How to Use Mudae Bot Discord [ Mudae bot commands Guide ]

Mudae Bot is a popular Discord bot to help you with even the most mundane of tasks. In this article, I will go over how to use Mudae Bot and some basic commands that may be useful in your day-to-day life on discord.

Mudae bot is a discord bot that allows you to manage your discord server and automate tasks. This article will show you how to use mudae bot commands.

Many amusing bots and modifications may be found on Discord. There are several Games with multiple players to choose from, as well as a plethora of other entertainment and fun possibilities. The Mudae bot is a great addition to our collection of Discord bots for folks who like watching anime and playing games. Mudae Bot is a Discord bot that was designed with the sole intention of gathering your favorite anime and video game characters. The notorious ‘waifu gacha’ characteristic of Mudae Bot is well recognized. That’s correct. The Mudae Bot lets users on a server to roll for waifus, husbandos, or both, and then add them to their harem (which is imaginary of course, so hold your horses everyone). Mudae Bot features approximately 50000 characters from various anime and video games, with virtually all of them having very thorough stats and descriptions (which makes you wonder where the authors’ commitment comes from). Each character includes a lot of information as well as descriptions. But the story doesn’t stop there. Even the anime and video games that have been added to the Mudae Bot have their own descriptions, as well as which characters from that anime or game may be claimed via the Mudae Bot.

Mudae bot, on the other hand, is one of the most popular bots on Discord, having reached over 9 million servers and become the most popular bot on the platform. Mudae bot is ideal for anime, video game, and manga fans. If you’re one of them and the bot isn’t on your server, don’t wait any longer. Use the invite link below to invite the bot to your server (this post is not sponsored lol xD). 

Mudae bot also has a function that allows you to translate the bot into whatever language you desire. Take advantage of this option and play games with your friends that are translated into your language (but really no one cares about that). 

The greatest and most comprehensive guide on using Mudae Bot in the whole globe may be found below. This tutorial is for anybody who wants to utilize the Mudae Bot to acquire those gorgeous large eyed waifus or those brilliant and dashing husbandos that can make even a man rethink his wishes, whether they are a 10 year old kid, a 17 year old otaku, a 24 year old geek, or a 56 year old grandfather. Start gathering your favorite waifus and husbandos and create the harem of your dreams by clicking the link below.

How do you utilize the Mudae bot? What is the best way to play Mudae?

Users may start creating waifus and husbandos appear in the chat room after the Mudae bot has been installed to the discord server. With the aid of commands, people may now claim their waifus and husbandos.


In Mudae Bot, how do you claim characters?

Mudae Bot is a gacha game for waifus. Members of a Discord server may claim and modify roughly 50000 anime and video game characters. Users may also capture Pokemon and play other Games with multiple players, among other things. I’ll tell you about the waifu gacha and the Pokemon game in this article. Games with multiple players, on the other hand, are seldom used. 

A user may utilize the Mudae Bot to roll 10 times for any character. After the user has used up all 10 rolls, they must wait for the cooldown to end before rolling again. A user may only claim one character at a time, after which they must wait for the cooldown to end before claiming again.


The Mudae bot is incredibly simple to use, and the instructions are basic and straightforward. There are just five or six key instructions, which are described in more detail further below.

1. $tu – $tu stands for ‘time up’ and is one of Mudae bot’s most significant instructions. This will demonstrate all of the functions of the Mudae bot. It displays the number of times you may utilize the gacha to create a new character. It also indicates whether or not you are now able to claim a character. If you’ve recently claimed one, it’ll show you how much time (the cooldown) is remaining until you may claim another.

2. $m – This is one of Mudae bot’s three fundamental instructions. It means ‘to marry.’ This command allows the user to roll for and marry any random character from any anime or game. The character rolled is completely random, regardless of whether he or she is male (husbandos) or female (waifus) or both.

3. $w – The second of the three fundamental instructions. It stands for ‘waifu’ and is identical to the command ‘$m.’ The only distinction is that this instruction only applies to waifus, not husbandos. So, if you’re simply interested in collecting waifus for your collection, use this command. You may also marry female characters from anime ($wa) or video games ($wg).

