How to Use Invite Tracker Bot Discord [ Invite Tacker Bot Commands ]

Invite Tacker Bot is a bot that monitors your server and helps you manage invites in real time. This article gives essential commands to use the Invite Tacker Bot, including how to set up an invite tracker on your Discord server.

Invite Tracker Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to track your invite links and send them to people who have yet to join your server. With the help of Invite Tacker Bot Commands, you can quickly add or remove members from your server. Read more in detail here: invite tracker discord bot commands.

What a kind gesture it seems to be to greet a visitor at your house with utmost compassion and friendliness. Yes, it is how one should greet others, and that is how people like to be treated when they join a new community or pay a visit to someone’s home. 

In terms of the Discord platform, this is a community where individuals enjoy discovering new servers, meeting new people, and killing boredom. Nothing may be more satisfying than being greeted sincerely and in the nicest possible way in such a group. 

Furthermore, such pleasant welcome and greeting messages are the ones that leave the user with a positive first impression of the service. However, the server administrator cannot greet each member while being active on the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To address this essential issue, engineers created an incredible and great bot that not only addresses the problem but also adds a slew of new functions to your server. We’re talking about the invite tracker bot, which is regarded as a strong and well-liked bot on Discord. 

Let’s take a closer look at what the bot offers its customers and how they can utilize it to make their servers even better with the aid of this fantastic piece of software.


Features of the Invite Tracker Bot

Starting with what the bot has to offer its users, it offers a diverse range of fun and useful features such as invitations, message monitoring, giveaways, and much more. 

The bot is mostly used on a variety of servers to welcome new members, with the ability to entirely personalize the messages to their liking. 

Obviously, the bot will need to access the invitations through the server in order to do so. To get the most out of the bot, it’s best to give it all of the rights it needs. 

The invite tracker bot also has an outstanding feature that allows users to assign responsibilities to server members depending on their server performance. You may also make fantastic freebies quickly and simply. Giveaways that are entirely customisable and may be as creative as you want them to be. 

Along with these features, the bot also allows users to manage leader boards, allowing them to keep track of the server’s performance. Beautiful graphs may also be maintained to keep track of the server’s statistics. 

When it comes to the bot’s UI, the dashboard seems to be basic and straightforward. Anyone may use the bot since it is simple to understand. 

The bot also provides a simple setup mechanism for adding and removing server members. As a result, the bot is all over a nice one for cleaning up your servers. 

It is certainly possible to test it out for free and fully comprehend its advantages. So what are you waiting for? Log in to your servers right now and ask this great bot to join you!


Tracker Bot Commands to Invite

Apart from the Tracker Bot Commands to Invite, you can also use the dashboard to work with this bot. 

Additionally, the Invite Tracker Bot has its own slash commands.

The Tracker Bot Commands to Invite list is mentioned as below.


Administration is invited.

Command Description
-deleteinvite <code> Removes the provided invite code from the system.
[@user] -syncinvites The server’s invitations are synchronized with everyone or a single user.


Configure the server

Command Description
-[amount] of cleaning Removes the given number of messages from Invite Tracker, or 100 by default.
-permscheck Notifies you if any necessary permissions are lacking from the bot.



Command Description
-about Information and statistics regarding the bot are shown.
-add Shows a URL that may be used to invite Invite Tracker.
-botinfo Information regarding Invite Tracker is shown.
-dashboard The URL to the Invite Tracker dashboard is shown.
-documentation  The link that was used to go to this website is shown.
-[@user] -[@user] -[@user] -[@user Displays information about you or a certain member.
-ping The bot’s latency is shown.
-support The Discord invite URL used to join our support server is shown.
-variables The link to see all variables is shown.
-vote Shows the URL that was used to vote for the bot.



Command Description
[@user] -invite The amount of invitations you or a certain member have is shown.
-inviter <@user> Who invited the selected member is shown.
[@user/invite code] -invitedlist Shows a list of people who were invited via you, a specific member, or an invite link.
[@user] -invitecodes Displays all of your invite codes, or the invite codes of the given person.
-getlink The invite link you possess, which is placed at the top of the guild settings, is shown.


Command Description
-invitations from the leaderboard Show the leaderboard for invites on the server.
-messages on the leaderboard The server’s message leaderboard is shown.



Command Description
[@user] -messages The amount of messages you or a certain member have sent is shown.



Command Description
-stats is a combination of the words “statistics” and “jo A graph depicts the server’s join statistics. 
Leaves -stats A graph depicts the server’s leave data.


Management of Giveaways

Command Description
-start with a giveaway After asking you a few setup questions, it starts a giveaway.
-start with a giveaway <duration> <winner amount> <prize> Starts a simple giveaway with no inquiries about setup.
-giveaway end <message id> With the selected message ID, the giveaway comes to an end.
-giveaway delete <message id> Removes the giveaway with the supplied message ID from the system.
-giveaway reroll <message id> For the specified giveaway, selects a new winner.
-a list of giveaways This page contains a list of all currently active giveaways.


Management should be invited.

Command Description
-addbonus <@user> <amount> To the selected member, adds the provided number of bonus invitations.
-removebonus <@user> <amount> Removes a certain number of bonus invitations from a certain member.
-addfakeinvites <@user> <amount> To the selected member, adds the provided number of false invitations.
-removefakeinvites <@user> <amount> Removes a certain number of false invitations from a certain user.
-addinvites <@user> <amount> Invitations the given member with the set number of invites.
-removeinvites <@user> <amount> Removes a certain number of invitations from a certain user.
-resetinvites <@user|left|all> Resets all invitations for the selected member, all users who are no longer on your server, or the whole server.


Isn’t the Invite Tracker Bot working?

The Invite Tracker Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be due to a bot server being down for any reason; if this happens to you, go to the Invite Tracker Support Community Server for assistance.

Also, make sure you’ve given the Invite Tracker bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page.


The “invite tracker fake invites” is a bot that allows you to use the invite tracker for your discord. The commands are as follows: /invite, /uninvite, /add, and more.

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