How to use Mimu Bot Discord [ Mimu Bot Commands ]

You can use the commands below and also customize them to suit your needs. These are for all you Discord users out there!

Welcome to the official Discord server of Mimu Bot! You can find all the information you need on our website. If you’re new, make sure to check out these commands.

commandexamplesdescription general commands–these commands can be done by anyone .balance <user>.balance


examines a person’s financial situation. Purchase [product number or name in store]. purchase three

.purchase flowers

Purchase anything from the store. clickmallow. clickmallowspam-click a marshmallow for a certain amount of time. [heads/tails] [value #] coinflip h 500 coinflip

100.coinflip tails

Toss a coin and take a chance. [value #] should be removed. 100 % reduction Drop a certain number of to be chosen. 5 iara#0001

.send flowers to @iara#0001

.deliver flowers to Iara

give away an amount of currency or an item.leaderboard <page #>.leaderboard

1st place leaderboard

view <user> <-remind>.pet

pet the bot or give away for or give to user.pick.pickpick up dropped in the chat when Mimu the bot.rolldice [value #].rolldice 5gambles a given sum of money; getting more than 64 lets you earn the amount bet, more than 90 lets you earn 3x, and 100 lets you earn 9x; otherwise, you lose the amount you <page #>.shop

.shop 2

shows the server’s shop.slots [amount #].slots 10play a game of slots betting your money.snuggle <user> <-remind>.snuggle


snuggle the bot or give away for or give to user.suggest [suggestion].suggest Mimu should have more commandsinputs a suggestion to Mimu pet / vote commands–these commands either link to voting, or require you to have pets (checked by .balance). pets are bought by a global currency, . .feed <-remind>.feed

.feed -remind -remind -remind -remind –

.feed -r

feed your pet and extend its life; requires you to have food for your pet. optional parameter that gets mimu to remind you (in dms) to feed your pet after 10 <-remind>.playplay with your pet to extend its life.playdate [user]>.playdate @iara#0001have a playdate with someone else’s pet!.vote.votesends you the link to vote for mimu.votes <claim/shop/buy>.votes claim

.votes online store


enables you to claim, vote, check out Mimu’s Booster Pet Shop, and purchase from Mimu’s Booster Pet Shop. ‘Manage Server’ permissions are required for these commands to work. View the current server settings using set.set. [new prefix] is set as the prefix. set the prefix

.set is a prefix that can be used to begin a sentence.

establishes a new prefix. [new currency symbol] is set as the currency. currency:pizza:pizza:pizza:pizza:pizza

.change currency to $

a new currency symbol is created startval [value #] is a variable that may be set. set the startval to 100 When you join, you may specify a new amount. set mallowval [number of values] 2 mallowval set Each time someone clicks the mallow in clickmallow commands, a new quantity is set. set dailyvalmax/workvalmin [number of days] 150 valmax per day

Set the dailyvalmin to 30

Set the maximum and minimum amounts for the snuggling command to new values. [value #] set workvalmax/workvalmin set the workval to 40

Set the workvalmax value to 20.

Set a new maximum and lowest value for the pet command. [value #] pickvalmax/pickvalmin pickvalmax = 20

pickvalmin 10 is a command that is used to set the pickvalmin value.

When generated, establish a new maximum and minimum amount for the pick command. Set the dailycooldown timer to [mins #]. create a daily cooldown 6adjust the snuggling command’s cooldown (in minutes). Set the workcooldown timer to [minutes #]. set a workcooldown timer 3adjust the pet command’s cooldown (in minutes). #channel #channel #channel #channel #channel #channel #channel #channel #channel #channel # #general-chat as the pickchannel

#general-2.set pickchannels

(toggles pick spawn) (pickchannel(s) might be multiple or singular) Pickchannels may be added or removed for. Choose to spawn while active conversation, which is controlled by pick. Pick your preferred speed [1-5/fastest/fast/medium/slow/slowest]. set the pickspeed to 1

.choose the quickest pickspeed

toggles the frequency / speed of pickspawn. 1 for fastest, 5 for slowest; alternatively, type fastest – slowest.set pickhard <on/off>.set pickhard

Pickhard should be turned off.

.turn on pickhard

Toggles the necessity of entering a hard code or password in order to choose the pickspawn. #channel gets added to the blacklist. #general-chat has been added to the blacklist.

