How to make a good discord server 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

In the past, groups of people could only communicate by making a phone call. Today though, we have something called Discord which is an application that allows you to chat with other members in a group or guild via voice and text messaging. As it continues to grow at an exponential rate for gaming purposes, this guide will teach you how to start your own discord server so that everyone can experience all the benefits of joining one.

Discord is an amazing app that allows users to create their own voice and text chat rooms with other people. It’s a great way for gamers, friends, or even family members to communicate. However, it can be difficult to make a good discord server without nitro.

As the popularity of Discord has grown dramatically, it has begun to attract the interest of many groups outside of gaming. Now is an excellent moment for you to expand your Discord community and build a strong following in your specialty. I’ll go through best practices and ideas for setting up a solid discord server in 2021 in this article. 


Creating a Discord Server from Scratch

If you’re just getting started with your discord server, you may use the templates included in the “Make Your Discord Server Have a Professional Look and Feel” section. 

You may also get started right away using Jagrosh’s template, which will provide you a structured channel with a description that you can customize to your needs. 

If you wish to build the server from the ground up, follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: The first step in establishing a Discord server is to click on the ‘+ sign’ in the upper left corner. 


STEP 2: You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to “Create My Own,” which you may choose if you want a blank server with no prepared templates. The remainder of the options will provide you with theme-based pre-made templates with various blank text and voice channels to match the theme. 

Because we’re starting from scratch, choose “Create My Own.” If you want to test out preset templates, just follow the remainder of the procedures as is.



STEP 3: After that, you’ll be asked if the server is for “myself and my friends” or “for a group or community.” People may join without an invite if you do it for a club or community, for example, if someone used a server emote in another server, they can click on it and it will tell your server name and welcome them to join. We’ll go with ‘for myself and my buddies’ since our server is for a small group. If you’re not sure, you may also ignore the choice.


STEP 4: Give your server a name and an image; try to make it brief and appealing since it will be the first thing visitors see when they visit your server. You may always change the server’s name and picture later on. Select “Create” from the drop-down menu.


You’ve now successfully set up a Discord server. We’ll now set up the channel and role for the Discord server.

Hurray!! You’ve finished setting up your Discord server!! Thank you very much!!

Let’s have a look at how we can make our new server appear even better.


Make Your Discord Server Have a Professional Look and Feel

You’ll want to establish an awesome-looking discord server with a simple and aesthetic appearance and feel as a server owner. Your audience does not want to be accepted to just any discord server, thus you must set your server out from others. Now, in this section, I’ll explain in detail how you may give your server a professional appearance and feel so that it stands out from the crowd.

Discord Server Name & Server Logo

This piece of advice may seem obvious, but it’s essential for a professional-looking discord server. Everything begins with a name, and if you choose the wrong name, you may come to regret it later. The name and logo, on the other hand, are the brands in people’s thoughts. If you get the name right, it will stay in people’s minds, so when they put your discord server’s name into Google, they won’t be stuck with letters or confused with other server names or logos. 

Ideas for Discord Server Names 

Keep them brief – If your server name grows too long, such as “Kevin and Henry Discord Server,” it may be difficult to remember. Try to make them short and straightforward — one-word phrases like “Igor,” “OwO,” and “groovy” are great examples. “Hundred Monkeys” is a nice two-word phrase, but avoid three or more phrases. 

Keep them memorable – Make your discord server name unique so that it sticks in people’s minds. Instead of looking for “names of discord server” on Google, where hundreds of others are doing the same thing, mix a few unconnected elements to create a memorable server name. 

Make up a new term – There are a lot of servers with names that have no sense but give you an incredible vibe. Combine two words into one or simply throw a few words together that sound good. 

Tips for creating a Discord server logo

Size & Shape – the minimum size for the server icon is 128*128 pixels. You can crop the image to circle the figure in discord itself. 

There are a plethora of websites where you can create logos. Pixlr was used to develop my logo; it is a free application with a lot of extensive modification options. 

We’ve compiled a list of several excellent logo creators, as well as some absolutely free choices.

Banner for the Discord Server

The banner should match the icon of your discord server and fit in with the overall aesthetic. You may learn how to make a Discord banner on the help page – Server Banner Background.

NOTE: If you establish a new discord server, you may not be able to set the banner since it takes 15 Server Boosts to open up the discord banner.

Begin with a Creative Template.

The discord template has a list of channels that are correctly ordered by category. Discord templates may be adjusted to meet a variety of purposes and requirements. On this website,, you may discover basic themes for every genre, such as gaming, anime, study, programming, and so on. I’ve included several fantastic templates from this website below, organized by category — 


Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Emoji Em

Emojis may be added to any of your speech or text channels. Emojis in the channel name provide the user a visual signal and serve as a quick reminder of what the channel is about. Also, don’t use too many emojis in a single channel name; at least one should be used. 

