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Marriage Bot is a Discord bot that allows users to find out if other people are using it. If they do, the user can then ask Marriage Bot questions about their significant others without revealing anything personal to them or themselves. This way you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your friends with an awkward question! The commands available on this page will help you better understand how use Marriage Bot by getting some information from both parties.

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Have you ever fantasized about marrying your Discord crush? Have you ever wished to attend a wedding on Discord and send your congratulations to the newlyweds using clever emojis? If this is the case, the Marriage bot is the best option. Marriage Bot is a Discord bot designed with the express purpose of bringing the delights of love and marriage to your Discord server (as if real life wasn’t enough). This bot enables two discord server users who are passionately in love (or not) to marry in a (not so) holy marriage. As if that weren’t enough, this bot also permits you to have children. However, as depressing as it is, children are not formed in the same manner that they are in real life; instead, you may adopt current members of your server as your offspring with this bot (rest in peace to that one guy who wanted to marry that one lovely lady but instead became her son). You may even have your offspring marry someone else, allowing you to establish your own family tree and be happy or dissatisfied with your descendants. You also have the option of divorcing someone and marrying someone else to start a new family (if only real life were that easy). You may also disavow your offspring, and your children can run away from home, thereby removing them from the family tree. 

Disclaimer: Marriages performed by this bot are only legitimate inside Discord; do not have any grandiose ideas.


How can you get the Marriage Bot to work on your Discord server?

It’s incredibly easy to add the Marriage Bot to your Discord server. Simply follow the instructions below:


STEP 1: Go to the Marriage bot’s official website. This website may be found by searching for “Marriage Bot” on Google or by going directly to


STEP 2 – Once on the official page, click the ‘add it to your server’ link on the fourth line. You’ll be sent to Discord, where you can begin adding the bot to your server. You may also invite the Marriage bot to your server by clicking the link below.



STEP 3: Go to your Discord account and sign in. After logging in, you’ll be prompted to choose which server you wish to add the marriage bot to. Then click the proceed button after selecting the server of your choice. 


STEP 4 – After choosing a server, you will be prompted to confirm the bot’s rights in order for it to work properly on your server. Before clicking ‘Authorize,’ double-check all of the permissions. 


The marriage bot will be successfully added to your server after it has been allowed. The hydra bot logo will be shown on the right sidebar.


What is the best way to utilize the Marriage Bot?

‘m!’ is the prefix for the Marriage Bot. This prefix is appended to all of the Marriage bot commands before the command itself.

In order to utilize the marriage bot for its intended purposes, you must first learn two fundamental instructions. These are the commands:

m!marry – As the name suggests, this command allows you to propose marriage to another server member. It will ask the chosen member to approve or reject your idea after it has been performed. If the other party agrees, you will be married and your Discord names will be added to the family tree. If a selected member rejects your idea, the proposal is considered unsuccessful and nothing occurs.

m! m! m! m! m! m! m! m! m! @user name on discord discord discord discord dis


m!divorce – On Discord, this command is used to divorce your spouse. With this order, you and your partner will be removed from the family tree, and you and your partner will be free to form new partnerships. 

m!divorce @discord user name SYNTAX


List of Marriage Bot Commands

The marriage bot includes a variety of instructions that are all aimed towards forming new Discord marriages (and drama). There are many types of commands to choose from. They are as follows:


Commands of Information

Command Use
m!partner You may find out who a person is married to by using this feature.
m!children You may find out who a user’s children are by using this feature.
m!siblings You may find out who a user’s siblings are by using this feature.
m!parent It tells you who a person’s parents are.
m!family size It tells you how big your family tree is.
m!relationship Gets the relationship between the two users you’ve supplied.
m!tree Retrieves a user’s blood family tree.
m!bloodtree Returns a user’s complete family tree.


Commands for Simulation

Command Use
m!hug Hugs a user who has been mentioned.
m!kiss Kisses a user who has been referenced.
m!slap Slaps a user who has been mentioned.
m!punch Punches a user who has been mentioned.
m!ship Gives you a portion of the ship between two people.


Marriage is obligatory.

Command Use
m!marry Allows you to make a proposal to a Discord member.
m!divorce You are divorced from your present spouse.


Commands specific to the server

Command Use
m!perks Displays the benefits associated with various support levels.
m!incest Allows incest in your guild to be toggled on and off.
m!gold Gives you information about certain server families as well as MarriageBot Gold.
m!forcemarry Marries the two users that have been defined.
m!forcedivorce Separates a user from his or her spouse.
m!forceadopt The kid is added to the selected parent.
m!forceemancipate A youngster is emancipated through force.


Stats Commands for Bots

Command Use
m!info Provides you with information on the bot, as well as some useful links, such as the bot’s invite.
m!invite Gives you the URL to invite the bot.
m!vote You’ll be given a URL to vote for the bot.
m!stats Gives you the bot’s statistics.


Parental Instructions

Command Use
m!makeparent Selects a user to serve as your parent.
m!adopt Adopt a new member of your family.
m!disown Allows you to delete a user from your kid list.
m!emancipate Removes your parent from the equation.
m!disownall All of your children are disowned.
m!abandon Removes you entirely from the tree.


Commands to Block

Command Use
m!block A user’s ability to adopt/makeparent/etc you is disabled.
m!unblock Allows a user to adopt/makeparent/etc you after they have been blocked.


Commands for Bot Configuration

Command Use
m!prefix This command modifies the bot’s prefix.

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The “marriage bot prefix” is a command that can be used in the Discord chat. The command allows users to change their name to “married”.

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