How to Use Dyno Bot Discord [ Dyno Bot Commands Guide ]

Dyno Bot is a Discord bot that can help you with various tasks. In this guide, we’ll cover how to get started and use the DynoBot commands by giving practical examples of what they do in your normal everyday chat.

Dyno Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to do almost anything. The commands are quite simple and easy to use. Dyno Bot has a dashboard where you can see what commands it has available, as well as the commands of other users in your server.

The Dyno Bot is a Discord bot with the ability to moderate servers. It’s a completely customisable bot with a basic but intuitive online interface for managing your Discord server. The slogan of Dyno Bot’s official page is “The Discord Bot that Does It All.” Moderation, autoroles, music playing, anti-spam, response roles, automod, starboard, web configuration, and more capabilities are included in Dyno Bot, which lives up to its slogan. 

Dyno Bot’s home page provides visitors with an impartial and entirely fair list of servers to explore and join. The Dyno Bot is now installed on over 4 million machines. There are constantly fresh upgrades and additions added to it, and the majority of these changes are made in response to user requests. 

On the Dyno bot site – – you may browse the numerous servers offered.



It’s easy to add the Dyno bot to your Discord server. It simply takes a few mouse clicks to complete.

STEP 1: The first step is to visit the Dyno Bot’s official website. You may either do a Google search for “Dyno bot” or go straight to their official website, which is


STEP 2: On the previous page, click the red “Login with Discord” button. This will take you to Discord and prompt you for a username and password.

STEP 3: You will be asked for certain common permissions, including authorisation for access to your discord account, after signing in to Discord or if you are already signed in. To continue the procedure, choose ‘yes.’ 

STEP 4: The Dyno bot will now have full access to your account, and you will be sent to Dyno’s dashboard to control your servers. 


STEP 5: The dashboard will display all of the servers that you have permission to administer. You may choose which server the Dyno bot will be added to. This will take you back to Discord, where you will be prompted to grant Dyno bot access to join your server. 

STEP 6: To add the Dyno bot to your server, click approve. After that, you’ll get the notice below in your #general chat room, verifying that the Dyno bot has been added to your server.


After you’ve linked the Dyno bot to your server, a web dashboard will appear where you can control all of your bot’s settings as well as activate or disable the Dyno bot’s numerous modules. Your server’s dashboard will look somewhat like this:


When you scroll down, you’ll see a ‘Modules’ area where you may customize the Dyno bot’s many modules and features. All of these modules may be enabled and disabled, or you can examine the commands provided by each module by clicking on ‘COMMANDS.’ You may also use this method to enable/disable any command/s from any module/s. When you click the ‘SETTINGS’ button beneath any module, you’ll be sent to its settings, where you may perform a variety of things related to that module. For example, you may configure messages that will be delivered automatically to a certain channel at a specific time in the “Auto Message” module settings, as well as how many times that message will be sent to that channel at a specific interval apart.  



The Dyno bot contains a lot of commands for a variety of different purposes because to its large amount of features. The instructions in Discord are only performed when the prefix ‘?’ has been added to them. The ‘addmod’ command, for example, is used to add a moderator position. To carry out this command, type:

?additionalmod [role]


With the Dyno bot, you may employ a variety of modules. Each of these modules has its own set of instructions that allow it to perform a certain purpose. We’ve included all of the commands from all of the modules that may be used in the Dyno bot below.


Command Description Usage
?help Find out more about Dyno or a command. ?assistance (command)
?info Find out more about the bot. ?info
?ping Get the response time in milliseconds by pinging the bot. ?ping
?premium Find out more about Dyno Premium. ?premium
?stats Obtain information about the bot’s statistics. ?stats
?uptime Get the bot’s current status. ?uptime