  1. In the channel name, look for the emoji you want. A complete collection of emojis may be found here: Full Emoji List. 
  2. Copy the “Browser” emoji column. It’s simple to duplicate it using the mouse or keyboard. 
  3. Right-click the text or voice channel where you want the emoji in the name of your Discord server, and then choose “Edit Channel” from the selection menu.
  4. In the “Channel Name” area, paste the emoji. 
  5. You’re done when you click “Save Changes.”


Creating Discord Server Channels


You may establish many channels on the Discord server. To create a channel, click the + sign to the right of the Category name. 


There are a few frequent channels that users may utilize to learn more about the discord server’s features. The following are some of the fundamental channels on the Discord server:

Rules Channel – The information regarding the fundamental principles that every user on your discord server should follow may be found in this channel. 

Channel of Role-Information – This channel contains information on the discord server’s roles and the prerequisites for those roles. 

Channel of Bot-Information – This channel holds details on the bots that have been deployed on the server.

Announcement channel — Use this channel to make different announcements for your channel’s activities.

Staff Channel – Various members of the staff may communicate with one another on this channel. 

The chat channel is where people may communicate with one another.

Voice Channel — In this channel, you may voice chat with other users as well as add music bots like groovy bot and rhythm bot. 

These are some handy channels that will assist visitors in navigating the site and locating pertinent content. You may alter the above list to meet your specific needs; an example discord channel list for a generic discord channel is included; you can use this basic template and then add to it.

 WELCOME # server-rules # server-roles # server-info-faq # staff-info WELCOME # server-rules # server-roles # server-info-faq # staff-info OFF-THE-SHELF # OFF-THE-SHELF # OFF-THE-SHELF MODERATION # admin-room # moderators-room VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE VOICE Voice CHANNELS GENERAL CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT

Create categories to organize the channels.

The categories may assist users in finding relevant text or voice channels, as well as improve the discord server’s user experience. I used four categories in the above example: three for text-based channels (WELCOME, GENERAL, and MODERATION) and one for voice-based channels (WELCOME, GENERAL, and MODERATION) (VOICE CHANNELS).

Create Category — Right-click anywhere in the server sidebar to create a new category. 


Alter Category — You may edit the categories by right-clicking on the channel in question and then selecting the Edit Category option.



Drag and Drop – Simply dragging and dropping channels from one category to another will shift them.

#ProTips Discord Channel

Private Channels and Categories – You may make categories and channels private as well. When creating a channel, just choose “Private Channel,” and only the roles you specify will be able to access it.

Keep the ‘rules’ or ‘info’ channels towards the top of the channel list; when someone joins the server, they will see the first visible channel unless the invite link directs them to a different channel.

Invites – Instead of granting someone the ability to ‘Build Instant Invite’ through roles, you may create a manual override that points the user to the ‘rules’ channel whenever they join via an invite.

The Rules Channel is very essential to the Discord community. You may create a read-only channel for the rules by following this instructions on how to make a read-only rule channel. Also, after you’ve built a Rule Channel, you’ll need to write the rules in the channel itself, which you can do with the help of this guide: Server Rule Creation List on GitHub.


Set Up Roles & Permission for the Discord Server

The ability to assign responsibilities to users is available in Discord. Discord roles provide users the ability to have specified permissions. In a Discord server, there may be any number of roles, each with a unique set of permissions defined by the server administrator. When a server administrator assigns a role to a user, the user inherits the permissions that the administrator has assigned to that role.

The nicest part about giving roles is that you don’t have to give everyone on the server the same rights. For example, if you establish a moderator position and provide it the ability to ban and mute users, you may now assign the role to as many people as you want without having to grant the same rights to each one. 


How do you establish roles and provide permissions to them?

To begin, go to server settings by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the server name in the top right corner and selecting “Server Setting” from the menu.

A window containing all of the server’s settings will appear now. From the server settings menu on the left sidebar, choose “ROLE.”

Under the “ROLES” heading, choose the new role choice. You may also create roles by clicking the “+” symbol on the right side of the “ROLES” title.

Display, Permissions, and Manage Member are the three tabs of the Edit Role.

You must give the new role a name under the display tab, and you can also provide a nice color to it. 

Members in that position will be shown separately from other members under the category name (e.g. admin, moderator, etc.) of their particular Role if you choose the “Display role member separately from Online Member” option in the Display tab.

There is a comprehensive list of general server permissions on the Permission tab. The permissions granted to the roles will be determined by the choices specified in this list. 