4. $h – The fourth and last of Mudae Bot’s three fundamental instructions. ‘Husbando’ is what it stands for. It functions similarly to the previous two instructions, except that it is exclusively used to roll for husbandos rather than waifus. As a result, use this command to amass a collection of husbandos. You may also marry certain anime ($ha) or video game ($hg) male characters.

5. $mm – This command denotes’my marry.’ This command enables you to examine your harem, also known as your marriage list, which displays a list of all the characters you’ve married. 

6. $im [character name] – To view a specific character from your harem, use the $im command followed by the character’s name to see their image as well as basic information such as their name, which anime or game they’re from, how much kakera they’re worth, and how many times they’ve been claimed and how many likes they’ve received. This may be done to any character, not simply the one you’re married to. By using ‘$ima [anime/game]’, this program also works for series and games. This will display all of the Mudae bot’s characters from that series. 

7. [Character Name] $note $[custom description] – Use this command to give your waifus and husbandos personalized descriptions or remarks. A check mark will appear after the command has been completed, indicating that it was successful. After that, go back to your harem and that specific character will appear with that personalized description. 


$c [character name] $c $c $c $c $c $c $c $ $[number of image] – This command is used to change the character’s default image. Almost all characters have several images, and you may use this command to select the amount of images you wish to use as the default for that character.


As previously stated, you can only roll 10 characters when it comes to marrying waifus and husbandos. You may claim a character by simply reacting with an emoji to that character. It doesn’t matter which emoji you use. That character will be wedded to you and added to your collection after you’ve responded to it.


Also, if you’ve rolled up to ten characters and don’t wish to marry any of them, you’ll have to wait for your cooldown time, which is 30 minutes. After the 30-minute warm-up, you may resume the cool-down and choose your husbandos and waifus.

There is also a restriction that states that due to the time constraint, you cannot claim all of the waifus and husbandos. There is a 3-hour time restriction for waifus and husbandos, and no other person may claim the waifus if you have them during that period.

When you have 15 waifus, the Mudae bot will provide a list that includes the waifus’ popularity as well as the points linked with them. On the server, the list with the most popular points with the 15 wides will be the most popular.

Aside from the waifus/husbandos gaming mod, the bot also has 5 mini-games. 

How can you get the Mudae bot to work on your Discord server?

It’s identical to adding other discord bots to your server when it comes to installing the Mudae bot. To add the Mudae bot to your Discord server, follow the instructions below:


Step 1: To add a Mudae bot to your discord server, you must first invite the Mudae bot. The Mudae bot may be readily invited from its official webpage.

You may also directly invite the Mudae bot using the invite URL that I have provided below. The invite URL is the same as the one on the company’s official Discord server.

To invite a bot, click the Invite Bot button.


Step 2: After clicking the invite link, you’ll be routed to Discord, where you’ll be asked to choose which server you’d want to add the Mudae bot to.

Make sure you’re signed in and logged in to your Discord account if you haven’t already.

STEP 3: After choosing the discord server to which you wish to add the Mudae bot, you will be prompted to provide the bot the necessary rights.

Make sure you read through the permissions you’re about to provide; you can also amend this permission in Discord’s bot settings. 


Congratulations for successfully installing the Mudae bot on your Discord server!!

The next thing I propose is that you join the Mudae bot support community. The support community will assist you with assistance from other members of the community, and you will always have someone to turn to if you get stuck. To get the most out of the Mudae bot, join the Mudae bot support community. 

Community Mudae Bot Server

[Comandos Mudae] List of all Mudae Bot Commands

Mudae has around 450 commands, all of which are connected to CUSTOMIZATION, MODERATION, usefulness, and so on. 

The Mudae Bot Team has meticulously maintained and recorded the list below. The Mudae Bot Team deserves all of the credit for providing such excellent documentation and assistance.

Here’s a list of the same documentation that you can access on Discord; I’ve only stated it here for the sake of convenience in finding it online.  

Let’s get started with our Mudae Bot Commands List without further ado.



Compile a list of waifu and husbando. Be the first one to steal their heart! ‘$waifu’ stands for ‘random waifu.’ Before your 30s, react with. $husbando: A haphazard husbando. Before your 30s, react with. $marry: Waifu or husbando at random. Before your 30s, react with.

