How to use Probot Discord [ Probot commands Guide ]

Probot is a bot that allows users to easily play and manage Discord servers. The commands listed here are example only! Find out more about Probot on their website!.

Probot is a Discord bot that allows users to search for and stream music. This article will show you how to use Probot commands in order to do such tasks.

As the popularity of Discord grows, so does the need for bots to assist with moderation. If you need a multifunctional moderation bot, Probot is the bot for you.

Probot has a number of characteristics.


The Probot may greet newcomers to the Discord server with greeting messages.


The Probot now has an auto-moderation capability that allows you to identify the user’s actions and words, and then tell the bot what to do in that situation.

Automated Response

If specific phrases are stated on the Discord channel, the Probot may be summoned.


If someone is attempting to raid the discord server, the Probot can identify it and reply appropriately.

Language Assistance

The Probot is available in 14 languages, so you may choose your preferred language and the Probot will transform the text for you.


Because the Probot is well-maintained by the support and development teams, it can provide you with a high level of uptime while also addressing faults quickly.


How can I add a Probot to my Discord server?

Adding Probot to your Discord server is the same as adding another bot. To add the Rythm bot to your Discord server, follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: To add the bot to your discord server, you must first ask it to join the server. The Rythm bot may be invited directly from its own webpage. You may also add the rythm bot straight via the invite URL I provided below.

STEP 2: You will be prompted to pick the discord server to which you wish to add the rythm bot, and if you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

STEP 3: After choosing the server to which the rythm bot will be added, you will be prompted to approve the bot. Before assigning the permission to your discord server, read the list carefully. The list also contains offering admin-level access to the discord server, so be cautious before giving such permission.

You’ve added the Rythm bot to your Discord server successfully!!

You may see the Rythm bot’s logo on the right sidebar, as well as a message from the Rythm bot confirming that the bot has arrived on the server.

I’ll also recommend joining the rythm bot support community group so that if you have any problems with the bot, you can seek assistance from the community. You may join the community by going to the official website or by going to the URL I’ve provided below to join the support community directly.

Probot is a Discord bot that allows you to command your bots to do many things. One of these commands is “probot not working“. This command will tell the Probot to stop doing its job. If it does not work, try restarting the bot.

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