Command Description Usage
?addmod A moderator position should be added. ?additionalmod [role]
?addrole Create a new server role with color and hoist options. ?addrole (hex color) (addrole) (addrole) (addrole) (addrole) (addrol (hoist)
?announce Use the bot to make an announcement. [channel]?announce [message]
?automod Set the automod options. ?automod
?clearwarn Users have issued clear warnings. [user]?clearwarn
?command A command may be enabled or disabled. ?command?command?command?command?command?command
?delmod Remove a moderator or the position of a moderator. ?delmod [role]?delmod [role]?delmod [rol
?delrole Remove a server role from the system. ?delrole [role]?delrole [role]?delrole [
?ignorechannel For a channel, toggles command use. (Moderators and managers are unaffected.) ?ignorechannel [channel] is a command that ignores a channel.
?ignorerole For a role, toggles command use. (Moderators and managers are unaffected.) ?ignorerole [role]?ignorerole [role]?ignorerole
?ignoreuser A user’s command use is toggled. ? [user] ignoreuser (reason)
?listmods List of moderators and their responsibilities. ?listmods
?mentionable Toggles whether or not a job is mentionable. ?unmentioned [role]
?module A module may be enabled or disabled. ?module [module] [module] [module] [module] [module
?modules List all of the modules that are available. ?modules
?nick Change the bot’s moniker. ?nick [insert new nickname here]
?prefix Get your server’s existing prefix or create a new one. ?suffix (new prefix)
?purge Remove many messages from a channel. (maximum 1000 characters) ?purge [number]
?role Control a user’s roles. ?role [user]?role [user]?role [user] [role title]
?rolecolor A role’s color may be changed. [role]?rolecolor [color hex]
?rolename A role’s name may be changed. ?rolename [role], [new name]?rolename [role], [new name]?rolename [rol
?setnick A user’s nickname may be changed. [user]?setnick [new moniker]



Command Description Usage
?ban A member has been banned. (limit)?ban [user] (reason)
?case Show a one example of moderation. ?case [number of case]
?clean Cleaning up the bot answers is a must. ?delicious (count)
?clearnotes Delete all of a member’s notes. [user]?clearnotes
?customs Custom Commands may be listed, shown, enabled, or disabled. ?customs
?deafen A member is deafened. [user]?deafen (reason)
?delnote Delete all of a member’s notes. [user]?delnote [Note Identifier]
?delwarn Remove a single member’s warning. ?delwarn [warning ID]?delwarn [warning ID]?delwarn [
?diagnose To see whether there are any issues with any command or module in the bot, diagnose it. [command or module]?diagnose
?duration Change how long a timed penalty lasts. [modlog ID]?duration [new restriction]
?editnote Make changes to a member’s note. ?editnote [user] [Note Identifier] [note]
?ignored List the channels, roles, and users that have been overlooked. ?ignored
?kick Kick a teammate. ?kick [user]?kick [user]?kick [user] (reason)
?lock A channel may be locked. (limit)?lock [channel] (reason)
?lockdown Channels identified in the moderation settings are locked. ?shutdown (optional message)
?members List the people who have been assigned to a role or duties. [role]?members
?moderations Get a list of all current timed moderations and how much time is left. ?moderations
?modlogs Get a list of a user’s moderation logs. [user]?modlogs
?modstats Get a moderator’s or administrator’s moderating statistics (may take up to 30 minutes to update). [user]?modstats
?mute A member may be muted, which means they won’t be able to write. (limit)?mute [user] (reason)
?note Make a note about a certain member. ?remark [user] [note]
?notes Get a user’s notes. ?remarks [user]
?reason Give an explanation for a case in the moderation log. ?reason [Insert case number] [reason]
?rolepersist Assign/unassign a position that stays with the user even if they leave and come back. ? [user] [role], rolepersist (reason)
?softban A member may be softbanned (ban and immediately unban to delete their messages). [user]?softban (reason)
?temprole For a short period, assign/unassign a role that will continue even if the user leaves and returns. [user]?temprole [time] [position] (reason)
?unban UnA member has been banned. ?remove [user’s] ban (reason)
?undeafen UnA member is deafened. [user]?undeafen (reason)
?unlock UnA channel may be locked. ?open [channel] (reason)
?unmute Remove a member’s silent status. ?unmute [user]?unmute [user]?unmute [user (reason)
?warn Make a member aware of the situation. ?alert [user] (reason)
?warnings Get a user’s warnings. [user]?warnings


MISCELLANEOUS COMMANDS are a set of commands that may be used in a variety of situations.

