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The internet is an ever-changing landscape of websites and apps that have evolved to meet the needs of users. With changing technology, however, comes security threats such as phishing attacks and passwords being stolen from hacked accounts. Homelogic solves this problem by utilizing a login process with biometrics instead of long strings of letters or numbers. Rather than asking for information on your phone in exchange for access to a service on the web, Homelogic lets you use two different items (a piece of clothing or even something like your face) as identity verification before granting you access.

The “homelogic spellman” is a website that allows users to create a password in order to login. It also has an auto-login feature which automatically logs the user in when they visit the site again.

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https://tlxe.rcsd.ca/homelogic/ Home-Logic-Login-raquo Regina Catholic Schools… Forgot Password? New User?



Cornerstone Southeast S… Lost your password? Fresh User?



In the fall of 2020, HomeLogic and StudentAchieve Parent Portal will be discontinued. may sign up for access by themselves by clicking the “New User” tab on the login page.


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High School Cardinal Spellman Lost your password?



John’s Preparatory School


Christian High School



Ask your teacher or other members of the school staff for your CBE Student ID and initial password if you are new to CBE. Parent or Legal Representative: Please log in using your MyCBE account.


Available on Home Logic are report cards. The Intranet has the original document. The update from Intranet will replace any changes made to this page.


Just a friendly reminder to use HomeLogic so you can always view your child’s attendance and mark history. … HomeLogic Login 3.4.42. Share. AB.CA.


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Day of the provincial election


The “home logic storage bin” is a tool that allows you to store all your passwords and other personal information. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

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