How to Use Dank Memer Bot Discord [Dank Memer Commands]

A bot that makes life easier. Find out how to use the dank memes command on your Discord chat

Dank Memer Bot is a highly intelligent, fast, and versatile bot. It has many commands that can be used to make your life easier. This article will show you how to use the “dank memer commands” in order to get money. Read more in detail here: dank memer commands to get money.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Commands for the Dank Memer Bot on Discord to Play Games, Have Fun with Memes, Make Money, and More

What is the purpose of Dank Memer Bot? (Short features)

Dank Memer Bot was built by Melmsie since he couldn’t locate any good meme material on Discord. Dank Memer became the most popular meme bot as a result of this. Dank memer bot contains features other than memes, such as the ability to play games with other users.

One of the most popular parts of dank memer is the currency / economy, where you may earn, lose, steal, buy, sell, and so on using money in your bank. Dank memer’s currency function is one of the most intriguing since it allows many users to participate and flaunt their riches.

Dank memer is one of the most popular meme bots, with over 100 commands devoted just to memes. Image manipulation, utility commands, fun commands, animal commands, and configuration commands are among the additional capabilities.

There are five sections to this dank memer bot tutorial.

  1. How can I set up / add the Dank Memer Bot to my account?
  2. How to Make Dank Work Bot Memer
  3. How to use Dank Memer Bot to Play Games
  4. Guide to using cash and economic commands
  5. Commands for Dank Memer Bot (Tabular Form)

These subjects in this tutorial can be easily navigated by touching on them.

Dank memer bot has a lot of functions, such as cash, games, memes, and so on. I’ve done my best to clarify the games and money aspects that people often find difficult to understand. Depending on demand, I will continue to update this tutorial. If you’d like to see some dank memer feature explanations added to this tutorial, please leave a comment below.


On Discord, how can I add Dank Memer Bot?

With the use of an invite link found on its official website, we can quickly set up dank memer bots on our discord server. You may also add Dank Memer Bot to your account by following the easy steps outlined below. 

How to Install Dank Memer Bot on Discord

STEP 1: In order to add the dank memer bot to your discord server, you must first invite it. From its official website,, you may invite the dank member bot. 


In the center of the webpage, click the Invite Now button.

I’ve also mentioned the Dank Memer Bot’s invite URL. If the invite URL provided below does not work, please visit their official website. 

Dank Memer Bot should be invited.

STEP 2: Select the needed server in which you want the bot to be added once you’ve finished inviting the bot to your discord server.


STEP 3: Select the needed server and click the Continue button.

STEP 4: The dank memer bot will now ask you to provide the bot the necessary permissions in order for it to work properly. When you’ve reviewed the permissions, click the approve button.

1653722806_868_How-to-Use-Dank-Memer-Bot-Discord-Dank-Memer-Commands 1653722808_962_How-to-Use-Dank-Memer-Bot-Discord-Dank-Memer-Commands


The dank memer bot will be uploaded to your server successfully!!




NOTE: The dank memer symbol will appear in the bot area on the left sidebar, and you will also get an automated message with some basic information. 

NOTE: Use the please help command to see whether the bot is up and running. If not, go back to STEP 1 and try again. It’s possible that the bot was not uploaded to the server all at once, or if the server has been offline for some time.

If you run into any problems when using Dank Memer Bot, you may join the Dank Memer Bot official discord server and post about it in the general conversation. There may be other individuals on the server that have had the same issue as you. 

Dank Discord Server for Memer Supporters


How to Make Dank Work Bot Memer on Discord

The dank memer bot is well-known for its economics feature and meme. Melmsie, the inventor of Dank Memer, created this bot since he couldn’t find any good memes on Discord. It was exciting to have money and plunder other users from various servers, therefore the economic system developed in popularity. 

As a result, I’ll show you how to execute simple meme commands, which you can then repeat with additional programs.

On your discord server, the dank memer bot should be correctly configured. While trying to perform the commands, make sure the bot is up and running.

