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In Danish folklore, there is a belief that the portal between our world and another world – Alfheim – has been closed since Christianization. This means if you want to enter Alfheim from your side of the portal, you need to find someone who knows where it is open.

The “portal to alfheim mana cost” is a portal that allows players to travel between the Overworld and Alfheim. The portal costs 4 gold to use.

See our links below if you’re seeking for botania alfheim portal: Botania-Alfheim-Portal-raquo The Portal to Alfheim is a multiblock structure added by Botania. It allows the player to exchange certain blocks and items. Unlike most portals, the Portal to …


Setup of an Alfheim portal from Botania

Additional outcomes from to Alfheim


Botania has introduced a player-made multiblock structure called The Portal to Alfheim. The user may trade certain blocks and things for more via the Portal.

Mod Portal for Botania


Botania added a multiblock construction known as The Portal to Alfheim. The Portal to Alfheim is unlike other portals in that it cannot be traversed, and if…

Botania procedures sometimes (but not always) just don’t work. The Alfheim (Elven Trade) Portal won’t take products, and the Runic…


… Information According to the Botania FTB wiki for the Alfheim Gateway, inserting bread will result in a minor explosion that will mostly demolish the portal structure.

This issue is easily explained by the fact that when I put the Lexica Botania through the portal, it returns and vanishes in an instant. I’ve already started 5 lexica.


Botania added a multiblock construction known as The Portal to Alfheim. The Pylons must be positioned three blocks away and three blocks over in versions of Minecraft 1.7.10.

In accordance with the instructions in the Lexica Botania, I have built up a portal to Alfheim with a mana pool on either side (it is not yet activated). On one, there is a…



Lady Shadowcat posted the video.


Alfheim represents the desire of many Botania players to enter the elven realm, which makes up the majority of the game’s primary dimension.

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