How to Use Lofi Radio Bot Discord [ Lofi Radio Bot Commands ]

Lofi Radio Bot Discord is a bot that allows you to live stream on the website without having to switch between tabs or downloading software.

Lofi Radio Bot Discord is a discord server that allows users to use the Lofi Radio Bot. Commands for the Lofi Radio Bot can be found here.

Discord is the finest gaming communication tool since it allows you to create a live profile and use a selection of stickers. A discord bot is a platform that allows you to share your channel and invite others to join it. Not only that, but users may also add custom statuses and designs to suit their needs. Discord’s constant updates make it more effective and addicting since they include frequent beta updates, squash troublesome problems for each update, assist in hosting your projects so you may work on them, and are a terrific platform to hang out with thanks to the app’s simple accessibility.

To make it even more helpful, the developers developed Discord such that it can access discord bots in the background with the same efficiency but using less data. To avoid buffering and interruptions, the program is intended for low bandwidth, which means it will operate even if your internet connection is slow. There is nothing more effective and relaxing than listening to soothing lo-fi music in the background without interruption. The LOFI RADIO BOT, a simple but attractive bot that adds Lo-Fi music to your Discord server, was created to give such a unique functionality.



This bot has the best aesthetic look and a unique user experience with a highly attractive interface with useful yet commendable commands that support stage channels and also include slash commands such as setting up a sleep timer while playing music, switching between different radio modes, changing roles, and so on. The bot’s most appealing feature is that it can function in the background without interfering with other running apps. Consider doing your everyday duties while listening to some soft, relaxing music in the background. While operating in the background, the bot does not exhibit any unpleasant delays. It simply provides you with the highest-quality music you’ve always wanted to hear.

Not only that, but this bot has also introduced a unique feature where you can play Chilled Cow’s lo-fi music that resides on your own server, which is 99.99 percent uptime with a lag-free experience. The Lofi Radio bot is updated and upgraded on a regular basis to add new music to its collection. Aside from that, this discord bot is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means you may listen to music whenever you want, for free. Yes! This bot is completely free to use and may play on your server at any time until you disconnect it or give it a command to stop. To make it more optimal, LoFi music may be played without having to exit the Discord program. So hurry up and invite the Lofi Radio bot to your server so you may join the voice channels with your pals while listening to some relaxing music.


Commands for the Lofi Radio Bot


play: Joins your voice channel and begins playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. stop: Disconnects from the voice channel. song: Displays the current song. volume: Displays or modifies the current volume level. station: Changes the theme of the radio station. sleep: Starts or stops a sleep timer. profile: Displays your personal information.


mode: Changes the radio’s mode. djrole: Determines whose role is deemed the DJ. prefix: Modifies the prefix with which Lofi Radio is addressed. settings: Displays and configures server configurations. premium: Displays information about the premium version of Lofi Radio.


support: Send us an email or connect with us on our support server. vote: Cast your vote for Lofi Radio. invite: Add Lofi Radio to your server’s invite list.

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