Command Example 1: The ‘pls help’ command is one of the most basic and will provide you with a full list of commands that the bot can handle. 

pls help


Now all you have to do is look up the commands you need in the part where I’ve included all dank memer commands.

Command Example 2: By issuing the command ‘pls meme’, you may utilize Dank Memer Bot to harvest memes from Reddit’s r/meme straight to your server.

pls meme


I believe you now have a fundamental understanding of how to utilize dank memer commands. All you have to do now is scroll down this page. I’ve included all of the commands along with their Descriptions. You may also learn about the economics and gaming in other areas. 


On Discord, how to use the Dank Memer bot [Game Command Guide]

Dank memer bot also has game-playing elements for you to enjoy with your buddies. When I was writing this essay, the dank memer bot had six games installed. Connect4, battle, guess, rps, tictactoe, and trivia are among the games available. Let’s take a look at each of these games individually.



Only one user may play Dank Memer games.

The Guessing Game

Please guess the command. 

In this The Guessing Game you have to guess the correct number from a given range provided by dank memer. You can also take help of hints in the The Guessing Game.


Game of Trivia

Please provide trivia. command

In the Game of Trivia, the dank memer bot will provide you with questions and MCQs you have to guess the right answer to gain the points. 



Games to play with other Dank Memer users

Game of Battles

Please fight @username, command

In the Game of Battles you will be given attack methods and strength. You can type the user name with whom you want to play this game. The first one to lose all the strength loses the game.



RPS Game 

Command – rps @username, please

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is an acronym for Rock Paper Scissors. Simply insert the name of the individual you’d like to play with and enjoy the rock, paper, scissors game.



Game of Tic-Tac-Toe

please tictactoe @username is a command.

Simple and easy Game of Tic-Tac-Toe on dank memer. Each of you will get the turn to mark their symbols which will be decided by the bot.



Connect4 is a fun game to play.

pleas connect4 @username is a command.

Connect4 is a game that you may play with your buddies.  



[Currency Guide] How to utilize currency commands in Dank Memer

One of the most popular features among dank memer bot users is the cash or economics option. Each user has a bank in the currency function, and you may make or lose money from that bank. You may make money by completing tiny activities, but your money is vulnerable to theft, so you must keep it secure.

What are the best ways to get money in Dank Memer?

There are many commands that you can use in dank memer to gain coins such as beg, work, seach, daily, weekly, redeem, slots, gamble, postmeme, steal @user, sell <item name>. Don’t forget to add the prefix in front of them. You can get a Description of all these commands in the all commands list section mentioned below.  Apart from these commands your pet can also find coins for you.

What are your options for these coins?

The coins may be used to purchase products from the store. Also, as the number of money in your bank grows, your server status rises, allowing you to brag to other users about how wealthy you are.

How did you manage to lose the coins?

You might lose your hard-earned money in a variety of ways. You may lose the coin if you die in the game, which can happen if you utilize ‘Please do a search’ and travel to a risky location. Other ways to lose coinage include being robbed, calling the police when there isn’t a theft, the auto lottery taking money from the bank, and so on.

When you die, how can you possibly lose all of your coins?

When you pass away, you lose all of the coins in your wallet. You may die for a variety of circumstances, including bank robbery, robbing someone and their pet attacks you, your pet killing you if you don’t look after it, an active landmine from someone you robbed, a 10% risk of dying from tidepods, or a 5% chance of dying from alcohol consumption.

There are over 50 currency commands, which you may find in the entire commands list sections below. 


Commands for the Dank Memer Bot

Dank memer bot has a large number of commands, including commands for animals, config, cash, fun, games, picture, memey, utility, and many more.

I’ll provide a detailed list of each command, as well as the most often used commands and a reference to categories as needed. 

Prefix Dank Memer

Before you start looking for instructions, you must first understand what a prefix is. A prefix is a term that is specific to each bot and is inserted before a command so that the bot knows when it is being called and what it is supposed to accomplish. 

Dank Memer comes with a prefix by default. 


This prefix must be used before each command. Example

Please, animals, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

We may also modify the prefix from the Discord settings, however this might occasionally result in the bot not operating (as it did for me). Because I forgot the about prefix and assumed the bot was down, be cautious while replacing the prefix.

