How to Use MEE6 Bot Discord – MEE6 Bot Commands [ Guide ]

MEE6 is a high-quality and free Discord bot that allows you to add new features to your server. It has many commands, which are explained in this guide.

The “mee6 bot music commands” is a command-line tool that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store.

The MEE6 bot has a variety of capabilities, including custom commands, role and XP levels, Moderation, announcements, and a Music Player with Visuals, among others. All of these capabilities assist a Discord server host in better managing their growing audience and keeping them interested. 

When discussions in the server escalate to heated debates that disrupt the experience of other users, the MEE6 bot helps to manage the server by muting, kicking, or banning the offending user according to the server owner’s regulations. This substantially helps in the upkeep of the discord server’s quality.

The content producer utilizes the MEE6 bot to link numerous platforms with their discord server, such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and so on, so that anytime they publish new material, the MEE6 bot distributes it with the server’s members, thereby acting as an automatic social sharing bot. 

The visual player is another advantage of the MEE6 bot, as opposed to other music player bots like groovy or rhythm, which need the user to enter multiple instructions to play, resume, skip, queue, and other services that the MEE6 bot can give easily with their Music Player with Visuals. 

The MEE6 bot uses a leveling system to keep users involved in the server by allowing them to acquire ranks as they go through the levels. The music quiz function that comes with MEE6 bot’s Music Player with Visuals is also a terrific way to spend the time. 


How can I add the Mee6 bot to my Discord server?

Adding the MEE6 bot to your Discord server is very much the same as adding any other bot.

STEP 1: Go to the MEE6 bot’s official webpage. You may either do a Google search for “MEE6 bot” or go straight to their official website,

STEP 2: When you’re on the MEE6 bot’s official website, click on the pink “Add to Discord” button in the top left corner, or click on “Add to Discord” in the upper right corner. The MEE6 bot will be invited to your server as a result of this.

STEP 3: After clicking “Add to Discord,” you’ll be prompted to login in to your Discord account. You must pick the discord server to which you wish to add the groovy bot once you have registered in or are already logged in to the discord. 

STEP 4: After you’ve chosen the server to which you’d want to add the Groovy bot, you’ll be prompted to provide permission access. It will be given administrator access by default; however, if you don’t want the bot to have total access to your server, you may untick the box. After that, click the Authorize button. 

The MEE6 bot has been added to your Discord server successfully!! The groovy bot confirmation message will appear on the right sidebar.


MEE6 Bot Discord’s Features

Make Your Own Command

You may simply build custom commands on the MEE6 dashboard for a variety of purposes, such as eliminating roles, sending messages in the discord channel, or sending personal messages as DM, and many more capabilities.

Hello, New User!

The MEE6 bot has the option of greeting a new user. It may tell a new user about the server’s rules, information about each channel, information about current or forthcoming events, or information about any major issue in the Discord community. In addition, the MEE6 bot may assign responsibilities to new users immediately when they join the discord server, or just greet them.

Roles Upgrading

MEE6’s leveling system includes the ability to rate members based on their community involvement. The user may be rewarded by the MEE6 bot depending on how active they are in the community. The MEE6 bot may provide the server’s most active members access to private channels and special rights. You may provide the user personalized rankings so that as they go through the stages depending on their performance, they can get a customised rank card that they can display on the leaderboard. 


The MEE6 bot comes with a simple moderation mechanism. Server owners may use the moderation system to safeguard their servers against spamming links, heated disputes, unwelcome advertisements, excessive emojis, and more. The server owner may use the moderating system to automate actions such as muting, banning and unbanning, kicking, and so on if users break the restrictions you designate. 

With the moderating tool, you can keep track of what’s going on in your server by setting up a private channel where you and other privileged users with access to the channel will be alerted anytime someone is booted, banned, muted, or otherwise removed from the server. 

The moderation helps to maintain the server’s quality while also reducing the amount of human work required.

Bot Moderator Commands for MEE6

!ban – Removes a user’s access to the server.

! tempban – Removes a user from the server for a limited time.

!clear – Delete the message according to a set of criteria.

!infractions – Shows the user’s total number of infractions.

!kick – This command removes a user from the server.

! silence — On the server, mutes the user.

! tempmute — This command temporarily mutes a server user.

!role-info – Provide details about a certain role.

!server-info — Displays details about the current server.

!slowmode — Turns on or off slow mode.

! unban — Removes a user from the server’s ban list.

! unmute — Removes a server user’s mute status.

!user-info – Display information about a specific user.

! warn — Issues a warning to the user.

Making a Public Statement

This MEE6 bot functionality is very beneficial to content creators. If you have a YouTube channel, for example, you can use this bot to send a notification to your server whenever a new video is published. This may be followed by another content producer, and you can quickly notify the server anytime your favorite creator starts to broadcast, upload, or publish anything. This bot enables you to submit Mixer and Twitch notifications, as well as YouTube alerts and Reddit and Twitter alerts. 

Music Player with Visuals

The MEE6 bot also allows you to play music and manage your playlist with the help of a Music Player with Visuals dashboard and away from complicated commands for playing the music. In the Music Player with Visuals the user can directly search for the specific song, loop the songs, play and pause, next or rewind all with the help of simple visual icons. You can stream the music 24/7 without interruptions. It also allows discord members to vote for a song and also skip the song if they don’t like it. The Music Player with Visuals can play the song from various sources such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitch, and many more. You can also create a music quiz with this feature where the first person to guess the song and artist within the given time earns the point. 

Music Commands for MEE6 Bot

!play – Starts playing the music in the queue.

!search – Perform a music search.

!record — In a voice channel, record the current conversation.

! seek – Navigate to a certain point in the track.

!volume – 200 percent increase or reduction in volume

! Add the music to the queue using the command add.

!queue – Displays a list of the songs currently in the queue.

!clear-queue — Deletes all songs from the queue.

!skip — Stops the current song from playing.

!vote-skip – Starts a vote to skip the queue to the next song.

! Join the voice channel using the MEE6 bot.

! depart – Turn off the MEE6 bot’s voice channel.

! pause — Puts the current music on hold.

!start-quiz — In the Discord channel, start a music quiz.

!stop-quiz – This command terminates the current music quiz.

!stop-recording – Pause the recording and get the audio file’s URL.


Some Outstanding Music Bots

Rythm Bot is the second most popular music bot. It offers all the capabilities you need to have fun with music, such as play, pause, resume, loop, queue, and so on.

Hydra Bot – Hydra is a fantastic music bot as well. Like previous music bots, it will connect to the voice channel and play music. The coolest part of Hydra Bot is that you can control the songs and queue using emotes located under the song thumbnail.

Octave Bot — The same people that operate the Dank Memer Bot also run Octave Bot (one of the largest discord bot). Originally, Dank Memer had a music element, but they eventually decided to split it out into a distinct music bot (octave bot).

The “MEE6 Bot Commands” is a guide to using the MEE6 bot in Discord. The commands are listed and explained in detail, so that you can start using the bot today!. Reference: mee6 prefix.

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