There are two sorts of characters in the instructions above: game and animanga. To merely roll game characters ($wg) or a for animanga, add the letter g.



$mymarry: This is a list of your conquests. See the LIST OF RED FLAGS area for information on how to filter your harem and other lists! $marryexchange: Swap characters with the person named. $gift: Give a gift to the player who has been mentioned (limited) Change your preferred character using $firstmarry. Sort your characters using $sortmarry. $divorce is a command that allows you to divorce a character. $profile: Shows the server’s profile.

To separate various characters, use a $ symbol.

The majority of commands have synonyms. For instance, $mm stands for $mymarry.



$infomarry: Search for a character. Example: $im Rem $infomarrya: Search for a series. $left: Number of characters left for your server. $fn: Find notes in your harem from the $note command. $fnall: Find notes in all harems of the server. $top: Top 1000 characters. Or $top #<rank> $topserv: Server character ranking.u200b



$note: Place a message next to one of your harem’s characters. Change a character’s primary picture using $changeimg. $addimg: (moderator) Replace an existing character’s picture with a custom one. Randomize pictures throughout your rolls using $randomimg. $rollsleft: Change the location of the ‘2 rolls left’ message. $alist: Displays a character’s possible aliases. $alias: Replace the primary name with an alias that is accessible. $alias2: Replace the text in the secondary alias with anything you desire. Add a message to a picture using $noteimg. (moderator) $addcustom: Create a custom character for your server. Add a character to your likelist using $like. $favoritecharacters: a list of your favorite characters. Change the claim message using $renameclaim. Also $renamedivorce Change the name of your harem using $renameharem. Change the title of your likelist using $renamelikelist. Choose which badges appear on your profile using $profilebadge. $profilearrange: You may rearrange or conceal your profile categories with this command. $badge: Your badges list. $claimreact: (moderator) Change the emojis for the rolls. Customize the kakera rolls emojis using $kakerareact: (admin).



$marryup: You have time till your next claim. $rollsup: The number of rolls remaining until the next reset. $timersup: All of the timers have been consolidated into one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku). $tuarrange: Use $tuarrange to customize the information shown. $timersup $wish: To be noted, add a character to your $wishlist. Disable a series from YOUR rolls using $disable. $antidisable: Prevents the series from being deactivated from your rolls. $wishseries: (player premium) Each character in the series should be listed. $selfreset: A list of complete reset commands for you. $bonus: A list of bonuses that have yet to be unlocked. $overview is a list of the player’s options. $togglewestern: Turns on/off the western series in your Animanga rolls. $toggleirl: For your rolls, disable/enable a series of IRL folks. $setfooter: During your rolls, display the name/series underneath the picture. $imglink: During your rolls, display image links. Hide the emoji that indicates a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi) using $hideinfodisable. Change the spawn rarity of owned characters using $personalrare. Display a tip using $tip. $rolls: If you vote for Mudae, your rolls will be reset ($vote to verify). $daily: Every 20 hours, get a new set of rolls. $haremcopy: (player premium II) Copies your harem to a different server, subject to certain restrictions. $kakeracopy: (player premium II) Under certain circumstances, copy your kakera/kakeraloots/badges to another server. $limroul: (mode 2) Turn off the less well-known characters.



If you wish to show various information, add letters to specific instructions. Those may be mixed and matched.

$mmwr, for example, just shows your waifus (flag w) and how they are rated (flag r)


Flags are listed below.

w (waifu), h (husbando), wh (both genders), w= (waifu without both genders), h= (husbando without both genders) g (game), g- (animanga), gg- (both), g= (game only), g-= (animanga only) a (series list), a+ (series names), b (series bundles), p (character search if you type some text), s (DM) r (claim ranks), r- (claim ranks not sorted), l (like ranks), l- (like ranks not sorted), k (kakera value), k= (kakera sorted), k- (kakera base value) y (keys only), y= (keys sorted), y+ (with full harem), y- (without keys), y!, y!=, y!+, y!- (soulkeys) c (embedcolored), c+ (with full harem), c- (without embedcolor) t (type of rolls), m (main names), d (img/alias details), v (hide details such as notes), n (not noted), n+ (noted only) u (unclaimed), o (owner names), o= (owned only), o- (not owned by you), o+ (owned by you) x (disabled), x+ (with full harem), x- (not disabled) i (images), i- (hide images if DM) Available arguments (type a space after the command and don’t type the < >): <series name>, <page>, <@User, User ID or User tag>, $mm serv <server ID> Example: $mmwr Re:Zero



