Facebook News Feed Not Working? (SOLVE IN SECONDS)

Facebook app is one of the most used applications globally and one with the most downloads on the google play store. Facebook serves a vital role in today’s social, political, and economic world. Apart from Facebook being linked to some of the most used apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook news is one of the most consumed content on Facebook.

However, like other apps, Facebook might sometimes have problems depending on how the user uses Facebook. If you find your Facebook news feed not working, there is no need to worry as there are ways to fix that problem, as we have discussed below.

Here are some ways you can go about fixing the Facebook feed problem.

1) Change Time and Date Settings

For most apps, you need to synchronize the apps and the phone systems for any information to load properly. For example, changing the time and date may be all you need to do to solve the news feed issue without going to the news feed settings. However, for ios devices, the device’s time settings are automatic. Therefore, you can always have the correct time and date by choosing an automatic date and time settings so that you do not have to change the settings every other time manually.

Some settings will affect the social apps, including the Facebook news feed, whenever you set preferences on your phone. Settings like location, time and date, data preferences, app freezing, maximum app data usage and more will affect how an app runs. So if you find the Facebook news feed not working, check these settings before going further.

One other thing that people forget is that when they travel, the time zone might change, leading to some apps not functioning properly. For example, the Facebook news feed issue can result from the customized feed not responding appropriately because of the change in a physical location. If your device settings do not adjust the time appropriately when you change the time zone, you might experience issues with the Facebook news feed not working.

To fix Facebook news feed, sometimes you need to fix the preferences in the settings app on your device first. If you browse on the Facebook website instead of the Facebook app, the problem may lie with your browser. More on that later. Let us look at the next solution.

2) Check Internet Connection

A slow internet connection is the first culprit for social apps not working properly. Lack of a proper connection will make the app lag, and functions like the news feed may end up not loading properly. Mobile applications can run on both cellular data and Wi fi data. If neither is working, then you might have problems loading feed. Facebook no longer uses minimal data when browsing. You may want to have enough data.

A good internet connection can sometimes be affected by your physical location. For example, if you are in the remotest parts of a country, there is a chance that there will be no strong internet connection even with enough browsing data. The mobile device works with internet service providers who provide internet at varying rates. Try this next method if you have checked the internet and still can not fix Facebook news feed.

3) Outdated Version

When was the last time you updated the Facebook app on your phone? You can have system settings that remind you every time there is an update on an app, and some will do the updates automatically. Facebook users vary from tech-savvy people to the relatively not so well-rounded deep in the village. The news feed not loading may result from the Facebook app being outdated. When an app is outdated, new features within the app may not function as the app would need an update to be able to handle some functions.

Updates happen often, and it is important to keep up. Stay out of any social media app for a year and come back. You will come back to a different scene than you last left. When using an android device, go to the play store and download the latest version of Facebook. If you are on Facebook using an iOS device, go to the app store and find Facebook.

Once you edit preferences, get a strong internet, and change the incorrect date, and there is no change, it is time to go to the next method.

4) Browser Settings

Some people use browsers like Google Chrome to surf Facebook. Many reasons may lead to the Facebook news feed not working when using the device browser. It might surprise you that many Facebook members use the browser to visit Facebook. Most Facebook users who use the browser are people who are at work but on Facebook. In such a case, using the Facebook app is not the smartest thing because you are trying to cover your tracks most of the time.

What are some of the problems that could lead to the Facebook news feed not working when using a browser?

a) Browser Extensions

Facebook is not only a social platform but also a news and business platform. One of the main ways businesses use Facebook is through ads, alongside the news feed or other feed. If the browser has extensions, the website is affected by the extension depending on what it does. For example, some extensions are ad-blockers, and if the Facebook site has ads, the extension might be prompted into action, reducing the page’s efficiency. If you have to access Facebook on a web platform, try using an anonymous or a guest page with no extensions.

Once you open Google chrome, check the extensions before you do anything, especially if the device you are using does not belong to you. Extensions are located next to the search bar on a Google chrome page.

If you can not get this solved or do not want to interfere with the settings, use a different browser to surf Facebook. If there is only one browser, you can disable browser extensions when surfing. This should easily fix the issue. In addition, Facebook has a user-friendly interface that should not be hard to navigate once there are no issues with extensions.

b) Cache

Cached images and data are the culprits for apps not functioning as expected. Before pressing the uninstall button, most recommendations will be to first clear data to see if the program runs better. This trick works most of the time and is a trick employed by many. You can clear cache or clear browser data and other site data to get the app running.

You can go to the files settings and find the Facebook folder under apps on Android devices. You can clear the data from there without using the browser. Clearing temporary data may help display Facebook better on the browser. You do not have to suspect Facebook from the word go. You can check if other websites are loading normally before localizing the problem to Facebook.

There are different ways of clearing cache or data under more tools on different browsers. Be sure to know what you are doing to avoid losing important data.

5) Is Facebook Down?

The Facebook server rarely has problems, but the server is under maintenance or just down once in a while. Before you uninstall the app, you might want to check the news to see if Facebook is down. This rarely happens, but it happens anyway. Apps like Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp have the best engineers globally, and the apps are normally back up and running within no time in most cases.

If Facebook is down, the Facebook news feed will be affected. You can wait, and the problem will be fixed in no time.

6) News Feed Preferences

You have the power to choose the Facebook news feed preferences that you want to see on your page. For example, maybe you are into sports and not into politics. You can customize your feed. If you have not done that before, that could be why the Facebook news feed is not working.

To fix Facebook news feed, go into the Facebook app. Go to the main page, and on the left side of your screen, you will find the news feed title. Click the three-point menu icon, and you will see a drop-down list. You can choose the top stories or the most recent news feed according to your preferences. Select news feed preferences that suit your likes and interests. You can restart the Facebook app to keep these changes active.

7) Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling

One way to go about issues with app problems is to start afresh. Maybe you deleted app data by mistake, and you cannot get them back. You can select settings and uninstall the app. To avoid losing Facebook data, you can back up the data before uninstalling the app. The Facebook app should come back stronger and better than before when you uninstall and reinstall it. For example, you will no longer have problems with the news feed not loading on the app.

Final Take

What is Facebook without a Facebook feed? You may find the Facebook news feed not loading on the Facebook app. However, do not panic because Facebook is just an app like any other. You can run diagnostics on the app before upgrading to more decisive options. Before you clear data or uninstall, check if other features are not working. The news feed, not loading is just one problem out of many features. The Facebook app should be up and running with the solutions we have provided above.

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