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Gamevil is a mobile game development company, with an annual revenue of $700 million. It currently has over 15 million monthly active users on its main games and holds the largest share in the global market for free-to-play applications. The company was founded in 2009 by Kim Chang Won, who started out as a programmer at Google before deciding to start his own business back home in Korea. So what does Gamevil offer? Well there are 7 of their most popular games that have been downloaded more than 100M times and boast high retention rates – including “Nexon Battle Royale”, “Valkyrie Connect” and “Gamevil Fantasy”.


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Surprise Login Event! – 11/24 (PST): TALION · Heroes War: Counterattack. Lucky Dice … GAMEVIL COM2US PLATFORM Privacy Policy & Terms of Service …


HIVE. HIVE is a gaming platform owned by GAMEVIL-Com2uS that offers a range of features required to support mobile games for players all over the world. HIVE reacts immediately.

GAMEVIL publishes cutting-edge games and offers unmatched service all over the globe to embrace mobile gaming as a way of life.



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The firm GAMEVIL Inc., which has its headquarters in Korea, creates and distributes mobile games. The company sells Baseball Superstars as its goods.


systems, which cover functional areas including in-game networking, login, matchmaking, leaderboards, shop, and social interactions. GAMEVIL COM2US USA

Gamevil Inc. publishes games for mobile devices. The Company also operates in United States establishing direct publishing rights with AT&T Mobility. IC1146779 KO0,35 KE36,54.htm?jl=3728284810

Backend systems for mobile games (in-game networking, login, matchmaking, leaderboards, shop, and social experiences) must be designed, developed, deployed, and maintained.

How effective is Gamevil at recovering accounts? via Dragonblaze

I use an iPhone 6 to play. This morning I restored my complete device after backing it up to iTunes. After being restored, Dragon Blaze now crashes every time. inc.562bb6a27c4a5378.html

Companies, content, and industries search Support for business directories. Login … Located in Seoul, Seoul, Republic of Korea, GAMEVIL Inc. is a member of the… Million businesses worldwide, including connections, financials, and GAMEVIL Inc.


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