How to Use Hydra Bot Music Discord [ Hydra Bot Commands ]

Hydra is a Discord music bot that we all know and love. However, there are certain commands you need to be familiar with in order to use the best out of this incredible service easily. Here’s our guide on how to use Hydra Bot Music!

The “hydra bot discord” is a popular Discord server that allows users to use the “Hydra Bot Commands”. The commands are used to create music, play games and more.

The Ultimate Guide to With the Hydra Music Bot on Discord to play, add, and delete music from your voice channel using Hydra Bot Commands.

The Hydra bot enables Discord users to contribute songs to the Discord server’s music channel. The hydra bot allows you to do things like add music to a queue, add playlists from sites like YouTube or Spotify, and more, all with easy instructions. The hydra bot has several capabilities comparable to music players, as well as those that aren’t, such as pause, resume, play, queue, next, back, clear, jump, shuffle, and more, all of which can be done on your discord server.

This handbook is divided into four sections.

  1. How can I invite/add Hydra Bot to my account? (Helping Hand to people trying Hydra for the first time)
  2. How to Create a Song Request Channel and Use It (Guide for Hydra Bot Song Request Channel is a channel where you may request songs from Hydra Bot)
  3. What Is Hydra Bot And How Do I Use It? (A Complete how-to guide for Hydra Bot like How to add playlist, skip or stop the song, How to use a queue, and many more)
  4. List of all Hydra Bot Commands (A Neat Tabular list for all commands in Hydra for you to reference)

I’ve done my best to supply you with as much information on the Hydra bot as possible, which will be quite beneficial when you use it. This guide covers all of the available Hydra bot how-tos. The How-to also includes images of several commands that I tried out on my own Discord channel. If there’s anything more you’d want to see in this guide, let us know in the comments area. 


How can you get Hydra Bot to work on your server?

Hydra Bot may be added to Discord by simply inviting it from the bot’s official webpage. The necessary methods for adding the Hydra Bot to the server and getting it functioning are listed below. To add and utilize Hydra in your Discord server, follow the instructions below.

Hydra Bot should be invited.

How-to-Use-Hydra-Bot-Music-Discord-Hydra-Bot STEP 1: Go to to access the Hydra Bot website. 

STEP 2: Next to the Support Button, click the Invite Button. If you have any problems, please use the Hydra Bot Invite Link at the top of the page.


STEP 3: Click Continue after selecting the server to which the Hydra Bot should be added.


STEP 4: Continue with the Authorize Button after reading the Permissions.



STEP 5: Enter the captcha code.


STEP 6: The Hydra Bot dashboard will be shown. 

Customize the prefix, modify the language, create a DJ role, set Voice Channel, Non DJ limits, Configuration Settings, and Announcement Settings in the Hydra Bot Dashboard. Hydra Bot Commands may also be used for all of the following.

STEP 7: Go to the Discord server where you welcomed the Hydra Bot and look in the General Text Channel for Hydra Bot Message.

STEP 8: You may use the @hydra command to verify whether the bot is active and online.


The Hydra Bot has been added to your Discord server successfully!! The Hydra Bot symbol will be shown on the right sidebar.

Also, I’ll recommend joining the Bot, Octave support community group so that if you have any problems with the bot, you can get assistance from the community – Hydra Bot Support Server.

 Hydra Bot Song Request Channel is a channel where you may request songs from Hydra Bot

The Hydra Song request channel will generate a second text channel that will be used only for Hydra Bot interaction. The Hydra Song request channel has the advantage of preventing other users from spamming Hydra Bot instructions over other text channels. Another fantastic feature of the song request channel is that you may play a song by just typing the title of the song into the channel. 

The Hydra bot instructions will not react until the bot bot is specifically summoned in that text channel when the Hydra Song request channel is setup. 


How to Create Hydra Bot Song Request Channel is a channel where you may request songs from Hydra Bot?