(admin) Release a character using $forcedivorce. $cleanuser: (admin) Resets a user’s harem and desires. $userdivorce: Resets the character’s owner’s harem. $thanos: (admin) Divorce half of a user’s harem at random. $thanosall: (admin) Divorce half of each player’s harem on the server. $bitesthedust: (server owner) Reset the server’s harems. $clearnotes: (admin) Deletes a user’s notes. $clearwishes: (admin) Resets a user’s desires. $resetalias2: (admin) For a user’s characters OR unclaimed characters, reset all $alias2. $resetalias / $resetimg / $resetimg / $resetimg / $resetimg / $resetimg / $resetimg / $re (admin) List of complete reset commands $fullreset: (aliases, images, wishes, disablelists, embedcolors, keys…) $leftusers: A list of players who have characters/wishes/kakera and have left the server. $restorelist: A list of characters who have been divorced as a result of moderation instructions. (admin) $restore: Restores a character from the restorelist. (admin) Disable certain commands on the current channel using $channeldeny. $channelrestrict: (admin) Limits the usage of some commands to the current channel. $setchannel: (admin) An older version of $channeldeny is $setchannel. $restrict: (owner) Restricts some commands to a specific role, allowing only that role to use them. $deny: (owner) Deny a role some commands. $setpermission: (owner/admin) More specific permissions such as allowing users to use $kakerarefund for themselves only. (owner) Change how the bot responds to disabled instructions using $togglesilent. (admin) Give an unclaimed custom character using $givecustom.



$settings is a list of server options. (admin) Change the spawn rarity of owned characters using $setrare. Change the amount of seconds you have to claim a character with $settimer: (admin). $setrolls: (admin) Lower or raise the total number of rolls on the server. Change the claim interval with $setclaim: (admin + server premium I/II) (up to one per hour). Non-premium users may utilize it to extend the interval. $shifthour: (admin) Set the claim reset time to the precise hour. Change the precise minute of the claim/rolls reset with $setinterval: (admin + server premium II). (admin) Change the maximum amount of characters per user using $haremlimit. Change the automatic insertion of hearts beneath the rolls with $togglereact: (admin). Create a new instance (server) on the channel using $channelinstance (admin). (admin) Change the server’s game mode using $gamemode. (mode 2, admin) Disable the less popular characters using $servlimroul. $toggleclaimrolls: (admin) During rolls, display or hide claim rankings. $togglelikerolls: (admin) During rolls, display or hide like rankings. $togglekakerarolls: (admin) Whether the kakera value is shown during rolls. $toggledisturbing: (admin) Toggle a succession of pictures that are distressing. $toggleclaimrank: (admin) Changes the character ranking according to the amount of claims. $togglelikerank: (admin) Changes the order of characters based on how many people like them. $serverdisable: (admin) Rolls-disable for the whole server up to 1000 characters. $togglesnipe: (admin) Modify the ability to claim on the rolls of other players. Togglesnipe for kakera with $togglekakerasnipe.



Collect kakera to get benefits in the marriage roulette game!

$kakera: Purchase kakera badges to get access to benefits. $kakerareward: Detailed prizes for Kakera badges. $kakeratower: Increase your prizes by constructing towers with kakera. With kakera lootboxes, you may get even more goodies. $kakeraup: You have a limited amount of time before you may respond to another kakera. $dailykakera: Earn kakera on a daily basis. Kakera server ladder, $topservk. Give kakera to someone using $givekakera. $kakeradm: Whether or not you should be alerted about Silver IV/Bronze IV/Emerald IV bonuses, and where you should be notified. $mk: (premium) Force a kakera to spawn (1 to 3 per hour). $togglekakera: (admin) Enable/disable the various kakera collection methods. $togglekakerarolls: (admin) Whether the kakera value is shown during rolls. (admin) Change the base value of several kakera badges using $badgevalue. $cleankakera: List of kakera reset commands (admin). $givescrap: (admin) Give any user kakera scraps. $kakerascrap: Displays the number of kakera scraps available on your server.



