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This is a tutorial for how to use Blackboard Inter Ponce. The website will be available soon as students are being brought on-campus, and the software can now be downloaded from the school’s secure server.

Inter web is a free, open-source, web application framework written in PHP. It was created to be the most popular and widely used framework for developing web applications with PHP. Read more in detail here: inter web.

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Por ejemplo: las fechas de las asignaciones y exámenes. 6. en los foros el profesor lo puede utilizar para varias cosas. a. Como bienvenida al curso.


Who is eligible to use Blackboard Collaborate? All students who have a course assigned to them on the online learning platform Blackboard are able to…

Instructions for Classes on Blackboard

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE CLASSES. Against the COVID-19 pandemic, La Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Recinto Metro…

Blackboard, in. Entering and changing a password on Blackboard… Quick Guide for Using Blackboard Learn by Cice Inter Ponce


If you need assistance to change the password for your email account, visit C3 percent A9cnico-para-cambiar-la-contrase% C3 percent B1a/10156592148327924/.

You may change your Internet and Blackboard passwords at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico at Recinto de Ponce if necessary.

Do you still have questions about how to use Blackboard 9.1? Access our tutorials or go to the Center for…

— Inter Ponce, March 8, 2013, via Twitter

@InterPonce. Ponce’s Garden at the University Do you still have questions about how to use Blackboard 9.1? Access our tutorials or…


Welcome to the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, a private institution of higher learning with a long history and no profit-making goals.

The lofty ideals of the Recinto de San Germán of the Universidad Interamericana of Puerto Rico served as inspiration for the founding of the Recinto de Ponce.

Login to Blackboard at Inter Ponce. The website is refusing to let us display you a description at this time. Study more.

Send us an email at [email protected] and include the following. Quick guide to accessing your Blackboard courses, Steps for downloading the… I’ve already reviewed it and it complies with the Standards for the Use of Technological Resources. Nuestra …

The “blackboard uagm” is a login tool that allows users to log into Blackboard Inter Ponce using their Google account.

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