Follow the Steps Below to create Hydra Bot Song Request Channel is a channel where you may request songs from Hydra Bot. 

STEP 1: In the general text channel, type.setup commands.



STEP 2: A new text channel will be formed with the subject “Hydra Song Requests.” 



How to Use Hydra Bot Song Request Channel is a channel where you may request songs from Hydra Bot?

STEP 1: Become a member of a Voice Channel. By clicking on the channels with a speaker symbol, you may simply join a voice channel.


STEP 2: Become a member of the Voice Channel. Voice connected will appear at the bottom of the right sidebar.


STEP 3: To play music on the Song Request Channel, just input the song’s title. 



STEP 4: To build a queue, put the names of all the songs you wish to include in the queue, and it will be created automatically.


STEP 5: To control the queue, utilize the emotes below. The songs in the queue may be paused, resumed, skipped, looped, unlooped, shuffled, added to favorites, and cancelled. 

STEP 6: To manage the queue, you may now use basic phrases like next, pause, resume, and so on. Some command terms that you may use in the server are listed below.

Help, lyrics, ping, play, playlist, premiumstatus, queue, search, songinfo, and vote are all commands that everyone may use. skip DJ’s instructions clear, leave, loop, move, pause, remove, replay, resume, seek, shuffle, skip, and stop are all words that may be used to describe a process. announce, ban, cleanup, fix, language, limit, playlists, prefix, requester, setdj, setup, setvc, unban are all admin commands.

Note: You may use the Hydra Bot complete commands syntax to get the same results. 

How to Use The Hydra Bot On Discord

First and foremost, ensure that the discord bot has been added to the relevant server and that you are connected to any voice channel on that server. 

Let’s get started with some Hydra bot basics.


How to Use Hydra Bot to Play Music in Discord

STEP 1: Become a member of a Voice Channel. By clicking on the channels with a speaker symbol, you may simply join a voice channel.


STEP 2: Become a member of the Voice Channel. Voice connected will appear at the bottom of the right sidebar.


STEP 3: Put on some music. You may use the command ‘.play’ followed by a song name or a link from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other sources.


Despacito is a great song to listen to. Never say never in the game

STEP 4: Click to see the music in the Queue. command ‘queue’



There are a number of commands related to playing music that are included in the commands section of this page.


How can I get rid of the music in hydra?

To remove songs from the queue, you may use one of two major commands.

.remove <song number>



.remove range <from> <to>


How to use Discord Hydra to play a Spotify playlist

To Listen to the Spotify Playlist Simply place a Spotify playlist URL before the ‘.play’ command.

.play 37i9dQZF1DWWQRwui0ExPn


How to break the hydra’s loop

You may make advantage of. To halt the queue’s loop, use the loop off command.

.stop looping

List of all Hydra Bot Commands

All of the Hydra bot commands may be found at

Everyone Commands the Hydra Bot

Commands Description
.help  The help menu is shown.
.lyrics The lyrics for the currently playing song are shown.
.lyrics <song title> The specified song’s lyrics are shown.
.ping The bot’s latency is shown.
.ping ws  The bot’s websocket latency is shown. The bot’s rest latency is shown.
.play <song name/url> [flags] Make a song.
.play format The message’s associated file is played.
.playlist  Play the default playlist you’ve saved.
list of.playlists Make a list of all the playlists you’ve saved.
.playlist show <playlist name> [page number] Show the songs from the playlist you’ve supplied.
.playlist song save <url> Add a song to your default playlist or a playlist you’ve created.
.playlist song delete <songId> Remove a song from your default or custom playlist.
.premiumstatus Show the premium status of the user and the server.
.queue The queue is shown.
.queue <page number> Display a specified queue page.
.search <song name>  It does a search and allows you to choose a song.
.songinfo  Displays information about the music currently being played.
.songinfo <song number> Displays information about a certain song in the queue.
.voteskip Allows you to vote on whether or not to skip the current track.