Command Description Usage
?afk When you’re named, set an AFK status to show up. afk? (status)
?avatar Get your own or another user’s avatar. avatar> (user)
?botlist Returns a list of Carbonitex bots sorted by server counts. listofbots (page)
?color Use the hex code to display a color. ?color [hexadecimal code]
?covid COVID-19 statistics may be found here. [Country or State]?covid
?discrim This method returns a list of users that match a discriminator. ?discipline (discriminator)
?distance To get the distance between two sets of coordinates, use the formula below. ?distance [coords] [coords]
?dynoavatar Make a Dyno-style avatar. ?dynoavatar=============== (user)
?emotes Get a list of emojis for the server. emotes emotes emotes emote (search)
?inviteinfo Find out more about a Discord invite. [invite code]?inviteinfo
?membercount Get the current server’s membercount. ?membercount
?randomcolor Provides a glimpse of a random hex color. ?randomcolor
?remindme Make a note of it. ?remindme [of the period] [reminder]
?roll Toss a die. ?roll (number of dice) (size) (number of dice) (number of dice) (number of dice) (
?rps With the bot, play rock, paper, scissors. ?rps [option]
?serverinfo Find more more about the current server. ?serverinfo
?whois Obtain information about a certain user. who are you? (user)



Command Description Usage
?cat Obtain some adorable cat images. ?cat
?country Find out more about a nation. ?country [country code] is a placeholder for a country code.
?dadjoke I’ll tell you a joke about a father. ?dadjoke
?dog Obtain some adorable dog images. ?dog
?flip Toss a coin. ?flip
?github Find out more about a GitHub repository. [repo name]?github (owner/)
?itunes Find out more about a song on iTunes. ?itunes [title of song]
?norris Take a chance on a Chuck Norris fact. ?norris
?pokemon Find out all there is to know about a Pokémon. ?[name of a Pokemon]
?poll Create a poll that others may vote on. “[message]” “[choice 1]” “[choice 2]”?poll “[message]” “[choice 1]” “[choice 2]”
?pug Get some adorable pug photos. ?pug
?space Find out all you need to know about the International Space Station. ?space



Command Description Usage
?addrank Add a new rank that may be joined. ?addrank (hex color)?addrank (hex color)?addrank (hex color)?addrank (hex (hoist)
?delrank Delete a joinable rank that already exists. ?delrank [name]?delrank [name]?delrank [name
?rank Join or depart a rank that may be joined. ?name [rank]
?ranks Get a list of ranks that you may join. ?ranks
?roleinfo Find out more about a position. [role]?roleinfo
?roles Obtain a list of available server roles. ?positions (search)



Command Description Usage
?tag A tag may be obtained, created, edited, or deleted. ?tag [tag name]?tag [tag name]?tag [tag name]
?tags Obtain a tag list. ?tagging (search)



Command Description Usage
?slowmode Slowmode may be enabled or disabled on a channel. ?slowmode


You can also view individual instructions supplied by the Dyno Bot’s modules on this page on the Dyno Bot’s website – 



There is just one method to get rid of the Dyno bot on your server–:

  1. You can kick the Dyno bot out of the server by right-clicking on the Dyno bot icon in the right sidebar and selecting ‘Kick Dyno.’
  2. Right-click on the Dyno bot on the right sidebar and pick the ‘Ban Dyno’ option from the menu if you wish to delete the Dyno bot so that no one else can add it to the server.



The Dyno Bot may have troubles at times, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be the result of a total discord server outage; if this is the case, check the discord status page.

You may also check the status of the Dyno bot on its website – – to see whether it is operational, or if there is a partial or severe outage.

The Dyno Bot does not reply to any orders – This might be due to Dyno Bot not having the necessary permissions. In order to read messages and reply effectively, the Dyno bot requires View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links access in that channel.

As a result, double-check that the Dyno bot has enough rights (This can be done in the Settings tab).

Whether the Dyno bot still doesn’t react after following the instructions above, check to see if you changed the Dyno bot’s default prefix, which is ‘?’.


The “how to delete messages using dyno” is a general question about the Discord chat bot. The Dyno Bot will allow users to delete messages from their server.

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