Filmora vs. Premiere Pro (2021)

Filmora is a free and easy-to-use video editing software. As an Adobe Premiere Pro user, I would like to know what the future holds for these two popular programs.

The “filmora vs premiere pro which is better” is a debate that has been going on for years. There are many factors to consider when deciding between the two editing software, but ultimately it’s up to the user to decide what they think is best.

Filmora vs Premiere ProPremiere Pro vs. Filmora

Wondershare Professional video editors include Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro. You won’t utilize both, of course. So, in 2021, which one should you use? The article compares and contrasts Filmora with Premiere Pro.

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Here’s a video that goes through the comparison. You may familiarize yourself with the UI and choices by viewing the video.


Video comparison between Filmora with Premiere Pro

Tools that are required

Because both are industry standard, you’ll find all of the essential tools in both. The following are some of the tools that both companies provide:

  • blade
  • selection
  • snapping
  • possibilities for color
  • effects
  • control of the volume

In Filmora, we have a few choices that we don’t have in Premiere Pro. These are some of them:

  • sound effects (files)
  • Recording software for the screen and webcam
  • aspects of form

Premiere Pro also has several features that Filmora does not. Premiere Pro has the following features:

  • keyframes that are more sophisticated
  • audio editing with advanced features
  • caption creation and editing
  • tutorials
  • projects with a group
  • a large number of sequences
  • some fantastic audio and visual effects


Both come with movable workstations so you can personalize the application. Adobe Premiere Pro takes care of a few things so you may concentrate on the editing. When you add a video to the timeline, for example, the audio will be placed on a separate track. You must accomplish this manually in Filmora.

In addition, Premiere Pro has two windows. One is for the main video, while the other is for the chronology and material. The media window is hidden by default, but when you double-click a video file or a clip in the timeline, it appears.

Filmora has a single playback window that may be used to play both timeline and media files.

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Titles for text

Because it has over 300 titles, Filmora is the place to go for text titles. All of them may be found in the “titles” section. However, since practically all of them are available online, you’ll need an internet connection to download and utilize them in the project.

To contribute to the project, Premiere Pro comes with roughly 75 text titles. The ability to download and utilize third-party templates is one of Premiere Pro’s advantages. Thousands of text and transition templates are accessible for download and use in your projects on the internet. Some are free to use, while others need payment.

Effects of transition

Watch This Video-

Filmora is a video editing software that has been compared to the more expensive Adobe Premiere Pro. The two have been pitted against each other in this article. Reference: filmora vs filmorapro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Filmora better than Adobe Premiere?

A: Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software program designed for professional editors, while Filmora has been made with amateur and home videos in mind. So its hard to say which one is better overall.

Is there a premiere Pro 2021?

A: Yes, there is a premiere Pro 2021. Premiere has been the professional standard for non-linear editing for quite some time now and many professionals have transitioned to it from Avid or Final Cut pro.

Do professionals use Filmora?

A: Professionals use Lightworks, and Final Cut Pro X. Filmora is a free software for beginners to learn the basics of editing video on their computer.

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