Unlock your character’s full potential and win additional prizes!

Roll characters you already possess and unlock for them the $embedcolor command, more kakera earnings, and a higher kakera value, as well as allowing them to join your Soulmate list.

$infokeys provides more information.



$skills: Invest skill points in a character you own. $arena: Start the game. $mmf: (harem option) Your characters ready for the fight. $imf: To see one character ready for the fight. $ds: Add a customized sentence when the character is out. $vs: Add a customized sentence when the character wins. $favarena: Define your favorite choice for the ARENA WAIFU.

Mudae GM instructions that are equivalent: $favarenagm, $skillsgm, $vsgm, $dsgm


Commands for Pokéslot

Earn Pokémon at the Rocket casino. $pokemon: Launch the slot machine. $pokedex: Your Pokémon. Options: rare, sumrare, id, abc, full, shiny, leg, beast, gen#, double, emoji ($pde), <page>, <@User/user ID> $shinyhunt: Hunt a shiny.


Allow Pokémon to be released for new challenges.

To view your stock, type $release without any parameters. $autorelease: For fresh attempts, release all doubles from rarity 1, 2, and 3. $pokelike: Like and immunize Pokémon ($pokelikelist) for the autorelease command ($togglepokelike to not immunize them). $pokeprofile: Select the Pokémon you’d want to see on your $profile.


Sort your Pokémon into categories.

double/abc/rare/id/shiny $sortpkm: double/abc/rare/id/shiny $pokerank: The top 100 players in the world. For legendaries/shinies/beasts, $pokerank leg (or shiny or beast). $pokeserv: This is the best server. Animation and ping options for $pokemode.


Games with multiple players

$blacktea is a bombparty-inspired turn-based word game. $greentea: Quickly find any term. Find the longest word using $redtea. $yellowtea: Find the most words possible. $mixtea: A combination of the preceding teas. 🙂 $quiz: A multiple-choice quiz with a global score. By affinity, $jankenpon @User: Rock-paper-scissors. @User: $pokeduel: Begin a pokéduel (useless random game).



$quote: A random anime quotation. $quotimage: A random quotation with a random image. Then consider the plot… $mudanime: A collection of phrases based on well-known animes. $loli: Why don’t you give it a shot? Random character from $rdmperso ‘$rdmpokemon’ stands for ‘Random Pokémon.’ Search for a Pokémon using $searchpkm.



Use $noun, $adverb, $adject, $vrb in your sentences to add a random word. $phrase: Random sentence. $poem: Random poem. $say <text to repeat> (or $saymudae) $invert <text to invert> Part of the words database comes from



$cdn <number> $kirby <number> // $kirchoco <number> //$tea <number> $chocoshark <number> // $bear <number> // $eater <number> $beam <emoji or text>: Blow up what you hate. $customcd <number> <content to repeat> <content> <content> <end> Example: $customcd 10 :chestnut: :deciduous_tree: :chipmunk:



$fate @User: Describes the trend between you and the mentioned. $42ball <text>: Answers to your yes or no questions.


Unexpected occurrences

$alea <number>: Random number. $rdmcountry: Random country. $invent: Invented word.



$lang: Change language (en, fr, pt-br, es or de). $channelhelp: Display this help on the channel. $join: Link to join Mudae on her server and get more infos. $invite: Link to invite Mudae on another server. $wiki: Wiki search. $def <word>: Definition search. $prefix: Change the prefix that invokes Mudae. $vote: Help Mudae to entertain mankind and get a free rolls reset. $patreon: Help Mudae to improve its features. $myid: Get your user/server Discord full ID. $date: My only weakness, the time that passes.



$star @User / $lol / $lmfao / $omg / $pervert / $takaché / $takawai / $nanachi / $secret $avatar <user> / $embedtxt <text>


Mudae Bot is solely responsible for the documentation.

Mudae Bot Discord is a bot that is used to help users find their character. It also has other features like trading and more. This article will teach you how to use the Mudae Bot Discord. Reference: mudae character search.

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