The ability to – is a critical permission that you should consider before providing to members.

  1. “Manage server” – Members may alter the server name, change the location, and add bots to the server using this feature.
  2. Members may create, update, and remove channels using the “Manage Channel” feature.
  3. “Manage Role” – This feature allows members to create, update, and remove roles from their lowest to their highest.
  4. “Kick Member” – This feature allows users to kick other users from the server.
  5. “Ban Members” – Allows members to ban other members from the service indefinitely.
  6. “Relocate Member” – Allows members to move other members across voice channels in which they have authorization.
  7. “Administrator” — Members who have this privilege have all permissions and may ignore any channel-specific permissions and restrictions. Before giving this permission, you should use caution.

You can view all the members who have access to that particular position in the Manage Member page. You may both add and remove members from the role from this screen. 


Popular Characters

The roles listed below are the most often utilized by the server administrator. When you construct the server, you may create these or comparable roles depending on your needs. 

Member Role – Member roles are useful when a new user joins the discord server and you want them to agree to a set of rules (using bot instructions) or if you want to examine the new user before allowing them to join the server and assigning them roles manually. The member position is custom on many Discord servers, however it is not advised for your server. The explanation for this may be seen in the ProTip section below.

The moderator’s role is to assist in the management and upkeep of the community server. The Moderator usually has the ability to kick, ban, or silence users, which aids in the management of the user. The moderator also has the ability to modify channels and roles, which allows them to make changes to the server in response to community demand. 

Staff Position – You may change the staff role to suit your needs. Depending on the job on the server, several staff roles may exist. In the server, there might be different workers for different needs. Staff personnel have access to a number of private channels on the Discord server that are not visible to other users. 

You’ll find it beneficial to have “Display role members separately from online members” set in the roles for any role, as this will help you have a better ordered sidebar.



You should never give more permissions to the bot than needed. This is one of the most common mistakes that is made by the server owner. When you give some permission to the bots then you permit with the bot’s token. The owner of the bot has the bot’s token which can be leaked if careless. Mostly the bot comes with a list of preset permissions when you add a bot to the server if you want to add the bot and manually give the permissions later then you can remove &permissions=NUMBERS section of the invite link. Source – 

Remove the “send text-to-speech messages” option from the @everyone role to ensure that members cannot speak in announcements.

You may also utilize automatic moderators in the form of numerous moderation bots. When a user on the Discord server violates the rules, the moderation bot may issue a temporary or permanent ban. The moderation bot assists in maintaining a high-quality server environment by resolving issues before they escalate into heated disputes. 


Setting up permissions as the owner of a Discord server is one of the most critical things you can do. If done incorrectly, it may lead to someone destroying your server by running unwanted bots. You must now consider the permissions you want your users to have. You may give them additional authority as they level up, or enable them to post emotes or photographs on the server, among other things. It’s up to you to select what server permissions your users should have.


Bots may be added to your Discord server.

Bots are very beneficial to server owners. Bots may perform a variety of tasks, including automation, moderation, automatic giveaways, music bots, and more. The bots are easy to add, and they may be up and operating on the server in a matter of seconds. 

The following bots are highly recommended: 

MEE6 – This is a moderation bot that may be used to silence or kick a user based on the server owner’s rules.

GROOVY BOT – enables you to play music from YouTube, Soundcloud, and other sources on your Discord server.

DANK MEMER – Discord’s best meme bot, which allows you to automatically extract memes based on keywords.

There are several discord bots for different functions; you can always search for bots that do certain tasks.

STEP #5:

Increase the size of your Discord server 

After you’ve got your server up and running, you’ll want to add additional users to it. You may boost the number of users on your servers by advertising on other people’s servers; but, before doing so, make sure you’ve read the instructions. You may also pull people in via other social media platforms, such as Twitter, where you can advertise the channel or include the channel name in the description of certain YouTube videos. 

You may promote your discord server on multiple discord servers by paying them for your post. If you decide to use a sponsored way to expand your channel, be sure you’ve chosen the suitable audience for your topic. 


The most important aspect of creating a decent server is having a beautiful appearance and feel, which will help people remember your channel. Setting up permissions and responsibilities for users will aid in community moderation. Discord bots may assist you in automating a variety of important aspects on your channel. Be patient and continue to expand your channel while keeping these recommendations in mind.

RESOURCES Great guide for setting up a Discord server; you can utilize Jagrosh’s pre-made template to get your server up and running quickly.

Discord is a voice and text chat app that allows people to communicate with others in real time. People can make their own servers, or join an existing one. This article will give you some great ideas for your server. Reference: discord server ideas.

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