How to Use Epic RPG Bot Discord [ Epic RPG Commands Guide ]

The Epic RPG Bot is a Discord bot that has commands in multiple games, including Minecraft and Fortnite. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the Epic RPG Bot and how it can be of use for your gaming group or server.

The “epic rpg bot commands” is a game that has been around for a while. It is still one of the most popular games on Discord. This guide will teach you how to use Epic RPG Bot Discord.

The Epic RPG Bot, which has piqued the curiosity of the gaming community, is one of the most well-known and intriguing bots of all time on Discord servers. The bot was first released in March 2019 on Discord, and since then it has gathered a lot of attention and followers among Discord servers. It is an incredible feat of the bot that it has been added to over one million servers and continues to be the first pick of the majority of servers on Discord.


Discord Features of Epic RPG Bot

The bot, on the other hand, has become very famous owing to a variety of factors, including several fantastic and unique features that have attracted a large global audience. Dungeons, gambling, loot boxes, leaderboards, and PvP are just a few of the wonderful RPG elements that the bot has to offer. The bot also features a fantastic economy function, which has drawn a lot of attention from its users. Fighting battles, leveling up, and receiving prizes are all part of how epic RPGs work.

Dungeon fights and dungeon bosses are among the conflicts. Aside from the benefits offered by the bot, winning fights and killing monsters grants players access to new and astonishing commands that are more entertaining and complex. In terms of the bot’s contents, it comprises a total of fifteen dungeons, giving its customers a greater range of options for playing games in various dungeons, each time experiencing a new and distinct dungeon. The bot’s fights are entertaining and appealing. They’re worth a shot, even if they’re basic, and they can keep you hooked for hours.

Along with them, the bot, like all other Discord bots, gives a collection of wonderful commands, all of which are brilliantly organized for each of the bot’s features. You may also use the “RPG help” command to see all of the commands that the bot has to provide all at once.


How to Invite or Add Epic RPG Bot to Your Server

Use the following URL to invite the Epic RPG bot to your server: Invite. Follow the instructions below to correctly add and set up the Epic RPG Bot.

STEP 1: Select the Invite Button from the menu above.

STEP 2: Choose the server to which the Epic RPG bot will be added.

Choose an Epic RPG bot server.

STEP 3: Grant the Epic RPG bot the permissions it needs to function successfully.

STEP 4: Complete the Captcha puzzle.

STEP 5: Return to the Discord server where the Epic RPG bot was installed. The Epic RPG bot message will be shown in the general text channel.

You’ve added the Epic RPG bot to your Discord server successfully!!

Also, I’ll recommend joining Epic RPG Bot’s support community group so that if you have any issues with the bot, you may seek assistance from the community – Epic RPG Bot Support Server.


What is Epic RPG Bot Discord and How Do I Use It?

The basic goal of the game is to progress to higher levels in order to gain strength and unlock new instructions. There are 15 areas in all, and you begin at area #1.

HOW DO YOU PLAY? With hunts and adventures, you may earn XP and COINS, and you can track your progress with your profile. WARNING! If you die, you will lose a level! When your HP is low, use heal.

COINS AND ITEMS To create equipment or trade, get materials with chop and fish! In the store, use your currency. Get extra coins and things by voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting, voting

AREAS AND DUNGEONS Purchase a dungeon key and enter with dungeon when you’re ready! You’ll be able to go on to the next region if you slay the boss! Each zone reveals new commands, objects, recipes, enemies, boosts, and a more difficult dungeon.

MORE All commands should be double-checked using help! There’s still a lot more to accomplish. You may earn prizes by voting for the bot (command vote). Make certain you read the regulations.


RPG Bot Commands that are Epic

rpg help [command/item/event] for more information. Before each command, type rpg.

Profile, inventory, professions, cooldowns, quest, horse, top, title, and achievements are all statistics commands.

Hunt, adventure, heal, duel [@player], dungeon [@players], arena, miniboss are all fighting commands.

shop, lootbox, open, buy, sell, use, gift, trade, epic-shop are all economy commands.

Commands that work recipes, cut, fish, construct [item], disassemble [item]

Dice [$], cups [$], blackjack [$], slots [$], cf [h/t] [$], lottery are all gambling instructions.

More daily, weekly, and monthly prizes, as well as opportunities to vote, code, and give

Higher-level locations unlock new commands.

enchant, area [#], training axe, net, pickup ladder, guild, farm mine, multidice @player [$], cook [item] enchant, area [#], training axe, net, pickup ladder, guild, farm mine, multidice @player [$], cook [item] a bowsaw, a boat, a refiner’s pickaxe, a large arena tractor, and a wheel [$] ultraining, badge transmute, hunt hardmode, chainsaw, bigboat drill, not so mini boss time travel, forge, greenhouse dynamite, pets, ultraining, badge transmute hardmode adventure transcendence, hyper time travel



Today, Discord is the most well-known and fastest-growing community. To go back in time, discord was the major source of gathering for primary players in its early phases.

With the passage of time, many more niches arose on Discord, giving it a large platform for joining groups connected to practically any topic on the planet. As a result, the epic RPG bot’s massive success may be attributed to its target demographic of gamers. This discord bot mainly focuses on providing services that best fit gamers, and according to the discord database, the gaming community is one of the most popular on the platform, and as a result, the epic RPG bot became well-known to such a large audience.

When it comes to the bot’s rivals, the bot has been putting up a good battle against them and is still the preferred option of a large number of servers over Discord. As a result, if you’re a gamer, the bot is the most premium option to test out and appreciate its great and unique features. 


The “epic rpg reminder bot” is a Discord bot that will remind you when your epic quest starts. It also has a ton of commands to help you on your journey.

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