How to Use Chip Bot Discord [ Chip Music Bot Commands Guide ]

Chip Bot is a Discord music bot that plays many different types of chip tunes. Chip Bots commands are explained and listed in this guide.

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Chip Music Bot on Discord: The Ultimate Guide to Using Chip Bot Commands to Play, Add, and Remove Music on Your Voice Channel

Chip Music is a Discord music bot that can play any music that is accessible, either by name or by url. Chip bot is a free music bot that only generates money from Patreon patrons who desire a premium version of the bot. Chip bot allows you to invite four separate versions of the bot to your server at the same time for free. Chip bot is a powerful bot with a wide range of capabilities and instructions. It offers all of the essential capabilities, such as playing music, searching for it, looping it, shuffling it, and so on.


This guide is divided into three sections.

  1. How to Add/Invite Chip Bot (Helping Hand to people trying Chip for the first time)
  2. Chip Bot: How To Use It (A Complete how-to guide for Chip Bot like How to add playlist, skip or stop the song, How to use a queue, and many more)
  3. List of all Chip Bot Commands (A Neat Tabular list for all commands in Chip for you to reference)

I’ve done my best to offer you with all of the information regarding the Chip bot that you’ll need when using it. This tutorial will show you how to use the Chip bot in every way conceivable. The How-to also includes images of several commands that I tried out on my own Discord channel. If there’s anything more you’d want to see in this guide, let us know in the comments area. 

How can I invite or add Chip Music Bot to my server?

Use the following URL to invite the Chip bot to your server: Invite. Follow the instructions below to correctly add and set up the Chip Bot. 

Chip Music Bot should be invited. 


STEP 1: Select the Invite Button from the menu above.

STEP 2: Choose the server to which the Chip bot will be added.


STEP 3: Grant the Chip bot the rights it needs to function effectively.


STEP 4: Complete the Captcha puzzle.


STEP 5: Return to the Discord server where the Chip bot was added. The Chip bot message will be shown in the general text channel.

You’ve added the Chip bot to your Discord server successfully!! 

STEP 6: Go to the section titled “How to Play Music with Chip Bot,” where I explain how to use commands to play songs.

Also, I’ll recommend joining Chip Bot’s support community group so that if you have any problems with the bot, you may seek assistance in the community – Chip Bot Support Server.

Chip Bot on Discord Server: How to Use It

First and foremost, ensure that the discord bot has been added to the relevant server and that you are connected to any voice channel on that server. 

Let’s get started with some basic Chip bot instructions.

How to Use Chip Bot to Play Music in Discord

STEP 1: Become a member of a Voice Channel. By clicking on the channels with a speaker symbol, you may simply join a voice channel.


STEP 2: When you join a Voice Channel, it will indicate Voice linked on the right sidebar at the bottom.


STEP 3: Put on some music. You may use the command ‘ch!play’ followed by a song name or a link from Spotify, SoundCloud, or another service.

Play believer, Ch!


STEP 4: You can also use the ‘ch!play’ command to play a Spotify or Soundcloud album by putting the album URL in front of it. ch!play track:0pqnGHJpmpxLKifKRmU6WP  

STEP 5: Use the ‘ch!queue’ command to examine and manage the queue.


There are a number of commands related to playing music that are included in the commands section of this page.

[Updated] List of all Chip Bot Commands

Chip bot commands may be found on their website at There used to be more commands, but the Chip team pared them down to keep the list focused on music. This is the most recent version of Chip bot’s command list.

