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Dadeschools.Net is a student portal which provides access to your grades, transcripts and other important information from any device with internet connection. Dadeschools also offers their own cryptocurrency called DADES for students who want exclusive discounts on everything ranging from food at campus dining halls to classes and textbooks!

The “dadeschools parent portal” is a website that allows parents to login and see the grades of their children. The website also has resources for parents, teachers, and students.

Try the URLs below if you’re searching for the student portal: DadeschoolsNet-Student-Portal-raquo heading here. mdcps-logo. Remember Username. Please Wait… Forgot Username/Password? | Create an Account. Badge Login.

Search the network of Student ID is the user name type. You cannot alter your information in the Student Portal until 24 hours have passed after you enrolled.


For additional information about open IT opportunities, go to … for unheard-of rises in graduation and achievement rates among students. login.asp

Logo for Dade Schools. Search the network of Visiting the MDCPS Facebook page Student Login: Establish a Wi-Fi connection. In the Miami Dade Public School system…

Parent/Student Portal Presentation, Gartner Presentation, Teacher Portal Presentation, and Portal Presentation Presentation by Three Counties on October 15, 2007…


Logo for Dade Schools. Search the network of The M-DCPS Student ID of your kid the student’s birthdate (DOB). State or nation of student’s birth.

will have an email at The advantage of this is that it now gives instructor and student communication a channel. You may email students.


Students: You will need your 7-digit student ID number (Dadeschools Login) to log in … Student Guide to Resetting Password & Changing Personal Questions …

Search the network of visit the MDCPS page on Facebook On Facebook Visit the MDCPS Twitter page. Twitter MDCPS webmaster contact email. Discover …

from, the main website of M-DCPS. Under a Good, Nothing is More Powerful. Education,. Under… on the Student Portal Access screen.


Students from Miami-Dade County Public Schools must be in the ninth grade to be eligible. apply online at to use the Parent Portal.

News & Events · Student Options · Resources …


The “dadeschools calendar” is a student portal that allows students to view their academic schedule and view the school’s calendar.

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