How to Use Groovy Bot Discord [ Groovy Bot Commands Guide ]

A Discord bot is a tool that can be run by anyone and made to do various things, such as play music or make your status visible. It can also be used in game servers for moderation purposes. In this guide, we will show you how to use a Groovy Bot on your server

The “rythm bot commands” is a Discord bot that allows you to use the commands on the server. The commands are divided into categories and can be used by typing them in chat or by using the command list.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Groovy Bot on Discord to play, add, and delete music from your voice channel using Groovy Bot Commands.

The groovy bot enables discord users to contribute songs to the discord server’s music channel. The groovy bot allows you to do things like add songs to a queue, add playlists from sites like YouTube or Spotify, and more, all with easy instructions. The groovy bot has several capabilities comparable to music players, as well as those that aren’t, such as pause, resume, play, queue, next, back, clear, jump, shuffle, and more, all of which can be done on your discord server.


 How can I install Groovy Bot on my server?

It’s easy to add a Groovy bot. Take the actions outlined below –

STEP 1: Go to Groovy Bot’s official website. You may either do a Google search for “groovy bot” or go straight to their official website,

STEP 2: When you’re on Groovy Bot’s official website, click on the pink “Add to Discord” button in the top left corner, or click on “Add to Discord” in the upper right corner. The groovy bot will be invited to your server as a result of this.


STEP 3: After clicking “Add to Discord,” you’ll be prompted to login in to your Discord account. You must pick the discord server to which you wish to add the groovy bot once you have registered in or are already logged in to the discord. 


STEP 4: After you’ve chosen the server to which you’d want to add the Groovy bot, you’ll be prompted to provide permission access. It will be given administrator access by default; however, if you don’t want the bot to have total access to your server, you may untick the box. After that, click the Authorize button. 

The groovy bot has been installed to your discord server successfully!! The groovy bot confirmation message will appear on the right sidebar. 

To use the groovy bot, you must first establish a voice channel on the discord server; if you already have one, you may use the groovy bot command directly.

The “+” button above the other tab will bring up the create channel dashboard, where you may build the voice channel. The voice channel is selected, then clicked to create the channel. Follow this instructions to build a Discord server if you want to make a voice channel.

Now that you have the voice channel, you may utilize the groovy bot’s commands. 

Groovy Bot: What Happened to Him? Is Groovy Bot going away?

YouTube has sent a stop and desist notice to the inventors of Groovy Bot. Groovy Bot used the YouTube API to provide music to its millions of subscribers. This method, however, is in violation of YouTube API developer regulations. As a result, Groovy will have to shut down its bot on August 30th, 2021, and the bot will be unavailable from then on.

This message may be found on the Groovy Community Server.


It is with with sadness that I announce Groovy’s demise today. The team has been debating this for quite some time, and there is currently no way ahead that incorporates Groovy. Groovy’s service will expire on August 30th. Premium subscribers who purchased for service after this date will be refunded in the coming weeks.

@ravy has responded to a number of crucial Groovy Server FAQs.

  1. Source code written in Groovy? We have no plans to open-source Groovy. Copyright owners have already launched attacks against open-source repositories, and we don’t want to be a part of it.
  2. Isn’t it possible to utilize a different platform? That’s only postponing the inevitable. This has shown that what we’re doing is problematic, and other platforms will most likely follow YouTube’s lead.
  3. What can I do to help? Just stay here & follow news – while Groovy isn’t going to here be for long, the people behind it are. We’ll be working on other cool things.
  4. Will Groovy be phased out? No, it’ll most likely be unavailable.

Groovy’s departure is especially sad to me, since Groovy was one of Discord’s greatest music bots.

How can I uninstall Groovy from my server?

With the kick option, you may simply remove Groovy Bot from the server. Follow the steps below to remove Groovy Bot from your Discord server:

STEP 1: Open your Discord account and choose a server.

STEP 2: In the right sidebar of that particular server, right-click on the Groovy bot logo or name.



Also, if you communicated with the bot in any channel, you may right-click on the channel’s logo or name.

STEP 3: You’ll notice a kicking option. When you click it, the bot will be removed from your server.


If you wish to remove the bot role from your permission group, go to your roles menu and delete it.


To kick it, you must have greater rights and privileges than the bot.

What are any Groovy Bot alternatives?

There’s a possibility the second music bot will have the same outcomes as the Groovy Bot. The Rythm bot, which is the second greatest music bot after Groovy, has said that it has no intentions to shut down. I’ve included numerous wonderful groovy bot alternatives and will continue to update the list; in the meanwhile, you may try the music bots listed below.

After Groovy, Rythm Bot is the second most popular music bot. It includes all of the same functions as the Groovy Bot, including play, stop, restart, loop, queue, and so on. You should definitely give it a go as a replacement for Groovy.

Hydra Bot – Hydra is a fantastic music bot as well. Like previous music bots, it will connect to the voice channel and play music. The coolest part of Hydra Bot is that you can control the songs and queue using emotes located under the song thumbnail.

