How to Use Poketwo discord bot [Poketwo bot commands Guide]

There are many different tasks that you can use Poketwo bot for. The best thing about it is that these tasks do not require any coding knowledge and anyone with an understanding of commands will be able to make the most out of this tool.

The “poketwo cheats” is a command-line tool that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store.

Poketwo bot is a fun Discord bot that lets users enjoy the excitement of playing Pokémon on Discord. It’s a bot that lets you capture pokémons that appear at random on your servers. You may compete with your other server users to see who can capture the pokémon first. 


You may level and develop them after collecting them, much as in the actual Pokémon games. You may use this method to collect various pokémons and add them to your collection. This bot also has a fantastic function called trading. If you desire a certain pokémon that you capture or get, you may trade with someone who already has that pokémon. This way, you’ll be able to capture pokémons without difficulty and finish the Pokédex. 


The ability to replicate Pokémon fights on Discord is maybe the most useful feature of the Poketwo bot. You may choose three pokémons and battle them against three pokémons from another trainer, just as in the real Pokémon. These fights aren’t like other Discord games in that they have animated pictures that alter according on whatever Pokémon you’re playing. These bouts are 3v3 pokémon duels in which your pokémons’ total and remaining health are shown, as well as moves from Pokémon. 


Poketwo is an open source bot that is absolutely free to use. It is one of the most popular bots, having a top 8 ranking on Poketwo just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and the amount of attention it has received in that time is remarkable. Poketwo bot now has 1.5 million users and has been added to over 800,000 servers, with over 400,000 servers remaining active. Its users have captured over 350 million pokémons and completed over 6 million exchanges, demonstrating its widespread appeal. 


Poketwo’s makers have revealed a fresh upgrade to the bot in honor of its 1 year anniversary. It is undergoing a complete overhaul, according to its Github website. The following will be included in the upcoming update: 

  • In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the new Generation 8 pokémons were introduced. 
  • ‘Catching Missions,’ a new feature that will let players to participate in daily or weekly quests to capture pokémons in each area. 
  • New limited-time events will be launched, each of which will have a unique pokémon that can only be obtained by participating in the event.
  • will be upgraded with a bigger package of 15,000 shards for $100. 


It’s easy to add the Poketwo bot to your Discord server. It simply takes a few mouse clicks to complete.

STEP 1: The first step is to visit the Poketwo bot’s official website. You may either do a Google search for “Poketwo bot” or go straight to their official website, which is 


STEP 2: On the previous screen, click the blue “Invite Poketwo” button. This will take you to Discord and prompt you for a username and password.

STEP 3: You will be asked for certain common permissions, including authorisation for access to your discord account, after signing in to Discord or if you are already signed in. To continue the procedure, choose ‘yes.’ Before allowing the bot, you should check all of the permissions it needs. The following is a list of permissions:


STEP 4: To add the Poketwo bot to your server, click approve. The following message will appear in your #general chat room, verifying that the Poketwo bot has been installed to your server.


STEP 5: The Poketwo bot will now have full access to your account, and you may setup a Discord server and begin utilizing the Poketwo bot. 


You may also join Poketwo Bot’s official server through its website: You may connect with the community, challenge other users to pokemon fights, and see freebies, among other things.



There is just one method to get rid of Poketwo from your server–:

  1. You can kick the Poketwo off of the server by right-clicking on the Poketwo symbol in the right sidebar and selecting ‘Kick Poketwo.’
  2. Right-click on the Poketwo in the right sidebar and pick the ‘Ban Poketwo’ option from the menu if you wish to delete the Poketwo so that no one else may add it to the server.



The Poketwo bot may have troubles from time to time, like as not responding or being unavailable. This might be the result of a total discord server outage; if this is the case, check the discord status page.

If your Poketwo bot isn’t responding to your orders, it might be due to one of the following issues:

  • This might happen if the Poketwo bot lacks the necessary permissions. In order to read messages and reply accordingly, the Poketwo need View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links access in that channel.
  • Make sure you didn’t modify the default prefix for Poketwo, which is ‘p!’. You may customize this prefix in the dashboard, or you can just say the Poketwo in the conversation followed by any command to have them executed.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct syntax for each command. Using the ‘p!hint’ command, you may verify the syntax of that command. 

Whether the Poketwo still does not answer after following the instructions above, check to see if it is present on the server. Check to see whether the bot was successfully installed. It may not have the needed rights, which are View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links, if it has been added but does not appear in the members list. As a result, double-check that you’ve given the Poketwo enough rights (This can be done in the Settings tab).


Discord is a chat platform that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time. The “discord bots” are bots that allow you to do a wide range of things on the Discord platform.

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