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In this case, the answer is probably not. If you are one of those unfortunate souls whose email has been lost or in your spam folder, a new tool called “Find Email” might be able to help you recover it. Find all information on how to use the site here:, but keep in mind that this may not always work and there’s no guarantee that recovering your old address will actually get it back under your control.,

Check out the sites below if you’re searching for “can’t remember tumblr email”: I forgot my Tumblr email and I can't log back in on my iPhone ... More results from reset emails

If you’re still having trouble finding the email, try adding [email protected] to your email account’s Address Book or Contacts. Request a fresh password reset email by returning to the Forgot Password page.


Setting a new password deleting your blog or account Email confirmation Email problem-solving Notifications by email Language for accounts Access and… I have forgotten my email for my tumblr but I remember my password do you know how I can get back in Read more I typed in the wrong email when cr-qna4031059.html

When I entered my email address and password after receiving the message “live loh log in failed,” it read “Invalid password or user name” and I couldn’t recall either. Forgotton …


Can’t Recall the Tumblr Email – Is there another way to acquire it? technical support

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IF I CAN’T REMEBER THE PASSWORD, HOW DO I REMOVE IT? In Friendster, the password cannot be changed. On the main website, one would have to click “lost password” then…

There is a unique email address for each Tumblr site. But rather than being used to access the account that owns the blog or receive email,…


How to Update Your Registered Email Address & Why It’s Important Here at … same, my second account has an old email address and i can’t …

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Because my email address doesn’t exist, my Tumblr account won’t allow me login in. I simply… If you can’t recall the correct email, you have no idea what you’re doing.


You may use the same email address and regain your previous blog address if you move soon enough. All blog entries on Tumblr are removed when the account is terminated.

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