Octave Bot — The same people that operate the Dank Memer Bot also run Octave Bot (one of the largest discord bot). Originally, Dank Memer had a music element, but they eventually decided to split it out into a distinct music bot (octave bot).

The Mee6 Bot is a multi-purpose bot. It’s an excellent moderation bot that can also play music.

For a detailed comparison of features and advantages, see the list of Best music discord bots in 2021.

In Discord, How to Use Groovy Bot Commands


Play Command — With the “-play” or “-p” command, you can play any music on the voice channel. For example, if you put “-listen to Despacito” into the voice channel, the bot will automatically begin playing the Despacito music while you are within the voice channel, pause the song when you left the channel, and continue when you return. 

-listen to Despacito

You have the option of playing the music by name or by using the link. For example, you may specify “-play link” and then add a playlist link from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or another service. 


Queue Command – You can queue the songs by adding them one after another with the “play” command. For example, if you write commands “-listen to Despacito” and then “-play timber” then Despacito will start to play on the voice channel and timber will be put onto the queue as the next song to be played. You can easily see the songs which are currently playing and which songs are in queue with the “-q” or “-queue” command. 

current track -queue 1) Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yank – Despacito 4:28 remaining on the current track 2) Pitbull feat. Ke$ha – Timber 3:35 This is the last person in line!

Prefixes for Basic Groovy Bot Commands

Groovy may join your voice channel with the join command (-join/-j).


Join Command (-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-join/-jo This command removes the bot from the voice channel and clears the songs in the queue.


Skip the current song and play the next song in the queue using the Next Command (-next/-n/-skip).


Next Command (-next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next/next Skip the current song and listen to the one before it in the queue.


The pause command (-pause) stops the music from playing.


The resume command (-resume/-unpause) works in the opposite way as the pause command. Play the music from the Queue that was previously stopped.


Clear Command (-clear): Deletes all tracks currently in the queue.


If available, the Lyrics Command (-lyrics/-ly) displays the song’s lyrics.


Shuffle Command (-shuffle/-shuff/-shuf/-randomize/-randomise): selects music from the queue at random.


Song Command (-song/-nowplaying/-np): Displays information about the currently playing song in the queue.


-jump/-j/-goto -jump/-j/-goto -jump/-j/-goto -jump Skip the current song and go straight to the next one in the queue.


Groovy Bot Commands has additional commands.

The premium edition of the groovy bot has a variety of functions and instructions, including speed, pitch, volume, bass boost, audio effects, and more.

How can I get rid of a funky music from my queue?

[Groovy Bot -clear & -remove Command]

You may remove, delete, or clear a single song, numerous songs, or the whole queue. There are many methods for doing so — 

1. The -clear command may be used to fully erase or empty the whole queue of music.


2. The -remove command, followed by the song name or number, may be used to remove a single song from the queue. I used the song’s title as an example in the illustration. You may remove a song from the queue by pressing the number in front of the song.



3. After the -remove range command, write the beginning and ending song numbers in the queue to delete several songs from the list.



How can I get rid of groovy from my voice channel? 

[Leave Command – Groovy Bot]

You may delete Groovy from the server using one of two methods:

1. To remove Groovy from the server, just enter the -leave command on the voice channel, and the groovy bot will exit.


2. If you right-click on the groovy bot icon, you’ll get a menu option to disconnect the groovy bot.


3. Right-click on the groovy bot and pick the block option from the menu to prevent anybody from adding the groovy bot to the channel again. Take a look at the image in the preceding example.

What Other Platforms Can Groovy Bot Be Used With?

You may use the Groovy Bot to play music by entering the song’s name or a link to the song. The Groovy Bot supports the following platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Deezer
  • Apple Music is a service that allows you to listen
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Clyp
  • Mixer
  • Bandcamp
  • audio file (direct download)
  • Attachment to a message

Some sites may not enable you to stream tracks directly. We’ll go through how to stream the music from any of the platforms available, and we’ll use Spotify as an example, but the same principles apply to any other site. 

Method 1: Incorporating the track information

By including the Spotify song URL in the add command, the groovy bot may play the music. The Spotify API may then ask Spotify to see what’s behind the link, which the groovy bot can identify. 

Method 2: Uploading everything to YouTube

While Spotify does not allow for direct audio streaming, YouTube does. The groovy bot searches YouTube’s metadata for the closest match to the song you specified.

Method 3: Providing Discord with Audio

You may send audio files to Discord, and Discord will listen to them. The bot will then play the file on the voice channel afterwards. 

What’s the best way to get my Discord bot to work?

The Groovy Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be the result of a total discord server outage; if this is the case, check the discord status page. 

Also, make sure you’ve given the groovy bot enough access, which you can do in the settings page. 

If the groovy bot still doesn’t react after following the instructions above, ensure sure you haven’t changed the default prefix for the groovy bot. 

“How to Use Groovy Bot Discord” is a blog post that covers how to use the “Groovy Bot Commands Guide”. The article will teach you about using the bot with YouTube. Reference: how to use groovy bot with youtube.

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