All Commands for the Dank Memer Bot List

You can find all the Commands for the Dank Memer Bot at their website 

All I’ve done is put the entire memer commands list in a tabular manner so you can quickly reference it. 


Dank Memer’s Hilarious Commands

Command Description
pls 8ball Inquire about your destiny with the magical (and sometimes unpleasant) 8ball!
pls clap <what you want the bot to say> With sass, make the bot say anything you want!
Thank you very much. Check out your official dank score to see how dank you are.
Please remove this. memes that say “deletethis”
pls emojify <what you want the bot to say> Use emojis to make the bot say anything you want!
epicgamerrate, please Find out how much of an awesome player you really are.
Please use gif search keywords. Get some sicc gifs to express your feelings.
Please use Google to search for keywords. Are you tired of people asking you stupid questions? For them, LMGTFY it!
pls imagine <text to imagine> Consider the possibility of imagining anything with a command.
pls lenny Everyone knows who John Lennon is.
pls mock <text to be mocked> Make fun of your friend’s nonsense!
pls owo What is this, owo?
pls partyfrog <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say anything you want in the shape of a party frog!
Rankthot, please Take a look at how thot you are (can be used in an official capacity)
pls waifu Find out how excellent a waifu you are.
@user, please burn me Are you sick of someone? Easy! Simply roast them!
pls say <what you want the bot to say> You can make the bot say whatever you want!
showerthoughts, please In the shower, there are a few things to consider.
Please be considerate. Check out your simpiness with a 100 percent official score.
pls spoiler <what you want the bot to say> Make the bot say whatever you want in the form of a spoiler!
Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Check out how stinky you are.
Please ignore the uselessweb. Visit for a random website.
pls vaporwave <what you want the bot to say> With a little effort, you can make the bot say anything you want.


Command Dank Memer Games

Command Description
pls fight <user> [coins | amount item] Fight till you die!
pls connect4 <user> [coins | amount item] Play a relaxing game of connect four with your friends.
[trivia | tic tac toe | fight | guess | rps | c4] please gamelb View the top ten players in your guild or worldwide. You may get leaderboard information for any of the games in the ‘Games’ category by typing in the name of the game. ‘Trivia’ is the default value.
Please guess the [number]. 10/10 for best guessing game of the year
pls rps <user> With your friends, play a relaxing game of rock, paper, scissors.
pls tictactoe <user> [coins | amount item] Play a game of tic tac toe with your friends.
Please provide trivia. For a chance to earn some coins, answer some trivia questions.


Commands of Dank Memer Meme

Command Description
pls 4chan These 4chan postings are really from Reddit. Get over it, Reddit is a better place to be.
Please don’t make anti-anti-joke jokes. not even amusing
please don’t make a joke it’s not even amusing
Please use the hashtag #blacktwitter. It’s not racist; it’s simply amusing.
chucknorris, please Let’s find out more about God.
please send me comics Check out some of the best new comics from the previous week.
Please make something. Make your own hilarious new memes!
Please use the hashtag #discordmeme. A meme with a Discord theme!
Facepalm, please. Facepalm-inducing pictures
pls joke Take a look at a humorous joke. They’re a hit with Dad!
pls meirl same tbh
pls meme Check out the most popular new memes on Reddit!
Please, memeeconomy, please, please, please, please, please, please, Check out which memes are trending right now.
Please make a prequel. The force is not on their side.
pls pun Is it a joke about dads or a pun? Is there even a distinction?
Please make a sequel. The force is not on their side.
Please be surreal. I’m not sure what to make of them.
pls tifu This time you really messed up.
Please keep it healthy. Memes that are good for the heart
pls xkcd Takes a cartoon from [xkcd]( at random.


