How to Use OWO bot Discord – OWO bot commands [GUIDE]

This guide will help you learn how to use the OWO bot on Discord. It is necessary for an OWO member to have this knowledge in order to participate in any of our channels! If you are not a member, please find your discord and join over here:

The “OWO bot commands list” is a guide on how to use the OWO Bot. The “OWO bot commands list” will show you all of the commands that are available for the OWO Bot. Read more in detail here: owo bot commands list.

The Ultimate Guide to Using OWO Bot on Discord explains how to use owo commands on your discord server to play, add, and have fun with OWO Bot.

The OWO bot is one of the MOST POPULAR GAME BOT & serving over 2 Million discord servers.



The core topic of the OWO bot is zoo construction and animal hunting. As a result, the majority of OWO bot’s orders are related to animals, which you may hunt down, sell, sacrifice, and combat against one another.

The Owo bot Zoo is a diverse wildlife environment where you may capture animals, expand your zoo, compete with other zoo owners, develop your hunting skills, and much more.

The OWO bot also has its own money, called cowoncy, which you may spend in combat, to purchase weapons and equipment, and so on.

Aside from the Zoo Game, the OWO bot includes a range of interesting and sociable discord commands that provide server members a fantastic time.

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Because this is a long book with many How To’s on the owo bot and its instructions, I recommend that you start with the Table of Content and then read ;).

I’ll continue to update this guide based on user feedback and searches. So, if you want to learn more about a certain aspect of owo bot, leave a remark.


How can I add the OWO bot to my Discord server?

The OWO bot is simple to add to your discord server. You just invited the OWO bot to the general channel or your favorite channel to add it. 

STEP 1: To invite the OWO bot, go to the above page or search for “Invite the OWO bot” on Google, which will take you to a discord official website with the invite link. 

Invite the OWO bot

STEP 2: After clicking on the invite link, a new tab will appear in which you must connect with the discord server where you wish to invite the OWO bot. If you are not signed in to your discord server, it will ask you to log in, so make sure you are logged in before clicking on the invite link. 

STEP 3: After you’ve chosen a server, you’ll be prompted to grant authorization access. If you don’t want the OWO bot to have administrator access to the discord server, just uncheck the administrator option in permission access. You may click the approve button after you’re happy with the permission access choices. 


The OWO bot has been installed in the general text channel of your server, but it will remain dormant until you agree their terms and conditions. 


How do I accept the rules of Owo Bot?

STEP 4: To activate OWO bot, write “OWO daily” and a message box with a rule and a link to the OWO server community will appear. The bot will become active and operational when you click the thumbs up symbol underneath the message.

The OWO bot has been installed and active in your Discord server’s general channel!!

With the aid of the instructions given below, you may explore the OWO bot’s numerous functions. Simply enter “Owo help” and all the commands will be shown. 

You may also join their community server if you’re having problems that the OWO bot isn’t able to address. To join their server, just click on the link below, or look for it in their first rules agreement letter. 

Support for the OWO bot

Commands for the OWO bot

> Remove brackets when typing commands

> [] = optional arguments

> {} = optional user input

> Case Senitive – Lowercase

Before each command, each Bot has a prefix. “owo” precedes the command in the Owo bot. 

owo owo owo owo owo owo owo ow

Commands for the OWO bot List









The “what do you currently use owo bot cowoncy for?” is a question that people often ask. In this blog, I will answer the question and provide an introduction to using the OWO bot on Discord.

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