How to Use Carl Bot Discord [Carl Bot Commands Guide]

Carl Bot is a bot that can be found in the Discord chat. It’s purpose is to answer your questions and make recommendations for games, ask random trivia things or just read through long-winded stories. This guide will teach you how to use Carl Bot!

Carl Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to do lots of things. One of the things it does is have a dashboard where you can change settings, add bots, and more. This guide will teach you how to use Carl Bot’s dashboard.

Carl discord bot assists the discord server owner in assigning reaction roles to members, logging everything on the server, assisting the server owner with auto-moderation, allowing the server owner to create custom commands, sending a welcome message to new users, and many other features to help create a great discord server. 

The need for discord server administration has reached an all-time high as the popularity of discord grows and more individuals join the numerous discord servers every day. The Carl bot has a number of features that aid with the upkeep of the discord server’s quality. Every day, a large number of discord servers are formed, and even more members join those servers. Discord servers are used by authors from many platforms to communicate with their audiences. It is critical to keep your server in good working order in order to give a better community for your users, which can be accomplished with the aid of Carl bot.


Features of Carl Bot on Discord

The Carl bot has a lot of cool capabilities for moderating and managing the discord server. As a result of this, the Carl bot is one of the most popular and fastest-growing discord bots, with over 2 million servers using it. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Carl Bot Discord features – 

Reaction Roles – You may give your community up to 250 roles (maximum), which helps to increase user interaction while also blacklisting spammers on the server. When response roles are set up on the server, each member is allocated a role based on the reaction selected by the others. Unique, verifiable, reversed, transient, binding, and many other forms of response role models are available. With a single reply, you may assign several responsibilities, such as playing nice with unique. You can also utilize emojis that the bots don’t have access to, and it can create emojis with the medications without having to input them with response roles. 

Carl bot discord can keep track of a variety of things that occur on the discord server. It can maintain track of messages that have been deleted, purged, altered, and discord links, among other things. It also maintains track of who has joined the discord server and who has left the service. The log record may also be used to keep track of different changes to the Discord server, such as newly formed channels, new server roles, and emojis used. Splitting the log record into a distinct channel is the ideal approach to handle it, as it helps to decrease clutter without losing information. 

Moderation – The carl bot’s moderation function aids in the management and maintenance of the discord server’s quality. You may see previous infractions by discord users and responsible moderators using the moderation function. The Carl bot can access the drama channel, which provides a summary of the different rules that have been breached on the server. Sticky roles allow users get rid of their silence by preventing them from leaving and then rejoining the service. With moderation, you may manage roles in bulk. 

Carl bot’s automod is one of its greatest features. With the moderation option, you can only view information about infractions, violated rules, responsible moderators, and so on, but with the automod feature, you can establish rules for members to follow on your discord server. There are a lot of pre-defined rules, but you may also make your own. You may be penalised with the Automod for inappropriate links, spam, attachment spam, bad language, deleting unfamiliar file formats, and many other things. You may also use automated to define channels as media type only, which will automatically eliminate messages without a link or attachment. You may also choose from a variety of penalties, such as a permanent ban, a temporary ban, a kick, and so on, depending on the regulations that have been breached. 

User involvement — The Carl bot not only assists the discord server owner in maintaining the quality of the server via moderation, but it also gives a variety of methods for users to interact in the community. The Carl bot can deliver twitch notifications on the server, as well as a member’s status, retrieve meme-related articles and photos, send automatic messages, and much more. 


How to invite or add Carl bot to your Discord server

With only a few clicks, you can add Carl bot to your account. To add the Carl bot to your Discord server, just invite the Carl bot. 

STEP 1: To invite the Carl Bot, go to the official Carl Bot website: and click the login button in the top right corner. 



(I’ve also included the Carl bot’s invite URL, which you may use to directly invite the bot to the server.)

Carl Bot’s Invitation

STEP 2: If you are not already a member of the discord server, you will be prompted to do so. It will log you in to your discord if you have previously registered.


STEP 3: Once you’ve joined the server, you’ll be prompted to choose a discord server to which you’d want to add the Carl bot. You may choose any server from the list.


STEP 4: After you’ve chosen a Discord server, you’ll be prompted to provide certain permissions to the Carl bot. The bot’s permission access also includes the server’s administrator access; you may choose the bot’s permission access appropriately. 

STEP 5: Once you’ve finished completing the permission, click the approve button. 

The Carl bot has been added to your Discord server successfully!!

STEP 6: On the Carl bot’s main dashboard, you may be prompted to pick the server again. Here you may choose the server once again.


If you run across an issue, you may seek assistance on their community server or post your problem in the comments area below. You may also join our Discord server, where I can assist you in resolving your issue. 

Carl Bot is a bot that helps people in the Discord community.


Overview of Carl Bot’s Dashboard

1653723419_635_How-to-Use-Carl-Bot-Discord-Carl-Bot-Commands-GuideDashoard bot Carl

When you install the Carl bot on your server, you will be sent to the dashboard.

This dashboard is crucial since it allows you to view logs, user activity, generate commands, search up commands, establish moderation, and more.

You can use commands on the discord server to administer the Carl bot, and you can do the same with the Carl bot in the dashboard.

Also, if you wish to access the Carl bot dashboard again, just go to’s official website, log in using your Discord ID, and pick the server.


List of Carl’s Discord Bot Commands

Users may setup, log, fun, level, moderation, role, tags and triggers, music, and more using a variety of commands. The list of commands may be found at, which includes detailed documentation and examples for the carl bot commands. Also, if you’d want a thorough tutorial to Carl Bot instructions and examples, please leave a comment below and we’ll update the site with a complete guide to Carl Bot discord commands. For the time being, we’ve included a few vital and simple commands that you may utilize. 

REMEMBER: The default prefixes for carl-bot are ‘!’ + command and ‘?’ + command.

In the Carl Bot dashboard, you may adjust the prefix to suit your needs.

You may utilize – dashboard to carry out the same tasks without having to use commands.

Fun Commands for Carl Bot

!cat – Displays a random cat picture. dog – Shows you a random dog picture. aww – Gives you an adorable animal at random. catbomb – Gives you 5 random cat photos. dogbomb – Gives you 5 random dog photos. awwbomb – Displays 5 lovely animal photos.


Carl Bot, or “Carl Bot Commands Guide” is a Discord bot that allows users to search through all the available commands. The commands are categorized by use and it also has an in-depth list of how each command works. Reference: discord bots.

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