How to Use Katheryne Bot Discord [ Katheryne Bot Commands ]

Katheryne is a bot that provides real-time video call and text chat support, moderating the community while it’s busy. It also offers moderation tools such as banning users or removing them from specific channels in Discord servers. Learn how to use Katheryne Bot Commands by following these basic steps.

Katheryne is a bot on Discord that can be used for many things. This article will show you how to use Katheryne Bot Discord commands.

The general-purpose discord bots have been in high demand throughout Discord’s main servers. These bots offer essential functions for a server’s growth and progress. The key issue that these bots address is that, with the aid of bots created by some of the best developers, a server’s administrator does not need to be active all of the time, and their absence will not negatively impact the server. 

To recap, such bots partly automate the servers, therefore moderating them in the best possible ways to deliver a nice and happy experience to its users. 

Today in this article, we’ll be talking about another such bot: the Katheryne Bot, which is one of the greatest bots on the Discord platform and is highly appreciated by people who have previously used it. The Katheryne bot is a Genshin Impact bot that delivers general services to any Discord server and has proven to be one of the most popular bots among users. By keeping an eye on the number of servers it has covered and continues to cover each day, the bot may be identified as a well-known one on the Discord platform. 

In terms of coverage, the bot has joyfully placed its hands on 180.63K servers separated into numerous communities, all of whom like the Katheryne bot for its beneficial applications. With the data above, it’s clear that the bot isn’t one of those that doesn’t care about its consumers. The bot undoubtedly delivers excellent service and includes some of the greatest features that can be utilized on practically any server for daily server moderating. Let’s take a look at the distinctive qualities that the bot must supply to its users in order to deliver the finest service possible.


Features of Katheryne Discord Bot

When it comes to the bot’s features, the Katheryne bot is well-known on the Discord platform for the capabilities listed above. 

Starting with the first, the bot allows users to set reminders or alarms, as we call them in layman’s words. Anyone may quickly be alerted of any server activity that they would otherwise miss. 

Another important component of the bot is the characters’ artifacts, as well as specific weaponry for its users. 

The wish emulator is one of the bot’s most well-known functions, for which it has received a lot of attention and appreciation. As a result, while adding the bot to your servers, make sure to test this functionality. 

To conclusion, the bot is a lot of fun and entertaining, and it can certainly operate your server successfully. Try your hand at this fantastic work of art and see how quickly your servers will be enhanced and gorgeous.


List of Katheryne Bot Commands

katheryne Bot’s default prefix is *. Make sure to put the application in front of the keywords.

Commands Description
*banners Make a list of all banners that may be used on the wish simulator.
*crystals Check how many Crystals:Crystal: you have right now.
*inventory The wishing inventory of a user is shown.
*leaderboard Based on a sort choice, shows the top users.
*profile Check your own or others’ wish simulator statistics.
*setprofile Change your Genshin UID and namecard image, among other things, on your profile.
*trade Other users may trade characters from your wishing inventory.
*wish Simulation of the Genshin Impact wish. It’s a shame there aren’t any five-star reviews. Make sure to include the word “lucky” in your draw!
*botinfo Check the amount of guilds, clusters, shards, and ping.
*donate All contributions go toward keeping Katheryne online by paying for the bot host.
*invite To add Katheryne to your server, get the invite link.
*prefix The bot prefix may be changed or seen.
*report Send the developer a bug report or a suggestion.
*support Obtain the bot’s support server’s URL.
*vote Vote for the bot to win prizes.
*daily Lists available domains for the day & their materials (servers: NA, EU, ASIA)
*timer Make a timer. Along with the three weekly monsters, an adjustable resin timer is included (7 day timers).
*timers View and/or delete the timers that are presently set.
*artifact An artifact set’s information is displayed.
*artifacts This page contains a list of all potential artifact sets in the game.
*char Gives you an overview of the character you’ve chosen. It is possible to see ascending materials, talents, and constellations.
*namecards There was no one to aid…
*weapon Display weapon information (type, stat bonuses, & ascension materials).
weapons This page contains a list of all available weapons in the game. It’s also possible to give a sort option (for example, *weapons crit rate).
*help Show instructions for using the bot, a command, or a category.


Is Katheryne Bot down for the count?

The Katheryne Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be caused by a bot server being down for any reason; if this happens, consult the Katheryne Support Community Server.

Also, make sure you’ve given the Katheryne bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page.


Katheryne Bot is a Discord bot that can be used to add prefixes, such as “Katheryne Bot Commands” or “Katheryne Bot Commands – Katheryne”. Reference: katheryne bot prefix.

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