, without further ado, let’s get to these incredible bots.


Saya Bot

The Saya bot is at the top of the list of the finest giveaway discord bots. The saya bot is the most sophisticated and well-known bot for organising incredible prizes. Because the bot is entirely customisable, users may design remarkable and appealing freebies. The bot is also well-known for its attractive messaging options. Along with that, the bot also allows you to keep track of the freebies on the server using tools like leaderboards and starboards. There are also booster notifications and a slew of additional features that add to the bot’s appeal. The bot is completely customisable according to the user’s preferences, making it a must-have for your servers. Try it out on a server if you haven’t already.


Boat Bot (Giveaway)

Holding the second position in the list is the Boat Bot (Giveaway) which is another most advanced and known bot for giveaways. The bot is user-friendly and has an easy-to-use dashboard. The bot also has an amazing collection of multiple templates that can be used to create custom giveaways as per the user’s choice. Not just that, the bot offers its users one of the best features of hosting an infinite number of giveaways on the bot. Along with it, the bot also has the messaging and reaction role features that prove out to be the best one for its users. There are many more other features like requirements and multiple entries and much more exciting features for its users. Thus, do try this one out on your servers and you won’t regret it at any cost.


Lunar Bot Santa Claus

Another addition to the list on the third position we have the Lunar Bot Santa Claus. The bot provides a completely free-of-cost service and stability to its users. One can easily host completely customizable giveaways with the help of this bot. Some other unique and best features of the bot include drops, voice, and message tracking, requirements, and scheduling. Along with these, there are many other unique functionality features that the bot offers its users, along with the custom reactions feature too. All these features make this bot an interesting and useful one for your servers. So do this out on your servers and make the best out of it.


Bot for Giveaways

The fourth one on the list is the Bot for Giveaways best known for easily setting up giveaways and customizing them as per your choice. The bot serves in the best manner for any kind of giveaway where users can even edit ongoing giveaways and create new ones in no time. The bot is an excellent one for customizing giveaways and giving them a cool look. Do not forget to try this one out on your servers. Though the negative of the bot is that doesn’t offer any other much-known features except hosting giveaways. But if you are someone looking for a bot just for giveaways this disadvantage can be an advantage for you. Try it on your servers and host giveaways in no time.


Dasu Bot

The Dasu bot comes in at number five on the list. Another well-known bot for hosting giveaways, this one gives you 30+ free server and multiplier requirements. The bot is also renowned for logging and is fully customisable according to the wishes of the users. The line leader boards feature of this bot may also be used to follow the progress of the giveaways. But there’s a catch. The Dasu bot has no advertising, offering its users a completely clean interface and the finest experience possible. This is the main feature that distinguishes this bot and makes it a must-try. So, install the Dasu bot on your servers and enjoy the finest discord freebies.


Scrump Bot is a robot created by Scrump Bot.

The last one in the list but yet another amazing one we have in the list is the Scrump Bot is a robot created by Scrump Bot.. The Scrump Bot is a robot created by Scrump Bot. is widely popular and one of the best-known bots for giveaways. One of the features for which the bot is most famous is its heavy customizability which is not seen in most of the other bots. Apart from these, Scrump Bot is a robot created by Scrump Bot. also has other features like emotion posting, invite tracking and is thus a general-purpose discord bot. The bot is famous and has been acquired by over 250k people throughout the world. So, do get your hands on it and try it out.



This brings us to the conclusion of our list of the top discord bots for giveaways that can be created on the platform. All of the other bots provide the greatest service when it comes to making wonderful bespoke gifts for your servers. They also provide a slew of other fascinating and useful tools to boost your server’s efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these bots now, and we hope you discover your favorite among the list above.

The “discord giveaway bot how to win” is a bot that will automatically give away items in your discord server. This can be done by typing the command “/giveaway”. The bot will then ask you for a username, and if it finds one, it will give them an item.

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