Google Earth not working / loading / opening [Complete Fix]

Google Earth is an app that has been around in one form or another since 2001. It helps you explore the world and learn more about places near you, but some users are reporting it’s not working properly on their phones. We’ve got a fix for those who can’t load Google Earth onto their phone, so read below to see how to resolve this issue….

The “how do i fix google earth not loading” is a problem that many users have been experiencing. This article will provide you with all the steps to get your Google Earth working again.

Google Earth not working / loading / opening [Complete Fix]


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25th of January, 2022

Publish date: September 2020

  • Google Earth is not operating, despite the fact that it is meant to allow users to easily explore many destinations.
  • There are a number of probable causes for this issue, including file corruption and system incompatibility.
  • This problem may also be caused by an outdated or incompatible graphics card driver, but we cover that in our tutorial, so keep reading.



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Google Earth is not functioning for Windows 10 and 11 users all around the globe, according to complaints from the United States, France, Germany, Russia, and other countries.

Although Google Earth had some glitches on Windows 10 and 11, the majority of people were able to utilize it. They now report that the Google app does not load or does not launch at all.

It should be noted that Google Earth hangs or crashes on startup, and the Windows troubleshooter may claim that it is incompatible with Windows.

Other Google Earth problems that our users have reported

There are a variety of difficulties that might arise with Google Earth, and we’ll teach you how to resolve them in this article:

  • Google Earth isn’t responding, it’s operating, it’s updating, it’s detected, it’s linked to the Internet, and it’s shutting – These are common issues, but the majority of them can be fixed with our solutions.
  • Google Earth won’t open, load, focus, or install — Google Earth won’t launch, and users can’t even install the software in certain circumstances.
  • Google Earth crashes when it starts up — This is generally due to a faulty installation, but it is easily remedied.
  • Google Earth is a little hazy – You’ll need to reinstall or upgrade your graphics card drivers to fix this problem.
  • In DirectX mode, Google Earth does not operate — It’s simple to remedy this by altering the settings on your graphics card.
  • Plugin for Google Earth isn’t functioning — To resolve this issue, reinstall it and see if it resolves the issue.
  • Google Earth search isn’t functioning, and street view isn’t working either — Some of our users have complained that the search and street view features aren’t functioning.
  • Google Earth has ceased operating — This is mostly certainly due to a faulty installation.
  • Google Earth isn’t functioning and there’s a dark screen – This issue may be rapidly resolved by updating the graphics card drivers.

Rest confident that there are a few short fixes you may try, and after you’ve done so, the app will work correctly again.

How can I make Google Earth work in Windows 10 & 11?

1. Instead of DirectX, use OpenGL.

  1. If feasible, open Google Earth, then go to Tools, then Options.1643093686_850_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. Instead of DirectX, choose 3D View and tick the OpenGL option.1643093687_41_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. To validate the modification, use the Apply and OK buttons.

When using Google Earth, some users get reddish maps and views.

Because the precise version of Google Earth that does not operate with Windows 10 is number 7, a few users have been able to get around the problem by reverting to Google Earth 6.2.

The fix mentioned above is also suggested in an open topic on the Google Product Forums. Of course, if the app does not launch at all, go on to the next option.

If you run into any issues, we have a comprehensive guide on how to resolve OpenGL difficulties on Windows 10 that will assist you in resolving them quickly.

2. Make use of the built-in repair feature.

  1. To open File Explorer, use the Windows key + E.Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. Go to the following place on your computer: Program Files (C:Program Files) Proclient of Google Earth1643093688_798_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. Double-click the repair tool.exe file to activate the built-in troubleshooter. Scroll down the folder until you locate the repair tool.exe file and double-click it.1643093688_752_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  4. The tool provides six alternatives for fixing the program, which you should attempt one at a time until the issue is resolved. Some of the remedies, such as switching from DirectX to OpenGL, were already addressed in the answers above.1643093689_644_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix

Google is clearly aware of the many faults that users are encountering, as seen by the inclusion of a Repair Tool that targets the issues head-on.

The tool is also available from inside the program, but if you can’t open it, you’ll have to run it from the Google Earth folder in Program Files.

3. Get a new graphics card.

  1. Select the program from the list by right-clicking the Start button, typing device manager, then selecting it from the list.1643093689_860_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. To expand the Display adapters section, right-click on your graphics card and choose Update driver from the context menu.1643093690_262_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. Select Automatically search for drivers.1643093690_493_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  4. If a new one is discovered, the system will install it. If not, go to Windows Update and search for updated drivers.1643093691_553_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  5. This will take you to the Windows Update area of the program. Select View optional updates from the drop-down menu.1643093691_551_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  6. Select Driver updates to expand the area and see whether any graphics-related drivers are available. If so, check the box next to it and click the Download and install button to receive them. 1643093692_419_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix

The stereoscopic 3D that was switched on by the newest Windows 10 upgrades seems to be the cause of Google Earth stopping and crashing on Windows 10.

If you run into any issues, our comprehensive tutorial on how to update drivers in Windows will be of assistance.

4. Fix the scaling in Windows by enabling it.

  1. Select Properties from the context menu of the Google Earth icon on your desktop.1643093692_738_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. Select Change High DPI settings from the Compatibility tab.1643093693_278_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. Check the first box, Use this parameter to correct scaling issues…1643093693_495_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  4. To save the changes, click Apply and OK.