Prefix: Chipbot

Chip bot’s default prefix is ‘ch!’. Examples

ch!clear ch!play despacito

Music Commands for Chip Bot

Command Description
ch!clear At the same time, remove all songs from the queue.
ch!forceskip You may skip to the next tune in the queue without having to initiate a poll with the other listeners.
ch!forward [Date and time format] Time travel to a specified point in the course. ch!forward 30m is an example.
[loop settings] ch!loop  Cycles between loop settings, off (default) -> queue -> track -> off.
ch!loop off/nothing ch!loop off/nothing ch!loop off/ Looping is disabled.
track/song by ch!loop The current track is looped.
queue/all ch!loop The whole queue is looped.
ch!lyrics The lyrics of the currently playing track are displayed. What is love, for example, according to ch!lyrics
ch!pause The currently playing track will be paused.
[input method] ch!play Play a tune from one of the platforms we support.
what is love, ch!play Looks for the song “what is love” and plays the first result found.!play  This Spotify song, album, playlist, or artist is found and added to the queue.
[when uploading a file, no parameters required] ch!play Play the audio file that you’ve attached.
insert-URL-here ch!play Directly play the music that is connected to a URL. This works on all platforms that are supported.
ch!queue The first page of the queue is shown.
5 ch!queue Page 5 of the queue is shown (10 songs per page)
ch!replay Replay the song that is now playing.
[time format] ch!rewind Return to a certain point in the currently playing track. ch! is a good example. 30m rewind
[search keywords] ch!search Search for a song, choose one from a list of ten, then listen to it.
[time format] ch!seek Look for a particular point in the current track. As an example, ch! look for 30 meters 
ch!skip Toggle to the next track in the playlist.
[target position] ch!skipto In the queue, jump to a certain track. ch! is a good example. 4th skip
ch!stop The player is destroyed and the queue is cleared.


Management Commands for Chip Bots

Command Description
ch!clearfilters At the same time, remove all audio effects from the player.
ch!fix Forcefully disconnect the bot to fix latency or other audio difficulties.
ch!move [target position] <new position> Change a track’s position in the queue.

ch!move 4 1 is an example of a command that moves track #4 to #1.

ch!remove [target position] <target position 2> Remove a single or a group of songs. ch! is a good example. removing #5 from the queue — Removes track #5 from the queue.
ch!removedupes Duplicate songs should be removed from the queue.
ch!shuffle Rearrange the line.
[percentage] ch!volume (The default is 100 percent) On the player, adjust the volume.

80th chapter


Setting Commands for Chip Bot

Command Description
[new prefix] ch!prefix In your server, change Chip’s prefix.


Miscellaneous Chip Bot Commands

Command Description
ch!checkvote Check to see whether you’ve voted for Chip and how long you’ll have to wait to vote again.
ch!invite To invite all Chip bots, get the invite links!
ch!ping Discord should be able to see Chip’s latency.
[cmd name] ch!help Chip’s request for assistance.
ch!info Find out more about the cluster in which your server is located.


Chip Bot is a platform that is supported by Chip Bot.

Chip bot has removed the support for the YouTube platform or it might have ended like other great music bot going down due to Youtube C&D Letter.

Chip Bot supports the following platforms: 1. Spotify SounCloud is number two, while Bandcamp is number three.



Why does Chip Bot say “No Sources Found”?

Due to the removal of YouTube from Chip Bot’s supported platforms, you may sometimes get an error stating that no source of music could be discovered for a certain query. It’s also because YouTube used to be one of the chip bot’s primary sources of music, but when YouTube began issuing cease and desist letters to prominent music bots, chip bot swiftly dropped support for the site. As a result, you may get this error if Chip Bot is unable to locate a valid source for the identical query on another supported platform. Instead, you may copy and paste the music’s URL to listen to it on any of the supported platforms.

What to Do If Chip Bot Doesn’t Work | Chip Bot Isn’t Working?

The Chip Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be due to a whole discord bot server being overused or being down for maintenance or upgrading reasons; if this is the case, visit the Chip bot support community server for updates.

Also, make sure you’ve given the Chip Bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page.

If the Chip Bot still doesn’t answer after following the instructions above, double-check that you haven’t changed the Chip Bot’s default prefix.

Some Outstanding Music Bots

Within the last few weeks, Youtube has sent C&D letters to Groovy and Rythm bot. There are possibilities that same events may follow up with other discord music bots. You can look into our best discord music bot list. Also Some Outstanding Music Bots that are live and running are –

  1. Hydra Bot is a kind of bot that is used to
  2. Jockie Music Bot is a robot that plays music.
  3. FredBoat
  4. Pancake Bot is a robot that makes pancakes.
  5. Music Bot is available at all times.

I hope you enjoyed Chip Bot’s discord tutorial. In the comment area, you can share your thoughts on the story. If there is a particular aspect of the Chip bot tutorial that you would want to see added in this post, please let us know in the comments.

The “chip bot prefix” is a command that can be used to find out which chip music bots are online. This will give you the ability to choose one that suits your needs.

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