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The for-profit company FTCC is responsible for the development of this Blackboard. It’s a service that enables students to submit term papers and other assignments in exchange for credit towards their school experience.

The “ftcc self-service” is a tool that allows users to submit their work to the ftcc Blackboard. The tool is available on the ftcc website and also through the ftcc app.

Check out the URLs below if you’re seeking for ftcc blackboard submissions:

Faculty Blackboard

Ftcc-Blackboard-Submissions-raquo Students may submit homework, contact with teachers, and more using Blackboard. On school computers as well as Blackboard, each student has a distinct login. Your FTCC Single Login ID will be used to sign into Blackboard.


For *Students*, Blackboard


The security of students’ privacy when enrolled in distance education courses is guaranteed by Fayetteville Technical Community College. FTCC doesn’t provide distant learning.



https://faytechcc.blackboard.com/ . – On the web… Although being different, the Blackboard components function the same. the Blackboard’s text field for assignment submission The version of Blackboard used by FTCC is 9.1.20140.160373.



You may log in to Blackboard using the same credentials that you use to access this website. Students receiving an Associate’s Degree must turn in their final…



the content is authorized to be used for FTCC online courses on file with the… The Blackboard learning units or folders should be used to arrange the modules. … If the submission requirements call for the usage of extra software or hardware, this must be specified.

Connections from High School



Times: 6:00 pm via Blackboard … You will need access to WebAdvisor, Blackboard & Student Email at FTCC. Having the … Submit Your Transcript/Test Scores.

Admissions to FTCC


Admissions to FTCC · Admissions Survey · Residency Determination System · Admissions Application · Apply for Financial Aid · Submit Your Transcripts · Placement …



Select NetTutor under the Build Content tab. Blackboard NetTutor Link Fix on page two. updated on 8/21/2018. 3. Enter the Name, NetTutor, and then click Submit. 4. Remove the initial…


Official transcripts are needed to apply for curricular programs. … Blackboard Login | Class Schedule | FTCC Directory | Campus Events Calendar…


Form for Blackboard Requirements


The website address for the Forsyth Technical University Universal Course Policies and Procedures… There is an assignment with a due date that has to be submitted into Blackboard.

https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Student/Assignments/Submit Assignments



Go through our Corporate’s “Blackboard Basics Level 2” training. Visit Facebook to learn more about Fayetteville Technical Community College. Log In.


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