Commands of Dank Memer Animals

Command Description
Animals, please View a diverse collection of animals from different subreddits.
pls aww Take a look at some odd lovely stuff.
pls ducc Duck, duck, duck!
kindly ferret Ferrets are adorable. DAMN adorable
pls foxxy Take a look at some foxes!
Please, goosey. Look at these adorable goosies!
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Is there a command to look for owls?
Hoppyboi, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Take a look at these adorable rabbits!
pls kitty Let’s have a look at these adorable kittens!
lizzyboi, please Look at these adorable lizzybois!
pls otter Otters are very adorable.
pupper, please Take a look at these adorable canines!
Redpanda, if you’re reading this, I’d appreciate it Look at these adorable red pandas!


Currency Commands from Dank Memer

Command Description
Please keep the balance. [@user] Check your or someone else’s coin balance. Shows pocket and bank, as well as your available bankspace if you’re utilizing it for yourself.
pls bankrob <@user> It’s time to rob a bank! To participate in the robbery, you’ll need a group of buddies. The more people that participate, the better the possibility of success! If you fail, you will be penalized or maybe killed!
pls beg To “beg” for coins, use this command. You have a 50/50 chance of getting some coins (and sometimes things) and a 50/50 chance of getting nothing at all. (This command’s coins are multiplied by your multiplier.)
pls blackjack <number> Take a gamble and put your blackjack abilities to the test. Please be aware that I am an expert at taking your money.
pls buy <item> [quantity]/[“max”] Purchase currency from the store. Some goods are practical and provide additional functionality, while others are developed only for the sake of selling or collecting, while other others are designed to FLEX on the normies! The store does not sell all of the game’s products.
pls crime See what you can get away with committing a crime! You may choose your criminal art; each one offers its own set of chances for cash, stuff, and even death! (This command’s coins are multiplied by your multiplier.) (This feature is not accessible in the family-friendly mode.)
pls daily Get your daily dose of meme coins here. If you use this command for more than one day in a row, you’ll start a streak that will earn you additional coins! You’ll also earn additional great goodies at certain times along the streak!
pls deposit <number> Take money out of your wallet and deposit it into your bank account! You may also use “max” and “all” as parameters. You can’t deposit more than the amount of bank space you have available, which you can see in your balance.
pls dig See what you can discover by digging in the soil! Occasionally you’ll discover bugs, and sometimes you’ll find more than bugs! This command is affected by horseshoe, and you must have a shovel.
pls fish This command allows you to play a virtual fishing game! You throw your fishing rod (which you may purchase in the store) into the water in the hopes of catching a fish! There’s also a possibility you’ll come across a “boss,” who has more stakes but also a larger prize if you win the mini-game!
pls gift <amount> <item> <@user> This command is used to send stuff to another person! Use the trade command if you wish to trade with greater security.
highlow, please This command allows you to earn cash quickly by guessing whether the number is greater or lower. (This command’s coins are multiplied by your multiplier.)
pls hunt This command is a game of virtual hunting! Take your hunting gun (which you may buy in the store) and try your luck hunting for some animals to sell! Beware, there’s a potential you’ll run across a boss and its mini-game, which might have negative consequences if you lose.
[@user] please inventory Examine your own or someone else’s inventory! If family friendly mode is enabled, several things are excluded.
itemlb, please See who has the most of each item on your server! If someone isn’t showing up, it’s because they haven’t been cached. To appear on the leaderboard, their inventory must update.
Please, lootbox. Selling lootboxes is one of the ways we finance work on our (mainly) FTP bot! This command will take you to a store where you may buy them.
Lottery, please Purchase a lottery ticket; a winner is chosen every hour, and the winner receives all of the entry costs for that hour! You have a one-in-a-million chance of winning at any given hour, regardless of how many people entered. If you win, you’ll get a collectible lottery ticket!
please send me a monthly invoice Get your monthly dose of meme coins here. This amount is subject to fluctuate to keep up with inflation, and it cannot be redeemed with a new account.
Please increase the multiplier [@user] Within the bot, check your current multiplier, including any hidden multipliers you may have unlocked!
pls pet Purchase a virtual pet or interact with one! Some pets have greater stats than others, and their pricing reflect this. If you don’t maintain their affection above 0%, they’ll flee away and you’ll have to get a new pet.
please consider prestige In return for a better multiplier, an unique badge, and a few goods to get you started fresh, this command will delete practically your entire currency profile (wipe coins, items, and more). Prestige requirements are less stringent for premium customers. Additionally, after prestiging, you get a multi boost for a period of time.
@user, please create a profile. This command displays the currency profile of you or another user. If you utilize the choose menu, you can obtain even more specific statistics!
Kindly redeem Redeem your awesome donation incentives on a weekly basis! Donors (through Patreon) and server boosters are the only ones who may use this.
pls remove <item> Remove or deactivate an active item. You will not get the item back after removing it, and certain goods may need payment.
pls rich Find out who the wealthiest users are on your current server! There are no bank leaderboards yet, thus this solely counts pocket coins. Get the robber wishlist if you want a list that is a bit more thief friendly!
pls scratch <bet, table> Scratch-Off for a chance to win anything! This is comparable to the lottery scratch offs sold at petrol stations in the United States, except that the more you gamble, the bigger your payoff (or loss) will be!
Please do a search This command is used to get currency and, on rare occasions, goods! You may choose a location to “search” for items in. Each location offers different possibilities for cash or things, and a couple even have the potential to kill you! (This command’s coins are multiplied by your multiplier.)
pls sell <item> [quantity] Return one of your things to the store for a fraction of its original cost. Not everyone is eligible for resale.
pls share <@user> <quantity> Share a few pennies with a friend! Two things to keep in mind: your account can’t be brand new to utilizing the bot to share, and taxes are deducted based on how much you’re sharing.
Please purchase [item]. Take a look at what’s available in the money shop! Every hour, a new item is added to the sale! With the please shop command, you may examine more particular information about a single item.
pls slots <bet, table> Play a slot machine and see what happens. Please be aware that I am an expert at taking your money. To view potential victory rates, use the table argument!
pls snakeeyes <bet> You place a wager and attempt to get snake eyes (which are two ones on the dice). One eye pays out 1.8 times your wager, while the other pays out 10 times.
pls steal <@user> Take a risk on robbing from someone’s wallet. If you’re detected, you’ll lose your money! If you’re successful, you’ll be able to take anywhere from 20% to 100% of their money! Be aware that there are a number of store products (and creatures) that may guard a player’s money, so be cautious! Furthermore, many servers prohibit this command, or persons may be in passive mode.
pls trade <coins> <item amount> <item name> <@user> For the time being, you can only exchange your money for other people’s things. In the rewrite, this will be less limiting.
Please make use of [item]. To “use” a monetary item, type this command. Some goods are not useable and will be consumed when used.


