How to Untimeout Someone on Discord Quickly and Easily

Discord is a popular platform for communication and collaboration among communities, gamers, and friends. Moderators and administrators of Discord servers have a variety of tools at their disposal to keep the community safe and enjoyable for everyone. One of these tools is the ability to timeout users who are violating the server’s rules.

If you are a moderator or administrator of a Discord server, you may need to untimeout someone who has been temporarily suspended from the server. In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to untimeout someone on Discord. We will also provide some additional tips to ensure a smooth process.

How to Untimeout Someone on Discord

Here are the steps on how to untimeout someone on Discord:

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the server where the individual is currently timed out.
  2. Look for the “Moderation” tab located on the top panel of the server interface. Clicking on it will reveal a drop-down menu with various moderation options.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the “Timeouts” tab. This tab contains a list of all the members who are currently timed out or have been timed out in the past.
  4. Scroll through the list of timed-out members and locate the person you wish to untimeout. Click on their name to access their user profile.
  5. Within the user profile, you will find an option to “Untimeout” the person. Click on this button to lift the timeout and allow them to rejoin the server.
  6. Once the untimout process is complete, the person will no longer be restricted from accessing the server and can freely participate in conversations and activities.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

While untimeouting someone on Discord is a straightforward process, there are a few additional things to keep in mind:

  • You can only untimeout someone if they are currently timed out. If the person is not currently serving a timeout, there will be no option to untimeout them.
  • If the person was timed out by another moderator or administrator, you will need to have the same permissions as the person who timed them out in order to untimeout them. Make sure you have the necessary administrative rights to perform this action.
  • If the person was timed out for a specific reason, it’s essential to consider why they were timed out before proceeding with untimeouting them. Evaluate the situation, communicate with other moderators if necessary, and ensure that untimeouting the person is the appropriate course of action.

Now that you know how to untimeout someone on Discord, you can effectively manage timeouts and ensure a positive and inclusive environment within your server.


In this article, we have explored the process of untimeouting someone on Discord. As a moderator or administrator, it’s your responsibility to maintain a healthy and inclusive environment within your server. By following the steps outlined and considering the additional factors discussed, you can effectively handle timeouts and foster a positive community on Discord.

Remember, untimeouting someone should be done judiciously, taking into account the reasons behind the timeout and ensuring that it aligns with the server’s rules and guidelines. Effective moderation promotes a welcoming atmosphere and enhances the overall experience for all members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Untimeouting on Discord

Can I untimeout someone if I’m not a moderator or administrator?

No, only moderators or administrators of a Discord server have the authority to untimeout someone. If you are not in a position of moderation, you will need to reach out to the server’s moderators or administrators to request the untimeout.

How long does a timeout last on Discord?

The duration of a timeout on Discord is determined by the server’s moderation settings. It can range from a few minutes to hours or even days, depending on the server’s configuration.

Can I untimeout someone if they were timed out by a different moderator?

To untimeout someone timed out by another moderator, you need to have the same permissions as the person who issued the timeout. If you don’t have the necessary permissions, you will need to coordinate with the responsible moderator to resolve the situation.

What should I do if the person was timed out for a valid reason?

If the person was timed out for a specific reason and that reason still stands, it’s essential to maintain the integrity of the server’s rules and guidelines. Consider the circumstances and consult with other moderators or administrators before deciding whether to untimeout the person.

Are there any alternative actions I can take instead of untimeouting someone?

Yes, depending on the situation, there may be alternative actions you can take. For example, you can have a conversation with the timed-out person to address their behavior or issue a warning before resorting to a timeout. It’s important to assess the circumstances and choose the most appropriate course of action.

Can I prevent someone from being timed out in the future?

As a moderator or administrator, you have the ability to adjust the moderation settings of the Discord server. By configuring the timeout duration or setting specific permissions, you can help prevent unnecessary timeouts or ensure consistent enforcement of server rules.