Garmin Fenix 7 and epix now Available in Malaysia

Garmin, the world’s leading maker of fitness trackers and smartwatches announced on January 11th that its new Fenix 7 GPS-enabled watch is now available in Malaysia. The Garmin Fenix comes with a plethora of features to help users better manage their workouts and stay active. After about 3 weeks in testing, this innovation has finally been launched as an exclusive offering for all Malaysians who are keen on getting into shape.

The “epix streaming” is a new feature that allows users to stream their Garmin Fenix 7 watch. This means that the device can be used for fitness tracking, navigation and more. The Garmin Fenix 7 and epix now available in Malaysia.

Garmin Fenix 7 and epix now Available in Malaysia

Fitness wearables are all the rage these days, and Garmin has taken a terrific approach by providing a superb experience for both new and established Garmin fans. As a result, Garmin Malaysia has unveiled their new Fenix 7 by Garmin lineup, as well as the Epix by Garmin, which makes its debut in Malaysia. Everything you need to know about it is right here.

Fenix 7 Series by Garmin


Garmin Fenix is a popular smartwatch series from them, since they have long been regarded as excellent wearables for exercise enthusiasts. In comparison to its predecessor, the Fenix 7 by Garmin continues in the same footsteps and provides a superior experience. The Fenix 7 is available in three versions: 7S, 7 and 7X.

The Fenix 7 Series comes with 1.2″, 1.3″, or 1.4″ MIP, depending on which variation you choose, and the outdoor series gives the same type of durability that the Fenix series has always given, only better. It also has the unique Solar Panel, which was first seen on the Fenix 6 and is now available in a superior format.


The solar panel’s surface area has been expanded, and the cell arrangement and conductive elements have been optimized, making it 200x better than its predecessor, which we think is a huge improvement. With UltraTrac Mode, the power management function has been improved, offering the 7X an astounding 24 days of battery life. You receive all Garmin has to offer, including Real-time Stamina Tracking, 40 sophisticated built-in sports modes, and more.

Epix by Garmin


The Epix by Garmin is their premium Garmin wearable that just got a second-gen upgrade. The predecessor never made its mark in Malaysia, but the Gen-2 is now here with some impressive features – once again doesn’t fail to impress.

The display isn’t the normal LCD or dot-like display we’ve seen on the Fenix 7, but it now has a built-in AMOLED display, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and a delicious-looking titanium alloy bezel. Furthermore, everything you see on the Fenix is available here, including the 40 built-in outdoor and indoor sports modes, over 42,000 golf course maps, and 2,200 ski resorts from across the globe. At this point, who needs maps?


If you’re worried about the battery life of the AMOLED display, don’t be. It’s been adjusted so that it can continually record data for 30 hours in GPS Sports Mode, 16 days in Smartwatch mode, and ultimately 21 days if the Power Manager is switched on.

Availability and Pricing

These Garmin Fenix and Epix that you see here comes in various flavors, so the price range as to which one you want, or need is really up to your preference. That said here are all the price tags for the Fenix 7 Series by Garmin:

  • Fenix 7S by Garmin
    • Silver with Graphite Band RM 3,270
    • RM 4,199 Dark Bronze Titanium with Shale Gray Band / Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band
    • Rose Gold Titanium with Limestone Leather Band RM 4,670
    • Cream Gold Titanium with Cream Nylon Band RM 4,670
  • Fenix 7 by Garmin
    • Silver with Graphite Band RM 3,270
    • RM 4,199 Black DLC Titanium with Black Band / Mineral Blue Titanium with Whitestone Band / Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band
    • Titanium with Chestnut Leather Band RM 4,670
    • Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Vented Titanium Band (RM 5,370)
  • Fenix 7 by GarminX
    • RM 4,670 Black DLC Titanium with Black Band / Mineral Blue Titanium with Whitestone Band / Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band
    • Titanium with Chestnut Leather Band, RM 5,130
    • RM 5,830 Titanium Carbon Gray with Metal Ban

The epix is available in three different versions:

  • Slate Steel with Silicone Band RM 4,199
  • Black Titanium with Silicone Band RM 4,670
  • White Titanium with Silicone Band RM 4,670

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