Config Commands for Dank Memer

Command Description
pls audit <page number> In your server, see who has made changes to Dank Memer’s setup.
please autoresponse [option of autoresponse] On this server, decide whether to activate or disable specific auto replies.
Please turn off [cmd | all]. [#role | #channel] This command may be used to deactivate commands or categories that you don’t want your server to utilize. Things may be disabled by channel, role, or user. Enable takes precedence over disables!
Please enable it. This command may be used to enable commands or categories that have been deactivated. Things may be enabled by user, channel, or role. Enables will take precedence over disables.
pls losslog <page number> Examine how you misplaced your coins.
pls prefix <prefix of your choice> Change the prefix of Dank Memer!
premiumserver, please [insert | delete] Leave the parameters blank to list all of your premium servers, or add or delete the current guild as a premium server. You may delete a premium guild by supplying the ID after’remove,’ for example, ‘pls premiumserver remove [id]’. You can get the ID by displaying your redeemed premium servers.
serverconf [option] please Change server-specific options and other fun things
Please choose [option] from the drop-down menu. User-specific parameters may be tweaked, and there’s also some fun things.

I hope you enjoyed reading the Dank Memer Bot discord guide. In the comment area, you can share your thoughts on the story. If there is a particular element of the dank memer guide that you would want to see added in this post, please let us know in the comments. 

Dank Memer Bot Discord is a command-line tool that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store. Dank Memer is a command-line tool that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store. Reference: dank memer discord.

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