How to use Bongo Bot Discord [ Bongo Bot Commands ]

Bongo is a bot that was created to make Discord easier and more enjoyable for users. It provides features such as music, emoji reaction faces, and many other tools in order to help make your time on the platform better…

Bongo Bot is a Discord bot that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store. The “bongo bot command list” will allow you to find out what commands are available for Bongo Bot.

Who doesn’t like a relaxing and enjoyable character spawning game? Discord bot creators, on the other hand, have created bots that are ideal for practically every mood thanks to their diverse thinking and great programming. You specify the mood you’re in right now, and a bot will cater to your needs. Anime, on the other hand, is the current craze. Every day, it attracts more and more young people and individuals from all over the globe. The stomach ache, which leaves you laughing, is another factor that captures people’s attention. The Bong discord bot, created by Kraseir and accessible for free on Discord, is a fantastic tool to use on your servers. The bot has a 4.06-star average rating and has managed to maintain a consistent, if smaller, user base of 80.27K people. The offers its players an outstanding character spawning game in which the characters come from two of the generation’s favorite places: the anime world and well-known meme faces. As a result, the bot has the potential to keep its consumers entertained for an extended period of time.


Discord Features of Bongo Anime Bot

The Bongo bot is a fun and thrilling game in which you may generate characters and gather the best of them. The bot can be used by a large number of people at the same time and holds over 70K characters from the anime as well as other characters. The bot also has an incredible picture count of 400000, which is continuously expanding each day as we speak. The bot provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere in which its customers may relax and enjoy themselves. To do so, it has music, memes, animation, response commands, and much more, enough to keep its users occupied for hours.

The gacha game is the name of the bot’s game. The bot lets its users to play the game in their own unique style by allowing them to totally configure it with fascinating features like as multi-chain, changing the hour, changing the minute, purchasing rolls, wishlist, buying claims, and much more. Not only can you personalize the game, but you can also customize the bot. Yes, gamers may completely modify the bot in any way they see fit. Simply hold down the settings tab and your modifications will appear. Aside from that, the bot also hosts a premium version of itself, allowing premium gamers to swiftly and efficiently produce characters and discover the best ones. The bot, like every other bot that provides the same in its premium form, boosts the chances of premium players winning. So, put this Bongo bot to the test on your servers. You’re done with the invitation. Have a good time with your friends or family while playing moderate and entertaining card games.


Discord Commands for Bongo Anime Bot

a piece of music (with a timestamp)
addtoplaylist: To your personalized music playlist, add a URL.
When there are no songs in the queue, autoplay is enabled or disabled.
back: Return the queue to its previous position. A number between 1 and 10 may be used. Look at the list of games you’ve recently played.
Let’s get this BASS going! BoooOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo The bass may be adjusted using a percentage.
createplaylist: Makes a new playlist from scratch. You may include urls or a playlist from another user.
deleteplaylist: Remove a custom playlist from your library.
dj: a central location for all of your DJ orders.
djadd: This command adds a DJ to your DJ list.
View your DJ list using djlist.
djonly: Select dj only from the drop-down menu (must be admin).
Remove a DJ from your DJ list using djremove.
fastforward: in the format mm:ss, fast forward the song’s time, for example 1:30.
go to: go to the song’s time period. You may use either a 100(seconds) or a 00:00 format (minutes:seconds)
includeplaylist: Incorporate a playlist from another user into your own.
joins your voice channel or a voice channel that you write into.
jumpqueue: skips to a track in your queue, removing all tracks that aren’t on repeat.
lastplayed: returns the 10 most recently played tracks.
leave: disconnects from any voice channel to which it is attached.
Leavecleanup: anybody who isn’t on the voice channel should clean up the queue.
Load the playlist into your queue using loadplaylist. You may choose which songs to load by using numbers at the end (ex: 1-30).
all tracks should be looped (off, on, all).
Looks up the lyrics to a song.
move: Changes the position of a song from position 1 to position 2.
nowplaying: displays the music that is currently playing.
pause: This command stops the audio.
play: plays the audio or the first result it comes across. To search, use the search or soundcloud commands.
playjump: plays the track before jumping to your track in the queue.
Another method to access your personalized music playlists is using a playlist.
playnext: puts your song/playlist at the front of the queue.
playskip: skips the current song and plays your track.
queue: displays a queue list.
Music from my radio stations being played on the radio.
Remove duplicates from the queue using removedupes.
removefromplaylist: this link will be removed from your customized music playlist.
replay: plays a song again and adds it to the queue’s end. The lastplayed command displays your most recently played music.
resume: the music is resumed.
rewind: in the format mm:ss, rewind the song’s time. For example, 1:30.
saveplaylist: This command saves the current queue as a custom music playlist.
search: looks for your music on YouTube.
seeallplaylists: This command displays all of the user’s playlists.
showplaylist: Displays the user’s playlist’s contents.
Shuffle: Shuffles all tracks indefinitely until the device is switched off.
If a number is supplied, skips the currently playing song or another song from the playlist.
soundcloud: looks for your music on Soundcloud.
stop: the music stops playing, and I exit the channel.
Two tracks are swapped.
unincludeplaylist: Remove a playlist from another user.
updateplaylist: Replaces the current playlist with a new one. If you want to make it public or private, this is useful.
volume: alters the volume With musicsettings, you may specify a maximum.
voteskip: Vote to skip the song, which is set at 50% by default. When you blacklist skip, it works best.
4chan: Displays a random picture (with or without text) from the given board. kek Use at your own risk. The use of an NSFW channel is necessary.
Look up information about each and every amiibo by name!
avatar: shows the user’s avatar.
Coinmarketcap is used to get information about cryptocurrency. (the top, the coin, and the conversion)
fortnite: shows all of your fortnite stats.
picture: Google image searches and lets you explore through photos!
imgur: send me an imgur album and I’ll give you a random photo from that album to browse! Make an alias for convenience.
jisho: kanji-to-word translation.
league: A user’s League of Legends statistics.
lmgtfy: I’ll look it up for you.
overwatch: shows you your total overwatch statistics (publicize your account for more info)
pokedex: A pokemon’s information is shown in a pokedex by number or name!
Make a poll on your server to find out what you want to know. The default duration is 30 seconds, with a maximum duration of 1440 minutes.
Gets a random reddit topic from a subreddit through reddit. More selections are available, such as “new,” “top,” “hot,” and so on. 25 threads to navigate!
toxic: determines the level of toxicity in your content. It’s perfect for League of Legends…
Wikipedia: Returns a random wiki article or does a search based on your description.


Isn’t the Bongo Anime Bot working?

The Bongo Anime Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be due to a bot server being down for any reason; if this happens to you, go to the Invite Tracker Support Community Server for assistance.

Also, make sure you’ve given the Invite Tracker bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page.

Bongo Bot is a Discord bot that can be used to help you find servers and games. This article will show you how to use Bongo Bot in your Discord server. Reference: bongo bot discord server.

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