DJ Commands for the Hydra Bot

Commands Description
.clear  The current queue is cleared.
.leave The bot is disconnected from its current speech channel.
.loop  All three loop modes are cycled through (queue, song, off).
queue.loop The queue should be looped.
song.loop The current song will be looped.
.stop looping  Looping should be disabled.
.move <song number> Move the music you’ve chosen to the front of the line.
.move <from> <to> Place the chosen music in the designated spot.
.move swap <from> <to> Change the order of the tracks in the queue.
last.move  Place the final track in the queue at the top of the list.
.pause The currently playing song is paused.
.remove <song number> Remove a certain song from the playlist.
.cleanup.remove.remove.remove Users who have left the voice channel get their songs removed.
.remove doubles from the equation Remove songs from the queue that are duplicates.
.remove range <from> <to>  Remove a group of tunes from the playlist.
.replay Play the current song once again.
.resume  The currently stopped music is resumed.  Attempts to locate a certain spot in the current music.
.shuffle Rearrange the line.
.fair shuffle The queue is shuffled equitably across users who have songs in the queue.
.skip  This option allows you to skip the current song.
.skip <trackNumber> Skips forward in the queue to a certain track.
.stop Remove the player from the game and empty the queue.


Admin Commands for the Hydra Bot

Commands  Description
.announce Turn on/off the sending of currently playing messages.
delete.announce Toggle on/off deletion of currently playing messages
.ban <user> Allows you to restrict who may operate the bot.
.cleanup Delete all bot and command messages.
.fix Attempts to correct the server region.
.language Displays the currently selected language.
list of languages List all languages that are accessible.
.language set <language key> On your server, change the language.
.limit Display the current set of restrictions.
.limit song <song amount> For non-DJs, set a song restriction per user.
.mm:s mm:s mm:s mm:s mm:s mm Set a song time restriction for non-DJs.
.reset song limit For non-DJs, the song limit per user should be reset.
.reset time limit Non-DJs should have their song time limits reset.
.reset limit Reset all boundaries.
.playlists Allows you to enable or deactivate the ability to queue playlists.
.prefix The current prefix will be shown.
.prefix <new prefix> Allows you to create a new prefix.
.requester If the requester is shown on each track, this option is enabled or disabled.
.setdj Display the current DJ positions.
.setdj <role> A DJ job may be added or removed.
.setdj is a reset command. Roles of the DJs should be reset.
.setup Create the one-of-a-kind songrequest channel.
embed.setup Create a one-of-a-kind songrequest channel with a banner.
.setvc Make a list of all speech channels that are prohibited.
.setvc <voice channel> Only allow the bot to join certain voice channels.
current.setvc Add your current voice channel to the list of voice channels that are prohibited.
reset.setvc Reset the limited voice channels that have been setup.
.unban <user> Allows you to remove people who have been banned from operating the bot.

How do you make the Hydra bot work?

The Hydra Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be the result of a total discord server outage; if this is the case, check the discord status page. 

Also, make sure you’ve given the Hydra bot enough access, which you can do in the settings page. 

If the hydra bot still doesn’t answer after following the instructions above, ensure sure you haven’t changed the default prefix for the hydra bot.

Some Outstanding Music Bots

Within the last few weeks, Youtube has sent C&D letters to Groovy and Rythm bot. There are possibilities that Bot, Octave might be the next as it supports YouTube as a platform. You can look into our best discord music bot list. Also Some Outstanding Music Bots that are live and running are –

  1. Bot, Octave
  2. Jockie Music Bot is a robot that plays music.
  3. FredBoat
  4. Mee6 Bot
  5. Music Bot is available at all times.

I hope you enjoyed the Hydra Bot guide on Discord. In the comment area, you can share your thoughts on the story. If there is a particular element of the Hydra bot tutorial that you would want to see added in this post, please let us know in the comments.

The “how to fix hydra bot discord” is a problem that many people have faced. The issue can be fixed with the use of the “Hydra Bot Commands”.

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