If you get the message below, Your desktop resolution is less than 1024 768 pixels; Google Earth needs a resolution of at least 1024 768 pixels to be effectively displayed.

The program will begin to run. However, since you’ll have to adjust the DPI settings, the layout may not be ideal.

When attempting to run Google Earth, this simple method should cure all of your difficulties with the incorrect resolution.

We also have a comprehensive article on how to set custom resolutions in Windows 10, which may be useful in this circumstance.

5. Make a duplicate of the Google Earth shortcut.

  1. To open File Explorer, use the Windows key + E.1643093694_924_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. On your computer, go to the following location: Program Files (C:Program Files) Proclient of Google Earth1643093694_493_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. Create a shortcut by right-clicking on the Google Earth executable file and choosing Create shortcut.1643093695_57_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  4. Now launch the app to check whether the issue has been resolved.

Some of our users have claimed that they can’t even get Google Earth to work on their Windows 10 machines.

This is because when users attempt to install the application, they get an error 1603 and the installation is halted.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

This message indicates that Google Earth is already installed on your computer, and that you will not be able to install it again.

This problem predominantly affects Windows 10 users, since Google Earth shortcuts from the Desktop and Start Menu may have been deleted during the updating process.

That implies you may re-create the shortcut, which will immediately resolve the issue. If you can’t locate the software in Program Files, look in Program Files as well (X86).

6. Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

  1. Select Settings by pressing the Start button.1643093695_519_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. Go to Apps and choose it.1643093696_325_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. From the left pane, pick Programs and Features, then search for Google Earth in the list of apps, click on it, and select Uninstall.1643093696_851_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  4. Install the program once again when the procedure is completed. If you can’t locate the installer, go to the Google Earth website and download it again.1643093697_587_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix

You could wish to reinstall Google Earth if it isn’t functioning on your Windows 10 computer. This generally restores any damaged files, so give it a go.

If reinstalling does not solve the problem, try installing an earlier version. This solved the problem for a number of our readers.

7. Download and install the outdated graphics drivers.

  1. Right-click the Start button, enter device manager into the search box, then choose the software from the list of options.1643093689_860_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. Locate your graphics card in Device Manager, right-click it, and choose Uninstall device.1643093697_325_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. Check Delete the driver software for this device and click Uninstall when the confirmation window displays.1643093698_61_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix

Although it is generally preferable to use the most recent drivers on your PC, there are situations when the most recent drivers aren’t totally compatible with specific applications.

If Google Earth isn’t functioning in Windows 10, try reinstalling the Nvidia drivers from a previous version.

After you’ve deleted the driver, you’ll need to download the older Nvidia driver.

If the rollback succeeds, you’ll have to stop Windows from upgrading the driver automatically in the future.

8. Make a new account for yourself.

  1. Select Settings after pressing the Start button.1643093698_773_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  2. Go to the Accounts section of the Settings app when it opens.1643093699_335_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  3. In the left panel, navigate to the Family & other people section. Now click on Add someone else to this PC.1643093699_351_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  4. Select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information from the drop-down menu.1643093700_267_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  5. Select Add a person who does not have a Microsoft account now.1643093700_203_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  6. Click Next after entering the appropriate username.1643093701_507_Google-Earth-not-working-loading-opening-Complete-Fix
  7. Now log out of your old account and log back in with your new one.

Google Earth isn’t functioning on many Windows 10 PCs, according to users. Your user account seems to be the source of the problem. Your account may get corrupted at times, resulting in this problem.

Check whether the issue persists after switching to a new account. If not, you’ll have to launch Google Earth on your PC using the newly established account.

Alternatively, you might make your new account your primary account. If you can’t establish a new user account because Windows won’t let you, here’s what you can’t do.

What is the best way to get Google Earth to operate with Windows 11?

Windows 11 offers a terrific new style and functionality, but it also inherited a lot of the faults and issues from Windows 10, as you’ve discovered.

This includes troubles with the Google Earth software on Windows 11, which isn’t operating or loaded.

Fortunately, all of the solutions given above for Windows 10 fork flawlessly on the new OS, with the exception of a few aesthetic changes that will occur along the road.


One of the differences is that in Windows 11, for step 6, you will have to click on Installed apps instead of Apps & features from Windows 10 to uninstall Google Earth.

You may always use Google Earth online instead of the desktop program as a last option, and if you use the same account, you’ll have all of your preferences saved.

Of course, the connection might be the source of the issue. If this is the case, you should learn how to repair Google Earth if it is unable to connect to the server.

Windows users seem to have a lot of trouble with these difficulties. If you’re one of them, please tell us which approach works best for you in the comments area below.

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The “google earth repair tool missing” is a problem that has been present for some time. Google Earth not working, loading, or opening. This article will provide you with the complete fix to your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Google Earth not loading?

A: This is a common issue with Google Earth and you can fix this by following these steps.
1. First of all, close any other programs that could be running on your computer before attempting to open Google Earth
2. Once it has opened, click the refresh icon in the top left hand corner of your browser window then wait for about 15-30 seconds until it loads properly

Why does Google Earth fail to start?

A: Google Earth is a virtual globe which provides you with high-resolution satellite images of the earth. However, if your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to run properly then it will fail at startup. This includes issues that may occur such as bugs or crashes when using Google Earth.

What has happened to Google Earth?

A: Google Earth, sadly, is no longer in operation.

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