Best voice changer for discord channels – 2022

Welcome to the future of voice changers. In 2022, what will it be like? We’ll explore this question by looking back and imagining how we got here in 2018.

The “clownfish voice changer” is a voice changing application that allows users to change their voice into something else. It is also a popular choice for Discord channels.

Discord is one of the most user-friendly and effective chat systems for gamers. There are a plethora of applications similar to Discord accessible on the market. 

Many individuals utilize voice changers to alter their voice in Discord, which includes both voice and text chat options. 

Some individuals do it for enjoyment, while others do it for privacy. So, when using Discord, are you prepared to modify your voice? The top ten best voice changer applications for Discord are listed below.  

Soundbuttons is also the greatest and most well-known discord soundboard. There are almost 5 million sound results in it. Television, Politics, Memes, Games, Movies, Sports, Reactions, Pranks, Music, Sound Effects, Anime, and Manga are among the many categories available. It also supports all of the world’s languages. The best thing is that all of the sounds are available for free.



For novices, Clownfish is fairly easy to use. It not only works with Discord, but it also works nicely with Skype. 

It may run in the background and use the microphone to alter any sounds. Clownfish may run in the background and alter any audio that is received via the microphone. Clownfish is easy to set up and works with all versions of Windows. 


  • It comes with a variety of sounds to experiment with.
  • Text to voice conversion is possible with Voice Assistant.
  • Options for managing and controlling the music that plays in the background of the microphone
  • A wide variety of voice effects are available. 



Voicemod offers a fantastic design and a huge selection of voice filters. It contains a large number of voice effects for both professional and recreational applications. It’s ideal for making robot-like speech sounds. It allows us to add a powerful baritone to our voice. 

It is free to use and runs on all Windows systems. It is utilized on chat systems such as Skype, Twitch, and other online chats in addition to Discord. 


  • For live phone conversations, demos are available.
  • It’s possible to utilize it in any current game or app.
  • On Windows, it’s free.


Voice Changer Pro by RoboVox

If you are looking for a robust voice changer for your Discord, then have a look at Voice Changer Pro by RoboVox. It has excellent collections of voice effects and styles. 

You may choose your voice based on your game avatar. It’s particularly notable for its usage of female voices. It provides unique settings for changing the pitch and modulation of your whole voice. It contains a function called vocoder technology that allows you to capture your voice more precisely. 


  • Pitch and modulation controls are available.
  • A large number of voice effects are available.
  • Vocoder technology has been improved.



Voicemeeter is designed for professionals with some audio mixing experience. As a result, you can create your own voice effects that aren’t on the list. When compared to the other applications on our list, this distinguishes Voicemeeter. 

It’s completely free to use. As previously said, it is not for novices, but it is versatile enough for pros to utilize. 


    • Sound effects may be customized.
  • MME, DX, KS, WDM, and ASIO are among the interfaces supported.


Voice Changer should be discarded.

Voice Changer should be discarded., the name itself defines it offers you a gallery of voice effects to use in Discard. Here you can change your voices to extraterrestrial beings, animals, and even famous pop-culture characters. It has a simple interface, which allows us to choose the agent as required.  


  • There are no limits to the number of special voice effects you may use.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Sound effects may be applied in real time.
  • You have the option of recording and saving your voice. 


Voice changer software for AV

Another excellent voice changer on our list is AV Voice Changer. It entirely alters your voice, becoming it unrecognizable to your audience. It comes with a variety of voice choices, including a lady, a kid, and a robot. Finally, you may use this program on your Discord to create a distinctive voice. 

It may be utilized in games as well as online chat programs such as Twitch, Discord, Skype, and others. 


  • Voice recording is an option.
  • Editing of recorded voice is possible.
  • Voice and file morphing abilities
  • Sound effects may be customized. 


Editor of Super Voices

Editor of Super Voices is smart to record and edit your voice to make it entirely unrecognizable for others while using Discord. It allows you to record your voice and transform it into voices like a baby, demon, robot, and famous superhero characters.

You may alter your audio in addition to the tools listed above. It contains features such as shortening mp3 audio and converting your speech to recorded sounds. 


  • Voice recording is an option. and edit.
  • Cut and modify MP3 files.
  • In chat programs, you may modify your voice. 



MorphVox is another free tool for changing your voice on our list. It comes with built-in voices that include that of a man, woman, kid, and even a robot. This free program allows you to alter your voice from male to female and vice versa.

MorphVox will analyze your voice and present you with voice alteration effects that are tailored for you. The disadvantage is that it only has two voices and the app is cluttered with advertisements. 


  • Ensures that the voice change effects are as good as possible.
  • You have the option of fine-tuning your own voice.
  • All versions of Windows are supported. 


Voice Changer by Voxal

It has an almost infinite number of voice effects and can be used with practically any game or online chat platform. In a couple of seconds, you may change your voice into a female, a baby, in real time.

This tool is useful for maintaining anonymity when playing games, listening to the radio, or listening to podcasts. The finest advantage is that you may use the same settings to obtain better results in a variety of apps.


  • A wide variety of sound effects are available.
  • All programs have the same parameters.
  • It’s a real-time system.
  • CPU utilization is minimal.


With Effects Voice Changer

At last, we have a look at With Effects Voice Changer which is specially made for android users. As an app, it’s simple to install and change your voice. It displays you, list of voice effects and options to edit your voice. It comes with 40 varieties of voice effects you can choose from. 


  • Importing pre-recorded audio from files is an option.
  • Text-to-Speech is an option.
  • Setting ringtones is possible.
  • The option to share on social media is available.



Voice changers are entertaining tools that gamers utilize on a variety of platforms. It allows people to remain anonymous when streaming online. It’s also useful in online chat programs. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 greatest voice changer programs accessible online, all of which are completely free to use. To utilize the tools we suggested, you don’t need any previous experience. So please utilize our suggestions to enjoy your buddies and have a good time. 


The “discord voice changer android” is a software that allows you to change your voice in discord. The best feature of this software is the ability to change the pitch, speed and volume of your voice.

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