#general-1 #general-2 #general-3.set blacklist

(toggles blacklisting) blacklists or unblacklists the given channel(s). embedcolor #hexcode is the color to use. #000000 is the color code for embedding. The bulk of bot embeds are given a color. Set up your store. open a store

.add to shop

remove.set store

starts the automated shop maker instructions, so you don’t have to use the long version of the command..add to shop/+ [price value #] [no. of product available #] [product name], <role>.set shop + 10 5 steam key

.add to shop 10 0 flowers

.add to shop 100 10 Cool, Cool People

adds something to the shop according to your configurations. number of product available: to make unlimited, type 0remove.set store/- [product name]remove.set store flowers

remove.set store steam key

.set store – It’s a cool place to shop.

removes a product from shop.set autodelete <on/off>.set autodelete

.enable autodelete

.deactivate autodelete

turn on or turn off your autodeletion of command invocations.set advancedmode <on/off>.set advancedmode

.enable advanced mode

.disable advancedmode

Toggle the shop’s display of item id by turning on or off advanced mode. set greetmsg [msg] to [message]. set welcome user greetmsg to server name! You are the member with the id server membercount ordinal!

.set greetmsg welcome user embed:greet embed.set greetmsg welcome user embed:greet embed.set greetmsg welcome user embed:greet

creates a greeting message Refer to for all placeholders. Help ar. You can only use one embed, which you may generate using the.embed function. [msg] set leavemsg create a leavemsg I’m not going to miss you, user tag. Create a message for when you need to depart. similar to a greeting message [#channel] is configured as the welcome channel. #welcome #greetchannel Create a channel for greetings to take place in. [#channel] set leavechannel #bye-byes #leavechannel et a path for leaves to go through. Set your role’s revenue [hourly, daily, or monthly] [# of value] [role]. set the hourly position income at 100 Moderators

.remove Boosters from set roleincome

Roleincome is added or removed. set betmax/min [number of bets] set betmax to ten

.initialize betmin 1

Set new gambling bet maximums and minimums. [value #] set activityvalmax/activityvalmin set the maximum activity value to 100

set activityvalmin 1 set activityvalmin 1 set activityvalmin 1 set activityvalmin 1 set

sets new maximum and minimum curency earned per message when typing in a activitychannel and not on cooldown.set activitychannels #channel.set activitychannels #chat-1 #chat-2 #chat-3toggles mentioned channels for activity chat currency earning miscellaneous administrative commands–these commands require ‘Manage Server’ permissions .event start <#channel> [value #] <description>.event start 100

start.event #generic 300

start a currency reaction event in the channel you typed in or specified channel.event end <#channel>.event end


stops a monetary event in the channel you entered in or the channel you chose. add/remove/+/- [value #] [user] modifiable @iara#0001 + 100 modifybal

add 300 iara to.modifybal

100 iara#0001.modifybal

@iara#0001.modifybal delete 500

adds/removes a user’s balance. modifyrolebal [value #] [role] add/remove/+/- 100 mods + modifyrolebal

500 @Moderators.modifyrolebal

1000 ModerAtors.modifyrolebal

delete 10000 muted.modifyrolebal

Balance of those in a specific role is added/removed. All [options (confirmation, settings, events, store, inventory, and balances)] have been reset. confirm all resets

.clear all options

.reset all of your settings


.reset all of the shops


All inventories should be reset.

.reset the whole inventory

For inventories, balances, settings, events, or the store, or all at once, resets the argument you put in (note: plural doesn’t matter with this command) (confirm). . [User] should be reset. #0001 iara#0001 iara#0001 iara#0001 iar Resets the balance of a user. [user] Reset the balance/inventory. equilibrium re-established iara#0001 mod util instructions that reset a user’s balance or inventory – These commands need particular permissions, such as the manage channels permission. hi mimu! | hello user! autoresponder add/+ [trigger] | [response].autoresponder add/+ [trigger] | [response].autoresponder add/+ [trigger] | [response].autoresponder add/+ [trigger] | [ Mimu may now have an autoresponder. autoresponder/- [trigger].autoresponder/- [trigger].autoresponder/- [trigger].autoresponder/- [trigger].autoresponder/- [trigger].

.autoresponder – hello there, Mimu!

remove an autoresponder to mimu.autoresponder show [trigger].autoresponder show hi mimu!show an autoresponder.embed.embedgives details on how embeds can be used, edited and worked on.embed create [name].embed create greetcreates an embed of such a name. the name is used as a key to refer to in autoresponders, greet messages, and when editing the embed. To attach it to these, use {embed:[name]}, for example, {embed:greet}..embed edit [property] [name] [value] | <for some properties, the link is put here>.embed edit title greet Welcome!Edits the embed’s property..embed properties.embed propertiesShows the embed properties crisis commands–these commands don’t require specific permissions .crisis [countryname].crisis usa

japanese crisis

see a list of crisis hotlines for a certain nation. crisis.crisis.crisis.crisis.crisis.crisis

The “Mimu Bot Commands” is a Discord bot that allows users to use the command-line interface. The commands are very easy to use and feature an in-game shop where you can buy items with Discord Gold. Reference: discord bots.

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