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If you’re looking for free Discord bots to help with your gaming community, we have a special treat for you. The Birthday Bot is an interactive bot that will allow players and admins alike to lookup birthdays and events in the game! With this feature, birthday parties are never out of reach again!.

The “birthday bot discord commands” is a command-line tool that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store.

Oh, someone’s birthday is being celebrated on the server! How can you tell whether a certain day is someone’s special day? Birthdays, on the other hand, are important events to remember. Humans have a long tradition of wishing someone happy birthday and making them feel special. But what if you want to remember the birthdays of individuals you don’t know and make them feel special in some way? Yes, we’re discussing a situation with conflict. People from all around the globe who have never met before make up the vast and diverse groups that exist to combat disagreement. It should be emphasized that although these persons may have a same interest, they are not linked in any way in real life. Though the globe isn’t an awful place to live in, and people who don’t know one other are happy to wish each other happy birthday. So, to make greeting individuals on their birthdays even more enjoyable and happy, the Discord community was introduced to an incredible bot that might make this idea a reality.

The Birthday bot was therefore released through Discord, owned by Noi, and having taken over the main discord servers, with a total of around 44,000 servers, the bot has a large following. The birthday bot helps its users by automatically detecting birthdays in their social circles. The bot has a very user-friendly and basic UI, and it’s a simple bot with just one goal, which we all know what it is. The bot is a single-purpose bot, with the main function being the assignment of responsibilities to users for the period of their birthdays. Other functions of the bot include broadcasting birthday greetings over the whole server. Such functions, however, may be adjusted and handled according to the user’s preferences. Another useful feature for birthday bots is that server administrators may simply specify a certain time zone for the server depending on their preferences.


Discord Benefits and Features of Birthday Bot

The major benefit of this feature is that the server will now display all of the server members’ birth dates depending on the time zone selected by the server administrator. Though the bot’s creators anticipated that a server would not include users from the same time zone, the bot also enables individual participants to specify their own time zone. Individual member modifications will only affect them through Discord, rather not the whole server, like in the case of server admin changes.

As a result, the bot shows to be an excellent single-purpose bot for carrying out discord server celebrations and wishes. If it isn’t already on your servers, it is highly suggested, since it is found on the majority of discord servers. So go ahead and give it a go and revel in the chaos.


How to Invite or Add Birthday Bot to Your Server

Using the invite link: Invite, you may add the Birthday bot to your server. Follow the instructions below to correctly add and set up the Birthday Bot.

STEP 1: Select the Invite Button from the menu above.

STEP 2: Choose the server to which the Birthday bot will be added.

STEP 3: Give the Birthday bot the rights it needs to function successfully.

STEP 4: Complete the Captcha puzzle.

STEP 5: Return to the Discord server where the Birthday bot was added.

You’ve installed the Birthday bot to your Discord server successfully!!

Also, I’ll recommend that you join the Birthday Bot Support Server community group so that if you have any problems with the bot, you may seek assistance there.


Bot Command for Birthdays

Birthday Bot’s default prefix is ‘bday.’ Before using the command’s terms, be sure to include this prefix.

General Commands for the Birthday Bot

Commands  Description
premium Birthday Bot Premium details may be found here.
subscribe Birthday Bot Premium is a paid subscription service.
premium assistance Birthday Bot Premium assistance is available.
set Choose a date for your birthday.
look at [type] [name] View your information or the information of another user. Birthday or memberAnniversary are examples of types. 
following [type] View the server’s upcoming celebratory event(s). 
[type] [page/date] [list] View the server’s list of birthdays and anniversaries.
map Take a look at the time zone map.
invite Birthday Bot should be invited to a server.
support Join the assistance server.
docs  Birthday Bot’s documentation may be found here.
faq  Birthday Bot’s FAQ may be found here.
vote Cast your vote for Birthday Bot.
purge Remove all of your birthdate information. This command does not, however, reset your birthday attempts.


Commands for the Birthday Bot

Commands Description
help Birthday Bot needs assistance.
assistance with setup Setup assistance for the server.
assistance with setup anniversary Assistance with the anniversary system.
assistance with setup message The options for the birthday message may be found here.
dependable assistance  The trustworthy system need assistance.
assist with the blacklist For the birthday blacklist, assistance is needed.
premium assistance  Birthday Bot Premium assistance is available.
settings View the server’s options.
donate Make a donation to Birthday Bot!
Configuring the Server (Administrators-only)

test <type> [User] [anniversary year]

Experiment with a Celebration event. A user’s optional parameter.


Setup Command for Birthday Bot

Commands  Description
setup Setup your server using this interactive instruction.
config channel <type> <create/clear/#channel> Set up the channel for the specified type.
config role <create/clear/@role> Set up the role for birthdays.
config birthdayMasterRole <create/clear/@role> Set up the master role for birthdays.
config timezone <timezone>  Set the Server Timezone to what you want it to be.
config useTimezone <user/server> Set the Use Timezone option, which determines the time zone in which the bot will deliver celebratory messages.
config nameFormat <setting> Set the Name Format option. Mention, username, nickname, and tag are all valid values.
config dateFormat <month/day or day/month> Set the Date Format option. 


Message Settings for the Birthday Bot

Command Description
message list <type> [page] Obtain a list of all custom messages of the specified type.
message add <type> <message> Add a custom birthday message. <Users> is the placeholder for the messages to mention the birthday users. Note: Only Premium servers can set user-specific messages.
message embed <type> <position> <T/F> Edit the embed settings for a previously sent message.
message color <type> <position> <color/hex>  Change the color of an existing message.
message remove <type> <position> Remove a specific custom message of the specified kind from the system.
message clear <type>  Remove all custom messages of the specified kind from the system.
message time <type> <0-23> Set the custom message type’s message time.
message mention <type> <role/group> Set the mention of the specified type in a custom message.
message test <type> <position/user> [user count] Create a custom message of the specified kind and test it.


System Preferences You Can Trust

Commands Description
put up a dependable Interactive guide for System Preferences You Can Trust setup.
trustedRole add <role> Make a position that you can rely on.
trustedRole remove <role/position>  Remove a position with a high level of trust.

[page] trustedRole list – Displays a list of all trusted roles.

config trustedPreventsMessage <T/F> If a birthday greeting necessitates the use of a trusted role.
config trustedPreventsRole <T/F> If obtaining the birthday role necessitates the use of a trusted role.
config requireAllTrustedRoles <T/F> If all trusted roles are required by users.


Is the Birthday Bot not responding?

The Birthday Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be due to a bot server being unavailable for any reason; if this occurs, check the Birthday Support Community Server.

Also, make sure you’ve given the Birthday bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page.

The “Birthday Bot Commands” is a Discord bot that allows users to send their birthdays to the bot. The birthday bot can then use this information to create a custom greeting. Reference: birthday bot#4926.

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