Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022

In 2022, Roblox announced they will no longer allow the use of their servers to run any game that isn’t approved by them. What happened and what were people’s reactions?

The “roblox condo games links 2022” is a list of Roblox servers that are currently active.

Roblox has a wide range of games in a variety of genres. Discord servers are available for certain video games. So, how close are condo games to each other? Are there any Roblox apartment video games? Are there any Roblox Discord servers that rent out video games? To make your job easier, we’ve put up a list of five Discord servers that are specifically designed for this purpose. Let’s have a look at it right now. 

When I sought to get information on condo video games on Discord servers, I discovered that it isn’t a horrifying game that isn’t usually recommended for you. The video games, as well as the Discord servers, are not wholesome. As a result, you should avoid playing this sort of game and joining this type of Discord server. It is greater if you desire to play games that have positive feelings and provide you with positive outcomes.

It is much superior for you to join effective Roblox Discord servers if you wish to join Roblox Discord servers. There are various alternative excellent servers if you’re going to be a part of it. Let’s imagine you like gambling in Bloxburg and want to join the Bloxburg Discord servers.

 There are a few games that you can check out in the rationale below, as well as their Discord channels that you can join. 


Here are a few of the great video games that you may play in Roblox.


Vesteria is a 2018 sport that was established by the Vesteria Team. This game is mostly an adventure game. The number of people who have seen this leisure has surpassed 35 million, and this sport has been favored by over 464k people.

You may explore magnificent realms, battle fierce creatures, uncover hidden secrets and precious riches, establish groups and guilds with your friends, raid frightening dungeons, and much more in this game. This game was recently updated in 2021. 

You may get various badges in this game by completing tasks.

  • The Real Adventure Begins, and you may get this medal if you join a faction.
  • If you uncover a Bluesteel treasure chest, you will get the Treasure Hunter badge.
  • If you find a golden treasure box, you will get the Treasure Master badge.
  • If you play Vesteria during the Alpha portion, you will get the badge Alpha Supporter. 

Bounty Hunter, Tester + 16 Slots, Double Inventory Space, and +eight Character Slots are among the game passes available for purchase.

This is the URL to the game’s Discord server if you need to join it. More than 53k people have contributed to this Discord server.



On April 28th, 2021, Century Makers was used to build this reproduction. It has been accessed over 461 million times and favored over 1 million times. You may choose your characters, outfits, and jobs in this game. You may also have one-of-a-kind residences and automobiles. Other activities available in this game include playing with wonderful pets and discovering mysteries inside the environment.

Welcome to Livetopia, Friends Up, End of World, The Nice-to-Haves, New Career, The Secret, and many more badges may be earned in this recreation. This game also offers sports passes such as the VIP Pass, Royal Pass, Aviation Pass, Carnival Set, and Summer Pass, which you may purchase.

Here is the URL to join the Discord server if you play this game and want to join the server.



House Tycoon, Level 5

On October 12th, 2019, Humza built this reproduction. This game’s server is eighteen minutes long. More than 178 million instances have visited this game to far, with more than 590,000 instances favoring it.

You may get a badge in this sport, especially in Secret Room. You may purchase a variety of leisure passes for this sport, including VIP, Auto Collect, Customize, Double Cash, House Lock, and Deluxe Car. 


This is the URL to the game’s Discord server if you need to join.

Visit for more information.


Playville is a role-playing game.

Playville is a role-playing game. is a sport in Roblox that was created using Antiael on December 14th, 2020. The length of the server is 28, and the genre of this recreation is Town and City. This recreation has been visited more than a hundred and ten million times, and it has been favoured extra than 427k times.

In this game, you must roleplay with your own family, raise pets, and construct your own private house in the Playville city. For wagering this game in this sport, you may get a special Welcome badge. VIP, Double Cash, Double Pets, Premium Plots, Starter Pack, Millionaire Pack, and Modern Pack are some of the recreation passes available to purchase.

This is the URL to the game’s Discord server if you need to join it. More than 5,000 people have joined this Discord server.


Simulator for Eating

This sport was created by way of YUM on June 14th, 2021. The server length is 12, and the style of this recreation is Adventure. The Simulator for Eating has been visited more than 39 million times, and it’s been favoured by more than 176k instances.


Most Commonly Asked Questions


Which Discord server has the most people on it?

With 827k users, the official Fornite Discord server is the most popular on the Discord platform globally. 


What should you stay away from in Discord servers?

Promoting your own race, religion, nationality, and origin, for example. It’s advisable to avoid using aggressive language while battling with other team members. Spamming in other channels for personal gain is not a good idea. 


Can individuals in the 12-year-old age range utilize Discord servers?

Adult material is present on certain Discord servers, and it is suggested that you join after observing the labeling. In any case, once you join, you will get confirmation notifications. 



Roblox is a fantastic platform for both creating and playing games produced by other people. These servers will assist you in achieving your goal. Roblox users number in the millions on Discord servers. If you’re a Roblox fan, you should check out these servers.

Condo Games Roblox Discord Servers 2022 is a game that is currently in development. It will be released on the 22nd of 2022. Reference: condo games 2022.

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